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Sample Packet Challenge

I don't know about you ladies but I have at least 562 sample packets in my possession.  In the "Project 10 Pan" spirit I thought we could challenge ourselves to see how many samples we could use up in a month.


I'm already at 2 with the Naked Body Butter and Hourglass foundation samples I used this morning.  Anyone want to "compete" with me?

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Me too! But my issue is that usually there is not enough for me to get a true gauge on whether or not the product works with my ultra sensitive skin.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I usually wait until I accumulated 2 or 3 sample packets (or at least 3 use) before trying a product, and then I squeeze them into Sephora sample jars for better safekeeping. I actually finished quite a few packets, maybe I will take a pic later. =X

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

This is also a good idea, maybe I'll ask for multiples from now on. Though I'll likely ask for a little clamshell if it's in-store. 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Thankfully my skin, though fussy, isn't sensitive. But that could easily be an issue. I like what beauty tester suggested :3

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

keep them in a ziplock or if you have a bunch of one item, transfer them all into a little jar. 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

That is a good idea!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

One thing I do is just pierce them with a pin (be careful to pierce just ONE side of the packet), to open them.


Easy to squeeze out a small dose for one night, and stays clean/mostly sanitary/doesn't dry out overnight.  Doesn't dribble onto my counter either.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Brilliant! I'm doing this from now on! 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

This is as much sample packets I can muster before I throw them away:

x4 Clinique toner 2

Marc Jacob foundation/concealer card

AmorePacific eye gel

Art of Shaving pre shave oil and shaving cream

OH perfect truth CC eye cream

x3 Dior Hydralife youth essential sorbet essence

Dr. Hauschka Quince Body moisturizer

Julep foot warming scrub

Julep hand cream spf30

Julep hand mask

Agave healing oil treatment

See by Chloe and Chloe parfum card

x2 MJ Dot card.

Julep feet mask (not pictured)


......well, I actually finished quite a bit. Altho I'm kind of sampled out, so I'm gonna try to finish some of my mini/deluxe skincare and stuff.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Thanks for sharing!


I love Dr. Hauschka generally, and that self warming foot stuff rom Julep looks cool!


I also love the idea of hand/foot masks!  


How was the Eye Gel from AmorePacific? Smiley Happy

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

The Julep hand/foot mask are pretty great. It consists of a thin cotton sheet type material saturated with a gel layer inside a plastic layer. The opening have a peel off tape area so you can secure it on your ankle/wrist (except for the finger mask, which also stinks like a fish, unlike the nice scent of the other ones). It does feel weird after a while cuz the gel doesn't dry even after an hour (I took a nap), but it does the job.


The AmorePacific eye gel is nice. It's a gel but feels watery on and sinks in fast. It doesn't irritate even on the lash line and pairs well with other serum/moisturizers.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Awesome thanks for the thoughts - the Julep stuff sounds so cool I am going to look for a chance to try those! Smiley Very Happy



Re: Sample Packet Challenge


This week's use and a few still to be used up - kinda premature, as the deluxe samples aren't empty yet, but this is what I'm currently using up!


I like the Dr. Brandt pink retinol creme, and the YSL Babydoll Mascara was GREAT  - length, separation, no clumps, dramatic black pigmented color, awesome silicone mascara brush.


DDG Alpha Beta I alerady love.


Ceramadin combo is meh and kinda DRYING somehow on my really dry skin areas. weird.


Murad retinol concentrate sucks. does nothing.


Neoderma (not sold by sephora) is GREAT but I can't deal with the fragrance.  I'm going to see if the company has a moisturizer that is frag-free.


Re: Sample Packet Challenge

This month, i've used an UD Primer Potion sample, as well as a Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer sample. I actually don't have that many samples at all, is that a good thing? i don't know what I would do with the number of samples that you gals have!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I just opened a Becca foundation sample that I had snagged in a TSB and I love it.  The name of the foundation isn't on the little pod though.  Does anyone remember if it was the Luminous Skin or Radiant Skin that was available as a sample awhile back?


I've used 3 face wash samples and 2 shampoo/conditioner packets since my last post.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I've been seriously slacking. Besides the DDG A/B pads I haven't used many sample packets. 

I have used 2x the OH CC cream, but I also have a mini bottle & have been using that more... it's just easier

And 2x the Algenist retinol cream. 

Smiley Sad 

* Must use more samples *

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I counted today and I'm at 19.  Doing better than I thought I was!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

My hubby threw away the samples and the empties a bit ago. But I restarted the challenge and I have 5 so far! YAY!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I'm very tempted to throw away all the foil packets that aren't useful for travel when this challenge is done :3

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I've used up 5/10 Algenist and an Ole Henrickson oil. The Algenist got sting-y and made my face rough, it's working well... so I'm slacking off for a few days so I can use my regular size Boots No7 Glycolic Peel. Then I'll use the other 5. This thread is a great motivation. But I'm getting a slew more samples from Shu Uemura with recent orders so still they are backing up! The Ole oil in a foil packet was a MESS, but I liked the product. 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Ew I super disliked the Ole oil! Smiley Happy  Smelled like fish, messy, hard to apply, yuck. hehe

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Oh same here. I'm glad I missed the 100pts perk mini and end up with a sample packet instead. It didn't smell that bad for me but not a fan. =/

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I could definitely smell the vitamin in it! Since it was a foil, it all just sloshed out so quick, rub it face, hands, neck, arms, lol, good thing my hair was back! Then I let it sit while in the bath and toweled myself gently. The smell was gone and my skin was velvety. So i know Rose hip oil and I can get along well, good to know! I don't think I'll buy it though because I'm in love with Korres Greek Yogurt sleeping facial. Much nicer. 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Well, that sounds awesome when you put it that way!  Great bath idea!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Oils or moisture masks + humid bath steam have always been a thing for me, very much a spa feeling at home. Especially in fall/winter. 

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