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Post in Beauty Confidential

Sample Packet Challenge

I don't know about you ladies but I have at least 562 sample packets in my possession.  In the "Project 10 Pan" spirit I thought we could challenge ourselves to see how many samples we could use up in a month.


I'm already at 2 with the Naked Body Butter and Hourglass foundation samples I used this morning.  Anyone want to "compete" with me?

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

oooo I'm so excited a BT foil packet competition with BBFFs! Smiley Happy 

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Okay - a few people have said we should just go til the end of October.  Works for me!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

dont those samples go bad after a while? sephora actually told me that!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I don't doubt they do.  All the more reason to get them out of your stash and used up!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I know things with oils can turn or go rancid and vitamins loose potency. I think most sealed things have at least a year shelf life though. Good excuse to toss anything over a tear old though, that counts as getting rid off/clean out, right? Smiley Happy

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

holy moly. 562 sample packets? i can just imagine how overwhelming that can be.


personally, i tend to use the sample packets i receive around 2-3 after i get them. i just can't stand them sitting in my drawer. lol. and when i choose samples, i mostly just pick perfume samples because they're easier to use.


good luck on your challenge, kalex! Smiley Happy






Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I didn't actually count.  I apparently just suck at being sarcastic or obnoxious.  Smiley Happy


Thanks for the luck!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

WHAT. 562 sample packets. That is a lot, to say the least. I have less than 100, but definitely more than 50. I have a plastic container that says Lost but Found on it, which was part of a senior project for my last semester of college. I use it for my samples now and I look into it every now and then to pull out whatever looks interesting at the moment. I have a hard time using them all up so I can't even imagine having as many as you do!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I don't know how many I have. I guess I should have made the number a little more obnoxious so it would be obvious I didn't actually count.  Sorry for any confusion!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I'm in! I don't know how many I have, but it's definitely in the hundreds!

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