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Recent expensive splurges

I'd like to know what your most expensive splurge has been- both for makeup and clothing. My biggest splurge to date for makeup was the Hourglass tinted moisturizer(~70$), a gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow palette(~124$), and that nu brilliance vaccuum thing for your face(can't remember how much). I'm only 14, but my mom said it was ok for me to splurge on this stuff because I really like it and I wear/use them all the time. My most expensive clothing splurge was when I saved up enough money to buy the white with multicolored letters Louis Vuitton hobo bag that I've wanted forever. It was over 2,000$, but I saved it up and paid for it all my self! I started this thread to see how much people are willing to spend on clothes/makeup. Sometimes people only shop at drugstores and discount stores, while other people frequent Saks and Barneys, and even others shop at all kinds of stores. So, post your responses and I'll give ya a heartSmiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

you sound like meSmiley Happy
 good luck with everything!!!

Re: Recent expensive splurges

It would be a coach bag and a coach wallet 5 years ago. I got them at the same time so that was the most I have spent all at once.

A year before another coach bag. My Uggs boots 3 pair.

Recently not really anything just 1 thing, but pretty much everything combined at Sephora around cough.... dont wanna say kinda too much.


Re: Recent expensive splurges

My most best beauty splurge was the BeachWaver by Sarah Potempa.  It was around $200 and I absolutely love it.  I actually bought it from a home shopping channel and was luckily able to make monthly payments on it, otherwise, it would have taken me a couple of months to save up for it.  This thing is awesome!  It has an electric motor that spins your hair around the barrel and gives you the most perfect beachy waves.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

I salut all of you for the joy you receive w/your "acquire & attire". My heart goes out to the young model as their daily worth is assaulted by haute couture and their modeling agencies (sometimes none-to-pleasantly). The rigors of modeling are often over-looked and the perks are not what they used to be. Now that CGI and other computer graphics technologies in the photographic and film industry are advancing - the true haute couture model could be left w/just a "runway" role. The occupation is one which has always belonged primarily to those prior to the age of 25. It is  short-lived triumph and highly competitive. Do NOT be envious of anyone in that position. Those with longevity are rarely without a broader scope of formal education in another field. Making use of one's beauty is not a crime - doing it wisely without being the subject of staunch criticism in another matter, sometimes ungodly challenges as to pose & prop/set/location diversity. WilheminaModel, a friend of mine now lives in Supre Cassis, outside of Paris. She was a Wilhemina runway model. She was also highly educated. You married well, and your mother-in-law loves you. It seems you have your whole life "in the bag". Much luck w/your career. My big spend was on my son's education and his legacy/future. I have worn many hats and carried much haute couture luggage in my day, ladies. Save your money - and the family jewels - educate yourselves, take great care of your bodies and skin - love your lives. There will always be the good, better & best out there. Nothing is EVERYTHING - in this life. Live well (as you can). Be confident & beautiful (for as long as you can). Confidence is the best foundation & primary prior to adding anything else to your visage. Beauty and confidence are reflected in how you carry/pose yourself. We are all models in society to an extent. Do not be envious. Modelling requires nerves of steel some days. I'm glad to see that some are basquing in their youth & glory rather than suffering the time they spent posing in high criticism and feeling like a barbie-doll in the hands of misogynists. Live and laugh girls. Smile alot! I know - laugh lines. My big buys have given me very superficial cheer. Contributions towards the betterment of my family & society have always been the source of longterm exhuberant joy. IMHO, enjoy what you luv for as long as u can (or as long as it lasts).

Re: Recent expensive splurges

I think my most recent most expensive purchace beauty related was my Clarosinic Mia 2. I justified it by buying at Nordy's during triple points. Other than that nothing big yet I have my eye on a LV handbag but will have to save up for that oneand my mind keeps changing and I would hate to shell out that much money to find another one I wanted more. Till then.....

Re: Recent expensive splurges

My most recent big buy was a Kate Spade black and white polka dot handbag.  It was a couple of months ago so I don't recall exactly how much it cost but I know I got it on sale for around $200.


I definitely think it's worth paying more money for quality if you can afford it.  But at some point you are only paying for the name.  In terms of clothes, shoes and bags, paying a few hundred more for quality materials, hand stitching etc makes sense.  A bag costing as much as a house though?  That is the height of stupidity in my opinion.  The quality is no more than a bag 1/40 of it's cost and you're simply paying a crap-ton of money for a name.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

My biggest splurge would have been my prom dress last year, if I had bought it at full price. It was originally about $700, on sale on sale on sale for just over $200. I've promised myself to stop spending so much on material objects. There are some drugstore brands of makeup that are just as good as the prestige brands. Furthermore, the quality of clothing is not necessarily determined by the price. I learned my lesson with a pair of Juicy Couture flats, which cost about $200. They fell apart within two days. I exchanged them at the store for a new pair, and the first day I wore them, the sole came off. Every now and then, I'll splurge on something that I know will last a long time and won't go out of style. For example, nice pumps, blouses, blazers and pencil skirts for work. A classic camel tote bag from Coach that will be my bag in college. Stuff that I can wear down the road. I try to look at the value per wear. I try to say to myself: How much would I pay to wear this item today, just for today. Then I multiply that cost by the number of times I can see myself wearing the item in the next five years. If the item costs more than the number I got, it isn't a good buy in my book. I currently have my eye on the Kate Spade Little Minka in the camel color. It is superbly made and would go with everything! 

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Latest thing I splurged on was The Bond No.9 perfume  I Love New York for her.Smiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

I got a bottle of Perricone Blue Plasma at the 15% off Chic week sale. Eek, so expensive, I hope it works!

Re: Recent expensive splurges



(Wait, what?)


After wearing contacts for many years, I was advised to switch to glasses for health reasons.  I treated myself to two pairs- including this amazing pair of Gucci frames (not because they were Gucci- because they look kick-butt on).  I could've bought a store-brand pair of frames for a lot less.

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