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SPF Powder

Can anyone recommend an SPF powder like PTR's for light, oily/combo, acne prone skin? I wanted to purchase PTR's but it's not available to order online in Canada and my local Sephora doesn't carry it.

Re: SPF Powder

Thanks everyone! I will definitely be checking out some of these suggestions! Smiley Happy

Re: SPF Powder

I'd suggest you check what is available at your local store in terms of SPF and translucent powders (maybe even a BB cream!) the restrictions on our items are pretty hard to avoid and by pass to send items to you and I'd hate to suggest something that you cannot purchase!


I even suggest you try those spray on SPF canisters that we do sell in Sephora (like Hampton Sun) or even a few you can buy in regular drug-type stores. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: SPF Powder

Neither of these are available at Sephora, but then if you can't get PTR from them, I guess it's ok. Colorscience Sunforgettable Mineral Powder Sunscreen SPF 30 and Tickle Time Mineral Powder Sunblock for Kids (by Anne Heche) are both good and I haven't had any trouble with the Colorscience one. Haven't tried the Tickle Time one, though I have read good reviews. Google Powder sunscreen and Tickle Time and sources come up, hopefully they will be in or ship to Canada.

Re: SPF Powder

Tarte's BB cream/primer has SPF 30 sunscreen in it, and the mineral powder has SPF 8. Can't say I've had oily problems with the primer, but as far as moisturizers go...

If it's acne you're worried about, I've heard awesome things about Murad for oily skin, but personally have never used anything from that company. I too had really bad acne for awhile (and I have oily skin as well), and the Philosophy "Clear Days Ahead" line really helped. I mainly just use the acne moisturizer, and the cleanser since they both are oil-free. They also have a wash that comes oil-free that totally kicks butt.


Also note that I used to swim a LOT (40mins every day, walk the dog 3 times a day for 15-mins to a half hour), without any sun screen or anything before, and my skin got really nasty sun-damaged discolored areas and sun spots. Philosophy products have really helped a lot since then, but still hasn't cleared up ALL of it yet - but a good majority. That's where the Tarte primer and mineral make-up help, both do a pretty good job when it comes to evening-out my skin tone.        

Re: SPF Powder

My moisturizer is only SPF 15 and I rarely wear makeup (my BB cream has SPF in it though) so I'm looking for something I can wear every day & can reapply easily. Also my moisturizer makes me oily looking so I'm thinking of switching to something else that doesn't have SPF in it.

Re: SPF Powder

How much SPF are we talking here? Because depending on if you use a moisturizer and/or primer prior to your powder, that might even have some SPF in it already. I posted on another before, but I use Tarte's bb primer and mineral powder. Both seem to do the trick - I'm also a fair skinned gal who lives in FL. 

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