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Samples vs. full sized products

This may all be in my head, but sometimes after falling in love with a sample of a product (pre-packaged, not the little canisters filled by Sephora associates), I purchase the full sized version only to have the honeymoon soon end. Once or twice the thought popped in my head that I was getting a better quality product in the sample to lure me into the full-sized version, but I know that this can't be true.


Has anyone else experienced this loss of love phenomenon?

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

Well please don't feel alone I have it happen to me before also, not exactly sure what is but I've noticed it in the past and just thought it was me .

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

I've only experience the opposite and mostly with the samples the associates pack for me in store.  Hated the sample, but felt like I should get it to give it a second chance.  My theory is that the samples get really disgusting really quickly regardless of how clean a display may look.  I think this is especially true for the skin care samples.  They can't keep an eye on all corners of the store at all times.  


So now, when I try new skin care, I just get the full size and return it if it doesn't work out.  


Re: Samples vs. full sized products

First let me say "thank you for validating me!  I got a sample of UD beauty balm and it was beautiful. Then I decided to buy the full size and it was orangy!

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

Maybe it's because you might get used to the product, and it turns inaffective. Like I got a sample of Sugar lip balm as a birthday gift, several days, it worked, and then all of a sudden it began to act up on me. 

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