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Recent expensive splurges

I'd like to know what your most expensive splurge has been- both for makeup and clothing. My biggest splurge to date for makeup was the Hourglass tinted moisturizer(~70$), a gorgeous Chanel eyeshadow palette(~124$), and that nu brilliance vaccuum thing for your face(can't remember how much). I'm only 14, but my mom said it was ok for me to splurge on this stuff because I really like it and I wear/use them all the time. My most expensive clothing splurge was when I saved up enough money to buy the white with multicolored letters Louis Vuitton hobo bag that I've wanted forever. It was over 2,000$, but I saved it up and paid for it all my self! I started this thread to see how much people are willing to spend on clothes/makeup. Sometimes people only shop at drugstores and discount stores, while other people frequent Saks and Barneys, and even others shop at all kinds of stores. So, post your responses and I'll give ya a heartSmiley Happy

Re: Recent expensive splurges

@missconduct- Thanks a lot, now I must have that bag. It's gorgeous! Yeah, I've got a bad shoppping addiction...

Re: Recent expensive splurges

What comes to mind is my Michael Kors leather purse. It was $250 (and it was on SALE) but I love it and wear it every day. I dont have that many purses (3 to be exact) and I typically wear them out (till death!!) before I get a new one. My other 2 bags are Juicy Couture and Kathy Van Zeeland.


I consider all of my makeup/skincare a splurge because they cost 3 or more times as much as anything from the drugstore, and even though I dont have one super expensive makeup item, I dont ever want to add up the prices of my whole stash. Eeeeek.


And good for you. All I could afford at 14 was lip smackers.

Re: Recent expensive splurges





Do you remember when they came out with a line of Starburst flavored lipsmackers?  Those were amazing!  Some other brand needs to do that again.  

Re: Recent expensive splurges

missconduct---I actually dont remember any starbust flavors but I might have had them though. My favorite has always been the Dr. Pepper one. Smiley Very Happy



Re: Recent expensive splurges

Lip smackers!  lol, my first beauty splurge was this sticky gooey Bonnebell lip gloss. I never had lip smackers until college! Each floor of the dorm is hosting its own secret santa and we freshmen don't know each other well, but since I appear to be cheery all the time, my friend figure she would get me something colorful so she got me pack of 3 Lip Smackers in skittle flavors. Haha, they were the first lip balms I used up until the end without breaking or losing them.


Oh designer items. I'm satisfied with my clothe and nothing can top my rubiks cube purse:

so I'm more obsessed with shoes. My goal is to get a high paying job in a big company in a med-big sized city and when I do that, I will buy a pair of Louboutin with my first paycheck. My designer taste tend to run a bit more whimsical and avant garde, like Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler and Alexander McQueen. My dream shoes from these designers below:

I don't even have a bf yet, but my secret dream is that if/when I get married, I want to get married in those red tea cup shoes (Chinese wedding have brides wear red. I'll settle for a white dress and red shoes). Those 3 pairs I would buy right now in a heartbeat, but alas, they are from past seasons. It's easier to find dupes of cloth/bags, but for shoes the quality/look is all in the details for such whimsical designs and lower-end skips those and the dupes look corny/lame.


Re: Recent expensive splurges

I'm sorry!! But I tell you, it's a worthy addiction!  :-) 

Re: Recent expensive splurges

That is so awesome you saved up to purchase those items, as they are so expensive! Good for you!! My most expensive beauty item was my clarisonic, but I love L'Occitane products and I have to save up for them! But they are glorious and really make me feel like I am pampering myself. I have wanted a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress for years now, I just can't bring myself to spend around $300 for a dress! But I love to look and dream!

Re: Recent expensive splurges

@missconduct that is a GORGEOUS purse! I must have it!!!! lol


@glamournut a DVF wrap dress is my dream! They are SO classy and feminine and they look amazing on EVERY body shape! Not many items can say that! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Recent expensive splurges

My most expensive splurges would probably be the Clarisonic Mia2 for acne ($143.79 on Amazon) and then, my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli bag ($895), which I might sell depending on if I find any use for it.

Re: Recent expensive splurges

Pretty 3.1 Philip lim bag! Smiley Happy

I used to spend a lot more money on products and clothes but with paying student loans and trying to save up for grown up things I've had to be much more reasonable lol.

At one point about 3 years ago I added up my makeup stash and it was about $1500. I hesitate to do that now because my collection is larger! Lol. I think the most expensive product I've bought this summer was the guerlain Pucci Bronzer!

In terms of clothes I've been pretty happy with what I own (result of massive spending over the last 5-6 years lol!) I do typically spend $150-200 on jeans (though I just discovered styles that fit me at Zara and urban outfitters, so exciting!) I've definitely spent $100+ on individual items at aritzia but now I try not to lol. When it comes to shoes I used to spend all variety of price ranges but right now my cheapest shoes are reef flip flops that were $20. I think the most expensive ones were cole haan over the knee suede boots (on sale around $200) and my Burberry heart rainboots that I love ($200). I do wear plain black flats from coach for everyday (think they were $170) and just got cole haan sandals on sale for $90! I also got Joan and David nude pumps that for great on sale for like $70 once. But mostly other than those classics I'll just pick out trendy things at forever 21, etc

For purses, I don't think I've spent more than $100 or so on each. I don't like to carry stuff around most of the time. I am dreaming of a chanel 2.55 though! I'm a fan of Rebecca minkoff as well. And botkier Valentina... But at the moment i've more obsessed with beauty than anything else. Plus I should just save (for getting a house, getting married, etc)
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