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Self Beauty

For those who are reading this, you are probably wondering why I am posting this.  I thought that it would be a good time to.. share.  As we all know, girls are looking at magazines, only to compare a model's beauty with their own.  This results in poor self esteem, especially when they do not meet the so called "standards" of the beauty community.


Well, I think it is time to break that.


Why am I posting?  Well, I think it is time that we all sit back and find that beauty that we have (external, at the moment), and point it out.  What do I want you to do?  Find two things that you love about your appearance.  It can be anything really, and share them with the whole forum.  What do you say?  Shall we help to spread a positive message?


What I Love about my Appearance:


1. My Scarring: I will be honest, I have quite a bit of scarring - some including some acne scars as well as an assortment of other things.  However, I don't like hiding them at all.  For me, it add a bit more character towards my face.  It shows that I - like many people out there - am not perfect and therefore, I do not expect myself to be.  I accept who I am and deal with it.


2. How Young I Look: I am twenty-five, I barely look like I am eighteen.  I guess this is because of how well I have taken care of my face.  I started to take care of it at a rather young age, only to improve my skin maintenance as I grew older.

Re: Self Beauty

1. My dark features. I tend to be on the pale side because I hate the sun lol so my dark features (dark eyes, dark hair, dark eyebrows) always stand out dramatically against my pale skin =). 


2. How Young I Look: I am alsooo 25 and look like I should still be in high school.

Re: Self Beauty

1.  My eyes and that they change colors, it keeps it interesting 

2.  My skin is visibly well cared for and will age gracefully 

3.  My cheekbones are happy!



I think TKK said it best lines the line "moved by all, inspired by none"

Re: Self Beauty

1. My hair is a golden red.  It has always been my crown and glory.

2. My lips are beautifully shaped.

3. My eyes are hazel brown with green and gold flecks. 

4. I used to think that I had an ugly complexion with pale skin and freckles.  Now that I am 48 and looking around at others my age, I realize I am younger looking than them.  The freckles that I once despised make me look youthful and the pale skin that has been protected from the sun shows less signs of sun damage. 


I also think as we get older, we learn to accept ourselves and know that what we see on tv and magazines is unrealistic. 

Re: Self Beauty

Sometimes we get over it, other times, no.  I know some woman my age have so much unrealistic beauty standards, its crazy.  Everyone has a flaw - even models - and people just need to see it!

Re: Self Beauty

1. That my eyes are a nice golden brown: I used to think brown eyes were boring, but after spending so much time looking at myself (while doing makeup), I have come to appreciate the warm color.


2.I have nice lips, not too big or too small


3. I have nice olive skintone, so I can pull off color really well

Re: Self Beauty

1. my big brown eyes. Growing up my guy friends told that blue eyes are "prettier" than brown. I used to think my eyes were boring/not special but as I age, I like my brown eyes more and more. They are me. 


2. My smile. When I'm not posing in pictures! But like my natural, laughing at something funny smile.

Re: Self Beauty

This is a very nice idea for a thread. While some people might think it sounds a bit vain, most people have certain features that bother them, so its a good reminder to appreciate the positive


1 - my widows peak. As a child, peers would comment about my unusual hairline, but I've come to like it. As roxystar4 says, it is me.

2 - my fair skin.from middle school thru high school, I'd try really hard tanning and all I got was freckles. I'm in college now and I'm coming to see the beauty in fair skin and dark brown hair with rosy lips. Its my look, and people say I look like snow white Smiley Happy

3 - my cheekbones are always high and defined, even when I put on a few pounds after a vacation

4 - and like Mandra, I have a scar going down my cheek. It is barely noticable, but I kind-of like it Smiley Happy



Re: Self Beauty

yeah, I had to sit and think about what I appreciate about my looks. I can instantly think of the things I want to change. This thread helped me to be kind to myself, it sounds so corny, but it's true

Re: Self Beauty

Nothing wrong with having to think it over.  Sometimes, you have to think things over.

Re: Self Beauty

My Eyes: My eyes looks dark brown but in the lights, its like a light brown and you can speckle of black in them. 


How young I look: I'm going with this one as well just because I got carded going to watch a movie. I'm 21 and people think I'm still 16.


OUR smile: I'm adding a 3rd one because we are alll beautifullllll. Just because one smile can brighten anyone's day. 

Re: Self Beauty

bananachoox, its sweet what you said about OUR smile. Its true...its kind of funny but I always think about this line from The Twits, a book by Roald Dahl, which I read when I was younger -


“If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it.

A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”


swfupload_7646008320411730076.jpgAs exaggerated as it is, there is some truth to the child humor!

Re: Self Beauty

1. My eyes. I have really pretty blue eyes that when I'm well rested or in a good mood are so vibrant. (When I'm tired and moody they are a light gray-blue, still pretty, just different) 

2. My hair. It's long, thick, blonde & straight. I finally figured out how to get it to keep a curl, make it stick straight with out blow drying or using a flat iron, and how much moisture it needs.


I hear you on the looking young. I'm turning 30 next month & look like I'm 17. My boyfriend is 34 & looks his age. If I'm not wearing makeup & we're out together, he gets a lot of dirty looks. We've been together for 8 years, so he knows to always bring his ID when we go out in case we get carded for wine with dinner Smiley Tongue 

Re: Self Beauty

I always bring my ID when I go out.  Last time, the bouncer did a doubletake and I was like: Yes.. I am that old..

Re: Self Beauty

Sometimes it feels good & I get a good laugh, but other times it just annoys me. "Is this you? This isn't you... really?!?! You're that old!" 

Re: Self Beauty

I agree.  Sometimes it does get a bit irritating but I try to take it with a light heart.

Re: Self Beauty

It definitely can be when I go buy makeup and they treat me like a kid "hi honey, first time getting makeup? for your age I'd stick with mascara and some gloss..." I'm a college student! But then, one day when everyone looks old, we'll be the lucky ones!

Re: Self Beauty

 I will say my "coloring".  I have fair skin, dark hair, and blue eyes.  People have always commented on the combination.  Being 52, I have a little help from my colorist keeping my natural shade of dark brown.  People ask me if that is my haircolor. I always answer "Of course it's mine, I paid for it!" LOL 


I guess I would also want to say my "presence" meaning I have good posture, I make good eye contact with people and I tend to smile at people when they look back at me. I think I come across as being comfortable in my own skin. I think that most people who know me would say I have a good personality.  This definitely affects how we look.  I may not be a great beauty but I think the whole package, inside and out, makes me attractive in the sense that people are drawn to me. This is something that has developed over the years.  I certainly wouldn't have said this about myelf when I was a young woman. 




Re: Self Beauty

@garnett  I love your answer on whether your haircolor is your's (or not).  At 48, people always ask me if my red hair is my natural color.  My response is, "Yes, it's natural as a bottle can get! Smiley Happy   I do have a wonderful hairstylist who re-creates my "natural" color.  People who know me from years past would never guess my hair is "color enhanced" unless they saw my occassional roots.

Re: Self Beauty

I'm so nearsighted I'm practically legally blind. I have to take my glasses off to do my makeup, and this makes my eyeshadow look beautifully, perfectly blended every time. Until I put my glasses back on. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Self Beauty

1.My skin- Being told how great my skin looks without makeup and how beautiful it looks with.


2. My eyes- Gold, Green,and brown.Always get compliments.


3.My smile- I have alot of compliments on my smile. Always being told with a smile like that you can get away with anything.

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