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Regret buying

What kind of products do you regret buying?

From Sephora I regret buying: The Lorac foundation (too o...

From Sephora I regret buying:

The Lorac foundation (too oily feeling and not enough coverage)

Clinique powder foundation (made my skin shiny)



MAC Studio Fix Fluid - Accentuated the dry patches I had...

MAC Studio Fix Fluid - Accentuated the dry patches I had and tended to look cakey.

Clinique Even Better Foundation - Looked streaky throughout the day and broke me out horribly.

EOS Lip Balms - Smell awful and don't moisturize my lips at all.

Yes to Carrots conditioner. It's a natural brand, but it...

Yes to Carrots conditioner. It's a natural brand, but it does nothing for my hair. I'll stick to herbal essences and Ojon!

Re: Yes to Carrots conditioner. It's a natural brand, but it...

mermade, both i and my best buddy had the same problem! the products smell nice but they just don't work. I am using the shampoo i have left over to wash my unmentionables....

Re: Regret buying

MAC's Super Slick Liquid Eyeliner. Its like drawing on your eyes with a fine sharpie....except a sharpie would create an even colored line. This definitely does not. Plus, I have to tug and tug and tug on my eyes with eye makeup remover and I still barely manage to get it off. I'm all for long lasting makeup but this was just too much.


Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm- Smells great and since their regular lip balm heals my lips so well I just assumed this would be better. Not at all! It actually dries out my lips. Weird..I didnt even know a "lip balm" could do that.

Re: Regret buying

Clinique color surge eye shadow quads in plum sensation and allspice... They aren't as pigmented as I'd like and so I hardly use them.


Smashbox Photo Finish (the green one)... It's supposed to cancel out redness but I don't feel like it works that way for me.  This primer gets pretty good review, but I feel like it feels a little oily?  Maybe it's just me.  Instead, I use the Korres primer now and I like it a lot.


Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic set... This seemed like a good deal at first, because I was able to try out so many differnet products (2 shades of Bo-ing, erase paste, lemon aid, eye bright, that gal).  But the way it's all packaged sort of in one box (except that gal and erase paste can be taken out) and I feel like the products are drying out really quickly.  Out of everything, I like the eye bright the best, but I wish it came in the pencil form instead so that it would be more convenient and not so dried out. 


Clarins Hand Cream... I love that this hand cream makes my hands feel soooo silky smooth, but the smell is too strong and it gives me a headache, so I can't use it.  Smiley Sad

Re: Regret buying


serendipity01 wrote:


Smashbox Photo Finish (the green one)... It's supposed to cancel out redness but I don't feel like it works that way for me.  This primer gets pretty good review, but I feel like it feels a little oily?  Maybe it's just me.  Instead, I use the Korres primer now and I like it a lot.

Not just you!  It made me break out and after spreading it thin, it doesn't even feel like the green tint shows or is effective.  I returned that one straightaway.


Re: Regret buying

@serendipity: I love Smashbox, but I can't stand the consistency of the primers, either -- they feel so oily! My skin is dry, and it turned my face into an oil slick. Many people love them, but they did not work for me at all.


Re: Regret buying

Too many similar shades of blush! I don't even want to add up how much I've spent on the perfect shades of blush, because I have entirely too many. Eek! I also consistenly find new products that I wish I had found before buying the ones I previously had.


: )

Re: Regret buying

I regret buying, the old Sephora eyeliner pencils... I never used them. I tried put you really have to tug on your eye to get any on it. I heard they are better... but I'm too scared to buy them


Smashbox Foundation, I don't know if it goes bad quickly or if this is just what it does, but mine seperated weirdly. Its suppose to be oil-free, but it looks like the color seperated from some type of oil. I tossed. It happened within the first 3 months of me having it.


BE Prime Time Oil Control, I actually ended up returning this. It does that balling up, peeling thing. I guess it doesn't work well with my moisturizer because of the SPF, but SPF is waaay more important to me than that primer, so it had to go.



Re: Regret buying

Regret buying: Bare Escentials foundation and eyeshadows. These are such a mess to apply! And the really stupid thing is I keep trying this brand because it has such a cult following, I keep thinking I'm missing something!

Re: Regret buying

@voodoocat: I think BE is one of those things that either works for you, or it doesn't! I know people who swear by it, but it never worked for me; I think my skin is too dry, even when it's moisturized! The dryness made it aging. I think it works best for combination - oily skin types...or it's just me! : )

Re: Regret buying

i agree! i bought so much of this line but, really, it was not worth the money. Maybe it's because my skin is aging, but the foundations do not cover, or i get too much on my forehead or something, but they just don't look right. I loved the eyeshadow shades but they are very messy to apply, as are the brow powders.

the only thing i still really love is is the mineral veil, perhaps because i am used to applying loose finishing powder. it really does hide shine and the pores on my nose. 

ok, and maybe warm radiance is a nice blush, but it sure took ages to learn how to apply nicely.

Re: Regret buying

I regret buying so many different colours of the Gosh Eyeliners. Seemed like a good idea at the time... Have only ever used the black, and purple once..

Re: Regret buying

I have a tendency to buy new lipsticks, only to find when I get home that I've already one, two, or even three in a similar shade.  So of course they never get used up.  Wasting $$$!


Same thing with green eyeshadows--I'm always looking for the perfect green.  an't That's how I ended up buying DuWop's green eyes palette.  DuWop has exceptional quality--can't be faulted there!--but in person, that green was too blue and I've never figured out how to wear it.  BUT, the eyeliner and gold which came with the palette are marvelous, so I've hung onto it.



Re: Regret buying

@voodoocat: I don't care for the BE foundation either, but just curious what problems you faced with BE Shadows?  I have quite a collection and feel like I mastered using them without making a mess- so I can send some tips your way (unless you gave them away).


I regret buying the smashbox creme liner palette for $30- absolutly horrid quality, didn't even stay on for 5 mins and hit the pan after 2-3 uses (or attempted uses).  I consider throwing it out... I have no clue why I'm keeping it around.



Re: Regret buying

@runy--Sure! Send those tips my way! I find the BE eyeshadows messy--lots of fall out, hard to apply. I end up with it all over my face and without the end result I was hoping for. I'm just about to return the BE tutorials set of 4--but maybe I should reconsider. Is it easier to use these wet, maybe? Thanks!

Re: Regret buying

Proactiv Solution, Aveeno Sunscreen and Neutrogena mask

Re: Regret buying

Let me give everyone a piece of advice: DO NOT EVER get an at-home hair color remover. In college I had colored my hair black for a while but decided I wanted to go back to red. Saw the hair color remover at the nearby store. It was either Revlon or L'Oreal. Used it and was lucky I had any hair left after rinsing it out. My bangs had broke off about an inch or two from the roots (I had unsuccessfully tried highlights a month before) and the rest of my hair was severely damaged. Every time I'd brush my hair pieces of my hair would fall all over the floor and counter. I ended up having to get my chin-length hair cut pixie short to get rid of all the damage. Fortunatley my hair has since made a full recovery and the longer layers are down to my shoulder blades.

Re: Regret buying

Ugh yes, the Smashbox primers.  I've tried 3 of them and found them all to be greasy, even the "Light" version. 

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