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Recycling Make Up.

I just read a good online article about ways to recycle make up you no longer use or want and I had an idea. I think Sephora should set up a program for recycling old an unwanted make up! I dont mean reselling it or anything like that, but maybe contacting companies that might need the recycled make up.


In the article I read, the lady who wrote it said that she has used old blush in white paint to give it a new color to paint her bathroom. She's recycled lipsticks to make new lipsticks or glosses, or she used them to paint and she has even given them to a handyman for him to use a marker.


I mean she had a ton of  ways she has recycled her old make up, and I bet there are companies out there that can use the product for something.


I think it would be a cool idea if Sephora set up a program to do that, and offered beauty insiders something like, for every item you turn in you get 20 points... or what have you. Its a good way to go green AND bring in more business I think.


What do you guys think???

Re: Recycling Make Up.

Agreed. MAC has had a recycling program for awhile, where you can return a specific amount of bottles and they will give you something free (with the option to choose). Sephora is huge and the green movement is an excellent way to recycle these. I've had my biotherm moisturizer and it's pretty heavy duty... I don't know what to do with it. 

Re: Recycling Make Up.

thats a great idea actually alot of dance companies use old and unwanted makeup to do the makeup of their dancers 

Re: Recycling Make Up.

I use my old metal tins (from Cargo, Benefit, Rosebud) as vitamin boxes when I'm travelling. I also use one for my extra virgin coconut oil. I use the coconut oil as a skin moisturizer (on hands and dry spots) and sometimes I put it on the ends of my hair when my hair feels too dry.

I use my sample size eye cream jars (from Clinique, Dior) when I travel, it gives me a weeks worth of product (primer, eye cream). When I was younger, I'd mix up my lipstick with Benefit's showoff shimmer powder and I'd transport it in these small jars, I'd apply with my lip brush. Its great for mixing colors and taking it with you on the go Smiley Happy I use the slightly bigger glass jars also when travelling and fill it with a weeks worth of moisturizer.

I've used my deluxe sample cleanser bottles (Bliss) for hair styling creams. Other empty bottles for shampoo and conditioner or lotion. I've also used one for handsanitizer in my purse.

I love reusing the deluxe sample jars and bottles they're the perfect size for travelling!

Re: Recycling Make Up.

Great ideas, ladies - keep them coming! Smiley Happy


I love your passion and will make sure your feedback is forwarded to the appropriate person in the organization. 


In the meantime, does anyone have other ideas for how they recycle makeup and/or containers to share?


Re: Recycling Make Up.

What about if Sephora had a refill bar for things like Sephora brand bath oils, bath and shower gels, mineral makeup, etc? At the natural food stores, for example,  you can buy a bottle of somethig like olive oil and constantly refill that bottle from bulk containers when you come to the store instead of throwing away or recycling the packaging. You just use the same packaging over and over again, eliminating lotsenrgy used for  manufacturing, shipping and processing of packaging.

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Re: Recycling Make Up.

I've been reading online of different ways to recycle and re-use cosmetic containers. Some women use empty lipstick tubes as a mini sewing kit. Holding needles and a little bit of thread. Some use it as a mini pill container. I can even see using empty lip gloss tins as pill boxes, if its big enough like the Rose Salve, you can hold hair ties in it.  Some companies even clean and re-use the containers that customers return to them.


I've re-used some of my Ole Henriksen jars to hold some beads and sequences from my craft products. lol.

Re: Recycling Make Up.

Ladies, these are GREAT ideas! I HATE throwing away packaging that I can't recycle, and usually find ways to reuse at least some of the packaging. But really--who needs five cleansing milk empties? There's only so much you can do with the stuff. I aslo hate recycling perfectly beautiful and perfectly reusable glass containers like the frosted glass jars that the Korres masks and moisturizers come in. It would be so awesome if  more companies did things like MAC, or what Sephora has done in the past.

Here's hoping somebody is paying attention to what we are saying!

Re: Recycling Make Up.

I'm not into MAC so I've never used a brand with a recycling program. I am so into the concept! I wish Sephora did one. Fan-effing-tastic idea!!

Re: Recycling Make Up.

I definitely agree. MAC's Back 2 MAC Program is amazing and it's one of their company policies I really respect (along with their generosity and dedication when it comes to the MAC AIDS Fund). If you return 6 "empties" (primary packaging containers), you can pick the eyeshadow, lipstick, or lipglass of your choice to take home for free.

Re: Recycling Make Up.

This is a wonderful idea. Last summer, I actually contacted Sephora about permanently implementing a recycling program. You see, about a year ago, Sephora had a one day promotion instores where if you brought in 5 used products that you don't need or want, they'd give you a discount to purchase new products. Many companies (some that Sephora carries have recycling programs) like Tarte, Smashbox, MAC (not at Sephora), and Origins have recycling programs for consumers where they reward them with a discount or product. It'd be great for Sephora to have a program in place considering how they're the "Beauty Authority" Smiley Happy They already have a multitude of brands in their stores. I know many women would be happy to have a place to recycle their used makeup containers rather than just tossing them into the trash, plus a discount wouldn't hurt Woman Wink


Sephora hope that you'll take this into serious consideration... April 22nd is Earth day, consider having a full month to try out a recycling program or at the very least Earth Day... every little bit does help Smiley Happy

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Re: Recycling Make Up.

That's a great idea! I know I have a (rather embarrassingly large) box of cosmetic products I never use, most of which are years expired, and yet I feel too guilty to throw them away. I would definitley part with them for a good cause, though! : )

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