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Samples vs. full sized products

This may all be in my head, but sometimes after falling in love with a sample of a product (pre-packaged, not the little canisters filled by Sephora associates), I purchase the full sized version only to have the honeymoon soon end. Once or twice the thought popped in my head that I was getting a better quality product in the sample to lure me into the full-sized version, but I know that this can't be true.


Has anyone else experienced this loss of love phenomenon?

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

1. Just like how some products take a week to purge, others have great effect the first week but lose the magic afterward (initially great at controlling oil, then start to be super drying after a week etc). That's why I usually wait until I've accumulated a week's worth or more before testing/reviewing a product.

2. Storage/dispenser may make it feel different. Some of my sample skincares have separated on occasions, probably due to improper storage etc. Maybe it's just me, or the amount you unconsciously using, but sometimes the product feels different in a squeeze tube vs. jar.


I've experienced the loss of love, and in love, phenomenon a couple times.

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

Hmm...I hadn't thought about that.  Maybe even unconsciously using less amounts of the sample to milk it for all it's worth, but not doing so for the full size.  Something to consider.

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

Yep it happened to me, I remember loving the stila illuminating tinted moisturizer...I had the deluxe sample and used it all the way to the last drop. It looked really good on but when I bought the full sized product, something seemed different and I couldn't put my finger on it...almost like not the same product.

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

I've had that on occasion too. I also think that when it's free I don't have too many expectations from it, but as soon as I shell out $50+ for a product I become overly analytical over the product & it's results. 


Re: Samples vs. full sized products

Yes that happens to me from time to time as well. Here's my theory: sometimes, if you've been using the same things on your face every single day and then suddenly switch to something new, and your skin reacts positively, its because its gotten so used to the same ol routine that a change feels nice so it reacts in a good way. But when you get the full sized item and use that every single day you are again training your skin to get used to that new item and once its trained, you don't see a magical difference like the first time you used it. That's why I like to try new things from time to time---because sometimes skincare stops showing positive results because I've gotten my skin used to the formula.

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

It happens to me also, I thin some of it is psychological... like you want it and build it up in your mind when you have a sample... but once you have a full size, the luster wains.

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

Ya for sure. I'm with you on that. I think that's how I ended up with these cannister of Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder...
I should check if I've had it for over 90 days...

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

Hah, that's interesting.

I haven't experienced that before actually, but that's really weird.

What I have experienced is that sample size mascaras are the worst thing in the world, for me. I avoid them wholesale now. I think that a mascara brush/cannister just can't be downsized and never works out the same. Anyone agree?

Re: Samples vs. full sized products

I've had this happen a few times, even when getting a sample filled at Sephora itself. Ive had it happen with eye primers that were great while I was testing the sample but then I bought the full size and it would crease or bother my eyes! Or with skin care samples that work awesomely to clear up my skin and then when I use the full product it makes things worse.


I dont have a theory behind it but I always feel horrible! Then I have to decide do I keep the product, will I continue to use it if I do keep it or should I return it? I always feel bad returning things but I dont want things just to sit there you know?

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