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Recent expensive splurges

I'd like to know what your most expensive splurge has been- both for makeup and clothing. My biggest splurge to date for makeup was the Hourglass tinted moisturizer(~70$), a gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow palette(~124$), and that nu brilliance vaccuum thing for your face(can't remember how much). I'm only 14, but my mom said it was ok for me to splurge on this stuff because I really like it and I wear/use them all the time. My most expensive clothing splurge was when I saved up enough money to buy the white with multicolored letters Louis Vuitton hobo bag that I've wanted forever. It was over 2,000$, but I saved it up and paid for it all my self! I started this thread to see how much people are willing to spend on clothes/makeup. Sometimes people only shop at drugstores and discount stores, while other people frequent Saks and Barneys, and even others shop at all kinds of stores. So, post your responses and I'll give ya a heartSmiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Aside from my constant splurge on make-up as well as skin care products, my biggest splurge and sickness are Rebecca Minkoff handbags.  They're are usually about 500+ dollars, but sometimes you can get a good sale.   Whenever there is a sale going on,  I'm there with bells on.  I've got three RM's now, and it's never enough.   I'm obsessed with L.A.M.B bags too, but I fear they are getting phased out since they are more trendy then anything else.  The Minkoff bags are trendy, but have more staying power since they are all leather and made beautifully.


If anyone is looking for a new bag, I highly recommend the Morning After Bag! 


Re: Recent expensive splurges

@missconduct- Thanks a lot, now I must have that bag. It's gorgeous! Yeah, I've got a bad shoppping addiction...

Re: Recent expensive splurges

I'm sorry!! But I tell you, it's a worthy addiction!  :-) 

Re: Recent expensive splurges

What comes to mind is my Michael Kors leather purse. It was $250 (and it was on SALE) but I love it and wear it every day. I dont have that many purses (3 to be exact) and I typically wear them out (till death!!) before I get a new one. My other 2 bags are Juicy Couture and Kathy Van Zeeland.


I consider all of my makeup/skincare a splurge because they cost 3 or more times as much as anything from the drugstore, and even though I dont have one super expensive makeup item, I dont ever want to add up the prices of my whole stash. Eeeeek.


And good for you. All I could afford at 14 was lip smackers.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Lip smackers!  lol, my first beauty splurge was this sticky gooey Bonnebell lip gloss. I never had lip smackers until college! Each floor of the dorm is hosting its own secret santa and we freshmen don't know each other well, but since I appear to be cheery all the time, my friend figure she would get me something colorful so she got me pack of 3 Lip Smackers in skittle flavors. Haha, they were the first lip balms I used up until the end without breaking or losing them.


Oh designer items. I'm satisfied with my clothe and nothing can top my rubiks cube purse:

so I'm more obsessed with shoes. My goal is to get a high paying job in a big company in a med-big sized city and when I do that, I will buy a pair of Louboutin with my first paycheck. My designer taste tend to run a bit more whimsical and avant garde, like Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler and Alexander McQueen. My dream shoes from these designers below:

I don't even have a bf yet, but my secret dream is that if/when I get married, I want to get married in those red tea cup shoes (Chinese wedding have brides wear red. I'll settle for a white dress and red shoes). Those 3 pairs I would buy right now in a heartbeat, but alas, they are from past seasons. It's easier to find dupes of cloth/bags, but for shoes the quality/look is all in the details for such whimsical designs and lower-end skips those and the dupes look corny/lame.

Re: Recent expensive splurges





Do you remember when they came out with a line of Starburst flavored lipsmackers?  Those were amazing!  Some other brand needs to do that again.  

Re: Recent expensive splurges

missconduct---I actually dont remember any starbust flavors but I might have had them though. My favorite has always been the Dr. Pepper one. Smiley Very Happy



Re: Recent expensive splurges

The most I have spent beauty wise was for my GHD flat iron, I dropped almost $200, after being annoyed at the quality and such of  cheaper flat irons. While it was a lot at the time, I have had the iron for just over 5 years now and it still works fine, so I'm glad I spent that much!

Re: Recent expensive splurges

I've not splurged too much on major makeup purchases. I usually splurge more on skin care, but bless you add it all up it's nothing too major. My biggest clothing purchase was my LV purse. It was $1000 ish. My next is a pair of Louboutin shoes. I plan to save a little bit from each paycheck when I go back to work( I'm a teacher). It's so worth it. I also bought a return to Tiffnays silver necklace and bracelet set, for myself.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

I'd have to say my biggest splurge was on my clairsonic. I think beyond that it's my skincare. Most of the items can be pretty pricy in the Ole Henriksen line, and they turn fast if you use them daily. It's a splurge that is well worth it to me!!

I am a big fan of flash sale sites, so I can't say I go too crazy on clothing, but it's the volume that's the problem!!

Smiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

I love browsing runway shows, Saks and Barneys for inspiration, then search for dupes of them in cheaper stores like Urban Outfitter, H&M, Forever21, Free People, J. Crew, Ann Taylor LOFT....that's pretty much where I get all my clothe nowadays. Since I live in the boonies rural area and do not have a high pay job and just brought a car, I try not to buy too expensive things, the rule is <$50 for most things, <$100 for rare items, and <$150 for coats or suits.


My most expensive splurge started with the sandal boots I spottedat Ann Demeulemeester runway show. Ohh I stared and stared and stared because they look so strange but cool and strange. The more I look at them, the more outfits I can think of to pair with them and the more I want them.

However, they were ~$1000 and since I wasn't earning my own money at the time and my parents are not rich or keen on spending money on fashion, I can only swoon and lament and yearn....until I saw the Jeffrey Cambell dupes of it on Free People, shown below....

The only difference is its cheap suede instead of top quality leather and the heels are not as comfortable....but it's $125, which is much more reasonable so my parents brought it for me. I was so so happy and LOVE wearing it out, showing it to people, pairing it with different outfits, getting stares/comments from strangers.......and.......the sugar high wore off. I still love them and wear them for a mood boost, but it's just not practical to spend $125 on a pair of shoes when that's my food budget for a month, and the heels aren't that comfortable. I love it, I wore it and I kept it. But this, I sworn to never buy anything >$100 unless it's an investment piece like a winter coat or suit. My latest splurge is a lace patterned summer raincoat:$zoom-super$I couldn't justify buying it for $90, but then it went on sale for $60, so I got it since it's relatively unique.


I don't splurge on make up or skincare since my standbys are all <$50 and I like trying new things from the sales section. Every time I see a promo for serums I go for it because I know those are good and expensive, so I've got 2-3 deluxe sample to last me a year since I only use them during winter.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

@beautytester-I actually DIY-ed a pair of flats to look like Louboutins a couple months ago. At the time I was still saving for the LV bag, so I wasn't about to shell out almost 1,000 bucks for a pair of flats. All I did was take black flats, paint the bottom of them red with paint and some kind of special shiny paint sealant so it wouldn't come off, and hot glue small black plastic spikes all around them. To this day I still get compliments on my "fabulous Louboutins" and they are sooo fake lolSmiley Wink

Re: Recent expensive splurges

My most expensive beauty product is the Clarisonic Plus, but I justified it by buying it during the Sephora spring sale and I use it a lot. 


My most expensive clothes purchase was a $1000 coat, I had always wanted a sheepskin coat and I found one drastically reduced at a sample sale, so it is mine! I routinely pay in the neighborhood of $600 for Italian boots from a cool shop in SoHo NYC, but they actually fit and they are timeless styles, so I will have them always, assuming I don't get another shoe eating dog. When I was in college I had a dog that ate so many of my shoes that I was reduced to going to class in flip flops in the winter (this was in NJ, not a warm place like Florida or California either), since I couldn't afford tuition/books and new shoes. She finally gave it up when I took her to obedience class, she loved it and became a very docile dog.Smiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Hello gymchic365, 


Ouch, $124 for a Chanel palette! I love Chanel makeup though, so I can sorta understand Smiley Wink


I honestly think the most I've paid was the $119 for my Clarisonic. I've worked in makeup for so long that I"m fortunate enough that almost every company I've worked for has given us the newest and best items for free. The only problem is when they run out (like my Dior AirFlash spray foundation which is $55!) 


I don't have a problem spending a lot on skincare as that is the main and best way to get the most out of your makeup. But with clothes, trends are so on and off I really don't spend a ton of money unless its on a coat, shoes (sometimes) or purses. My best purchase was a leather Juicy Couture bag that was shaped like a bowling bag with a gold terrier shaped charm hanging from it Of course it was still on sale and I used an employee discount. I guess you could say I love baragains! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Recent expensive splurges

@dianabt-I love Juicy Couture!!! My aunt works at one of the big stores in New York and all I have to do is give her the money and she buys it with her awesome employee discountSmiley Happy Clothes and accessories have always been my weakness, since I only recently got into makeup.

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