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Recent expensive splurges

I'd like to know what your most expensive splurge has been- both for makeup and clothing. My biggest splurge to date for makeup was the Hourglass tinted moisturizer(~70$), a gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow palette(~124$), and that nu brilliance vaccuum thing for your face(can't remember how much). I'm only 14, but my mom said it was ok for me to splurge on this stuff because I really like it and I wear/use them all the time. My most expensive clothing splurge was when I saved up enough money to buy the white with multicolored letters Louis Vuitton hobo bag that I've wanted forever. It was over 2,000$, but I saved it up and paid for it all my self! I started this thread to see how much people are willing to spend on clothes/makeup. Sometimes people only shop at drugstores and discount stores, while other people frequent Saks and Barneys, and even others shop at all kinds of stores. So, post your responses and I'll give ya a heartSmiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Girl, I feel ya!  I wore contacts for about seven years when I developed numerous ulcerations in each cornea.  Ouch is an understatement.  I was told to switch exclusively to glasses for at least a year or risk going permanently blind.  Uh, easy choice!


I've been wearing glasses only for about four years now and I have to say, I really love my Prada frames.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Yikes!  I was told that my nineteen years of contact usage had deprived my eyes of oxygen and there were blood vessels growing on them, looking for oxygen Smiley Surprised


So, I totally feel you. Glasses seemed like a decent splurge since they're part of my wardrobe.  That said, I actually like how I look with glasses better!


Re: Recent expensive splurges

I suppose I should mention my mega-haul of summer 2013 products here...

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Well, the next one will be a Uhaul for moving stuffs -_-

Re: Recent expensive splurges

The UD 24/7 Eyeliner vault and 5 NARS lip pencils <3

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Makeup/beauty tools - Mia2 in emerald green Smiley Happy


Clothing/shoes - pair of congac colored leather calf high dobule gold zippered boots from marshalls $70.00 (I usually stick to savers but this time I went to marshalls)

Re: Recent expensive splurges

The most expensive splurges for me this year is buying this black chanel handbag for around 5000$, a lv monogram wallet for 800$, a chanel watch for ~1500$, and a chanel sunglasses for the summer ~600$

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