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Sample Packet Challenge

I don't know about you ladies but I have at least 562 sample packets in my possession.  In the "Project 10 Pan" spirit I thought we could challenge ourselves to see how many samples we could use up in a month.


I'm already at 2 with the Naked Body Butter and Hourglass foundation samples I used this morning.  Anyone want to "compete" with me?

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

this month i went through 28 samples - using them is depleting my stash!!!!



would repurchase:

  • tarte dollface blush
  • urban decay primer potion (4) - eden, original anti aging, sin (have a full size)
  • lancome labase pro
  • soap and glory righteous butter (already repurchased)
  • dr andrew weil for origins - mega bright skin tone correcting serum


  • dove aromatherapy body was
  • benefit its potent eye cream

not for me:

  • clinique pore refining solutions stay matte hydrator
  • clinique even better eyes dark circle corrector
  • murad hydro dynamic ultimate moisture
  • murad pore and line minimizing hydrator
  • origins - ginzing energy bossting moisturizer
  • l'occitane precious eye balm
  • mdskincare - dr dennis gross hydra pure vitamin c serum

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I am the biggest loser..I get samples, I always incorporate them into my daily life so I can see if I want them as staples at some point..I always get enough to know, then Im off buying full size...Its a habit I just cant break..So, I am the

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

this month i went through 50 foils

IMG_0306 - Version 2.jpg

would repurchase

  • dr brant xyy face cream
  • soap & glory naked body butter
  • algenist concentrated reconstructing serum
  • algenist pore corrector anit aging primer
  • phyto anti-aging hair mask
  • phyto intense hydrating shampoo
  • hourglass mineral viel primer
  • biore pore perfect strips
  • urban decay original eyeshadow primer potion



  • lancome perfecting primer
  • glamglow youth mud
  • yves st. laurent touche eclat
  • lancome advanced youth activating concentrate
  • lancome dream tone dark spot corrector
  • lancome visionnaire corrector


not for me

  • ole henriksen power peel - to harsh for my skin Smiley Sad
  • ole henriksen truth serum collagen booster
  • l'occitane brightening moisture cream
  • l'occitane ultrarich face cream
  • fresh lotus youth preserve face cream

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Wow!  I really need to get started on this again.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Yes!! Love this idea kalexSmiley Happy I counted how many I used up last yr that i kept track of and it was about 50. I did a sample month in October with a few blog buddies and it was fun haha but gosh deluxe samples sure last a while!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

For a long time I was afraid to use my samples because my skin can be so temperamental, I've just recently started using them after hoarding, so I have a lot to go through. Although, I just got through a couple of them but I have more Sephora orders coming so I'll be back where I started! #FWP


I have a deluxe sample of Algenist's Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector that I've been using a dab of twice a day on my nose area where my pores are really large, and I think it's helping! The tub is gonna take me forever to go through, which I'm kind of ok with!



Re: Sample Packet Challenge

So far, I've used up 6 deluxe samples (5 ml each) and 1 packet sample this month. Can we include deluxes to the challenge? Whenever I go to Sephora, I ask them to make me 2-3 samples, so now I've got TONS of those little plastic containers. Smiley Tongue

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

glad I'm not the only one who does that, samples when I go in store Smiley Wink.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I'm going on a no-buy from today until the end of February (minus gifts for others and one purchase from SiJcP to use my extra 50 pt flier), so I think using up some of my samples would be a great idea! Then if I like anything i tried, I can add it to my list for Chic Week! Smiley Happy

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Just curious, do you get your sample packets from on-line purchases or in store?  I don't know what's wrong with me but I NEVER and I mean NEVER get any samples from the Sephora's I go there a sign on my back I'm not seeing?  I feel ripped off.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I rarely get samples in store (maybe twice in the past 2 years), and every time they give them to me it's a single perfume sample, which I don't want anyways because I'm allergic to them. I have never received any sort of makeup or skincare sample, and I sometimes wonder if the SA's use them all.


I prefer to order online since you get 3 foil samples every time, and you can generally get a deluxe sample with a promotion code. Also, there are a lot more choices for point perks online than in store.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

i only get foils in jcp sephoras

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

You aren't alone, Many people never get samples from Instore, I've only gotten foil samples twice. I'm more than sure she gets most from online, and TSB's.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

It really depends on the location and the SA you get - there are two stores I go to that give out samples pretty consistently, but the others rarely give out samples.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

September + October was a total of 144 sample packets for me!!! I took this seriously and am proud of myself for using up what would otherwise just sit in a make up bag and bathroom cabinet. When offered samples, I try to get products I already use, so this was easy for me. Here are Octobers:spc.jpg

And about 30 scattered in September empties picture:se1.jpg

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Great job! I need to start using up my samples for sure!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

Holy cannoli!  That is impressive!  Good idea getting samples of stuff you know you like.  I don't do that enough.

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

This is impressive! Definitely the motivation I need for this month!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge



I had a goal of 50 which I thought was reasonable but I only got 20...


But wow- 144 packets!!! I think I may really try again in the beginning of 2014- I already know one of my New Years Resolution is to start using up my foil and deluxe samples!!!! I don't think I can top yours though!!! We will see!!!

Thanks for motivating me!!

Re: Sample Packet Challenge

I think it's cheating though, because my skin is the opposite of sensitive and can take a beating of product changes that often. And like I said, I stocked up on products I have used or am currently using. The shampoo packets were awesome for after gym class! Now I can start going trough my perfume samples Smiley Tongue

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