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Recommendations Pleaseeee

I am new to the makeup world, and I love natural colors! I have a normal skin tone, my eyes change colors everyday, and I dont have a job Smiley Happy would love some help!

Re: Recommendations Pleaseeee

I recommend that you check out the sale section because on December 25th, they will be 20% off! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Recommendations Pleaseeee

Thank you so much lily! I love sales! I hate buying things full price.

Re: Recommendations Pleaseeee

lilyyy has the right idea with the sale section.  My recommendation would be the Bite Beauty Best of Bite set.  Its reasonably priced, has a nice variety and Bite is amazing!  Let's face it, the lips can totally make the look.

Re: Recommendations Pleaseeee

Thank you! So much help!

Re: Recommendations Pleaseeee

Definitely check the sale section - but hold off until the 25th! That's when there is going to be a sale - an additional 20% off of everything! YAY! Smiley Very Happy

Okay - so you love natural colors. Have you looked into the Naked palettes? I recommend researching to see which one would look best on you. Naked3 is rosy golds, Naked1 is warm, bronze colors and Naked2 is full of taupes for cooler skin tones.

They're a great investment. Those pans seem so bottomless! Also - UD shadows are great because they blend super easily, making them a fantastic choice for beginners.

I agree with marlenecol - Bite makes some AMAZING lipsticks. But for just a few dollars more, you can get the Bite Lip Discovery Kit, which means you can try eight different colors instead of just four! It's equally as amazing - and this is coming from a hardcore Bite lipstick lover.

A good blush is an important investment as well. Have you checked out NARS blushes? They never disappoint! Diving into makeup can be quite expensive (sadly!) but it's important to chose products that don't have harmful, yucky chemicals!


Re: Recommendations Pleaseeee

I am going to go ahead and agree on the bite lip discovery set....

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