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Recent expensive splurges

I'd like to know what your most expensive splurge has been- both for makeup and clothing. My biggest splurge to date for makeup was the Hourglass tinted moisturizer(~70$), a gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow palette(~124$), and that nu brilliance vaccuum thing for your face(can't remember how much). I'm only 14, but my mom said it was ok for me to splurge on this stuff because I really like it and I wear/use them all the time. My most expensive clothing splurge was when I saved up enough money to buy the white with multicolored letters Louis Vuitton hobo bag that I've wanted forever. It was over 2,000$, but I saved it up and paid for it all my self! I started this thread to see how much people are willing to spend on clothes/makeup. Sometimes people only shop at drugstores and discount stores, while other people frequent Saks and Barneys, and even others shop at all kinds of stores. So, post your responses and I'll give ya a heartSmiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Do you have any advice on how to walk in those?


I went through a skyhigh heel phase...until I slided down the stairs on my shin and fell flat on my face because of the 4in heels I'm wearing. After that I've been restraining myself to 3in, but the super pretty/avant garde ones are usually 3.5-5in. =/

Re: Recent expensive splurges

That's not her picture, but if you want to get some advice I highly recommend asking someone on the Purse Forum or asking the actual owner of these shoes and this picture at the instagram address indicated in the watermark. Smiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Please don't take other people's images and pretend they are yours.  It's a violation of copyright laws and I'm fairly certain it's against BeautyTalk forum rules.  You can clearly see the watermark in this picture.  The picture belongs to twitter/instagram user louboutinista_laylaamorsita, as the watermark implies.  You can easily search her username and find the picture, as well as pictures of the individual shoes in the picture.

Furthermore, your user picture is of Kendall Jenner.  I don't know if that's allowed or not, but please remember the BeautyTalk community focuses on giving genuine and sincere advice.  If you hold yourself out as a professional international model, you gain a certain level of credibility about makeup for other users.  If this is not the case, please do not represent it as such, as it can be very misleading for other users.  Thank you.


Re: Recent expensive splurges

wow so this user took other people's photos of super expensive shoes and bags, and posted them on BT saying they were hers?  that is completely bizarre.......

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Yes.  That behavior really gets to me because for awhile when I was a teenager there were a couple people using my pictures and pretending to be me online.  It was infuriating.  Here, the person who actually owns those shoes surely had to work quite hard to get them, and it's not right to pretend to own them.  I'm sure @WilhelminaModel doesn't own a $150k Birkin either.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Nice catch, Emma! 


We could have used your sleuthing skills to help when Sephora was doing their shadow giveaway and folks were stealing other user photos!

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Thanks, this is such a huge irritation of mine!  I definitely would have been snooping through those pictures, how ridiculous that BT-ers were stealing photos for a free eyeshadow!  Sigh.  

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Yeah, it was definitely nuts, here's a link with the stolen pics/cheaters who took other BT user photos:

Re: Recent expensive splurges

smart emmaclaire!!!!

you def got a point!

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Wow...I'm so envious with you ladies to read all the wonderful stuff you guys bought!!!.  My new years resolution was to never overspend on clothes or makeup ever again.  I'm so wasteful and practical that it doesn't even make sense.  Wasteful because if I don't use something for over a few months, I'd toss it.  I love tossing things because I feel a load off of me.  Practical because you'll only see me having only one of each of the necessities (one foundation, one powder, etc) I know, I'm quite boring.  But I did an inventory off all the stuff that I've bought and actually used or got my monies worth and it was quite depressing.  So live and learn.


Hoping that with all the money I'm not spending, I can put into school loans and!

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