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Second Chances

We all love second chances. I'm not talking about neglected items & rediscovering *I'm looking at you Vice Palette* 

What are some products you hated at first, but then gave it a second chance & started to really like it?


Mine are:

- Too Faced Air Buffed BB cream. Complete impulse purchase in January & I hated it. I hated the texture, and how it attracted fuzz in the jar, I hated the application, the finish, the brush it came with... I didn't return it since it was my fault for purchasing it before there were any reviews on it and seeing it for myself first. A few weeks ago I decided to give it another shot. I still can't get it to work with a beautybelnder (it hates water), but a stippling brush works just fine. I'm wondering if it was just my dry winter skin that didn't like it. It's not a HG product, but I can make it work

- Fresh Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant. At first I didn't like the scent and it dried to slowly. I'm more of a "apply & go" type person. I neglected it for months until I got some of their perfumes. The scent doesn't last long & I was looking into options for extending it (already was using the Acai body cream) & gave the Deodorant another shot. I now apply it before I do my makeup to give it a good 10 minutes to dry before putting clothes on & I have no issues with it & it's now a Summer HG. 

- NARS lipgloss. The first one I ever tried was Turkish Delight because I fell into the hype. It was horrible; didn't go well with my skin and felt strange. I prefer lipgloss & stains to lipstick so I gave it another shot a few years later. They are now my HG lip product I have so many in different shades that are all pigmented, not too glittery and not tacky. 

Foundation/Blush Brush No. 2 . I just couldn't find a use for it. It was too fluffy for liquids, not stiff enough to buff, already had the Too Faced brush for finishing powders... 2 years later it's now my bronzer brush when I'm too lazy to contour but I want an allover glow without looking muddy

Re: Second Chances

Oooo I heard really good things about it. One of the mall's by me FINALLY got a lush store. I'll have to check it out next time I'm there

Re: Second Chances

I'd like to say the Urban Decay RollerGirl palette.. but I've used it TWICE only EVER and just don't like it no matter what combinations or colors I do or mix together!


I also used to not like the Benefit Porefessional until I finally realized it worked better on TOP of my makeup. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Second Chances

Back when VS sold other beauty items, I got Too Faced Shadow Insurance in a variety bag and never really used it.  2 years later I was researching how to help mineral eyeshadow stay and I read about TFSI.  Dug it out and have never gone a day without it since!!

Re: Second Chances

@dianabt Have you tried mixing the shades with other palettes? I know it's a pain to do, but sometimes the shades don't work well together, but are great when you mix them. I guess you could always try the whole depotting route to work them in more Smiley Wink 

Re: Second Chances

@DannyC yes! I think I'm either losing my touch or just have a weird mindset that NOTHING will work with it! The palette is actually very pretty if you haven't seen it! I think it's just off setting with my skin tone or something, I normally never have trouble blending and mixing shades for myself or other clients! Smiley Happy Do-potting them may be the option I need to go in, thanks!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Second Chances

I love pairing pinks with blues and purples (pink on the lid & purple or blue in the crease & outer V) I'd use woodstock with some blues, or maybe a beige cream pencil as a base to tone it down a bit. It doesn't fit well with the other shades though. The browns are OK, and might work better with other shades. I use darkhorse on occasion in my crease, but it's not a favorite of mine. I'd attempt to depot it or give it to someone else LOL 

Re: Second Chances

Defiantly the NARS lipgloss. The first color I ever tried also was Turkish Delight, and I hated it. Barely any came onto the brush and it smelled weird. I randomly bought it again and LOVE it! Favorite lipgloss. And it's the shade I have been looking for for years now. 


Tarte 12 hour amazonian clay foundation. The consistency was so thick that it looked cakey on my face. Just started using it a few weeks ago and I think that using a different brush made it go on more smoothly and flawless looking and being full coverage without looking cakey! And the color match is right on point.

Re: Second Chances

Maybe I should give Turkish Delight another shot then... 

Re: Second Chances

I think I usually have the opposite problem -- I start out enamored and the love affair fades. I will say that I didn't like Anthony Logistics Glycolic cleanser at first. I had been using another glycolic cleanser (Skinceuticals) and I forgot to reorder it before I ran out. I was traveling and tried Anthony Logistics on a whim. It didn't appeal to me at first -- I'm used to cleansers that foam, and it felt like lotion on my face. It didn't feel like it rinsed away, either. I'm not sure why but it really grew on me, and now I've used it more consistently than the one from Skinceuticals. I'm sure there are others, but this is the one I can remember offhand! Smiley Happy

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