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Post in Beauty Confidential

Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

These are so fun, I thought I'd start one!
1) What is your beauty product splurge that is SO worth it?
2) Do you have any pets? What are their names?
3)You're stuck wearing one toenail polish color the rest of your life. Quick! What is it?
4)What is your job? Employed? Student? Mom? All of the above?

I'll start!

1) I love Guerlain meteorites. The smell, the texture... omg so worth it.
2) I am active in animal rescue, so my husband and I tend to accumulate critters Smiley Happy We have three cats, Juno, Fortuna, and Minerva, and three dogs, Thor, Pirate, and Glory. Glory, a hound mix, is our most recent addition.
3) I would choose a dark vamp chocolate purple. It is what I invariably use anyway Smiley Happy

4) I'm an analytical chemist and I take singing gigs on the side. I'm a classically trained soprano.

Yay, can't wait to see your answers!!!! xoxoxo



My picture is of Juno (grey) and Tuna (tortie)  My two rescued sisters! 




Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

I'm sorry to hear about your kitties. They were beautiful <3

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

1) Just started using Alterna Caviar hair products - DUDE!

2) Maine Coon - Miss Marple (affectionately called Poozle)

3) Red

4) Accountant - so I have to wear close-toed shoes to hide those red toenails Smiley WinkSleeping Poozle.JPG

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

awwwww.... she's so cute!!!

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

She looks SO SOFT. Maine Coons are such gorgeous cats. 

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Miss Marple is amazing!! And I also love the old "**bleep**" (as she is affectionately called in Ms. Christie's books!) for whom she is named Smiley Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Seriously, Sephora?  The word " P u s s y " does not ALWAYS need to have a vulgar connotation!  Read your literature!

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

@nebel, Thank you. God has truly blessed me. Smiley Wink

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

I really like these..even though it's Sunday. Smiley Happy


1. ClarisonicPlusJPG








Clarisonic Plus.

Sophia Louise (king Charles)

Bentley Picasso (cocker spaniel)

Fonzworth Merlot (cocker spaniel)

Precious Poppy by Flower Cosmetics

I've been an accountant for 10years. Worked at an aerospace company. When I had my daughter, I became a stay-at-home mama. It's been rewarding but I plan to go back to numbers when she starts school. Loving & devoted wife since 2007.


Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

I love that you answered this with pictures! Your family (both furry and human!) is beautiful Smiley Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

1. Michael Todd's Knu New You...  I'm still trying to decide if this is worth it.

2. I currently have 3 dogs.... Chiara, a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback-Chow Mix, Raiden, a handsome English Bulldog, and Capuch, a studly Shih Tzu

3. I would have to pick something blue... I love all shades, and haven't found a holy grail

4. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

I love your description of your dogs Smiley Happy  

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Oooh, these are so fun! Smiley Happy I love seeing everyone's' pets! So many cuties. 


1. This one is tough! I will say Exfolikate and Amore Pacific products, though I am pretty well stocked on AP samples right now, score! I've fallen in love with eye palettes made of metal though, so heavy, luxurious, and old-fashioned feeling. Two I have my eye on now are:



Guerlain's Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette - Place Vendôme




Givenchy Écrin Privé Private Felted Nudes


2. At my parents' house I have a dog named Daisy. She's almost 16 and as she's getting older she's starting to have some serious health issues. I'm glad to be going home soon to be sure I will see her again. Smiley Sad 




and this is my cat, Kira




She's missing the tips of her ears because when she was a kitten (or very young, the vet was never sure exactly), the friend I adopted her from found a taped up cardboard box buried in the snow next to a dumpster, inside was a filthy, starving little cat with frostbitten ears, paws and tail and covered in cigarette burns. I wish I could do the same to the person who did that to her! She has been spoiled rotten ever since. Smiley Happy 


3. Eek! If I could only ever have ONE, I guess I'd have to play it safe with a pinkish nude maybe, so it wouldn't clash with any  outfits or shoes. Thank goodness I don't have to choose!


4. Right now I am not working, just waiting until I am all settled in the US. Not sure what I want to do with myself though. I was a cheesemonger for quite a few years, so I know WAY more about cheese than any normal person should!!  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Kudos to you for your rescue work and saving that beautiful kitty!


It is hard when pets get older, but we can take joy knowing we gave them wonderful lives.


OMG cheese. it is my favorite thing ever to eat.  <3

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

It makes me sad because on her good days, Daisy seems like she could totally be 10 years younger, she runs around and wants to fetch a tennis ball ten million times and play tug of war with a big, squeaky, orange duck toy. I guess I haven't had a pet I grew up with like this before. 


Kira is a bit weird about her food habits, I don't think she will ever forget the memory of starving so she tends to gobble food like mad (silly thing!) but she's the most shamelessly affectionate cat I've met. Cats like to pretend they're so aloof, allowing you to be petting them but she flops all over and purrs like a motor, I think she likes tummy rubs more than the dog does! Smiley Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

1.  I'm not sure I've ever splurged; I'm pretty budget conscious

2.  Two cats:  Ivan & Isabella; they're have the same father, but different mothers.

3.  Probably Sew Psyched by Essie

4.  I'm a Documentation Assistant; I was thinking about going on for my PhD, but by the time I finished my MBA, I decided that was enough--I'm done with school!  My children are my cats.


@nebel & @jellybean917 - I work with PhDs in Nanotech and Organic Chemistry.  There has also been a dramatic increase in women scientists and engineers over the many years I have worked for my employer.

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Lol on #4! My husband was doing his Master's thesis and his advising professor (who loved him and wanted him to stay in academia foreeeeever) told him if he just rounded out his thesis (mostly theoretical information) with some practical simulation numbers, maybe had a chip manufactured to test for real, etc, that he could just submit it as a Doctorate thesis instead. So we decided it was a great opportunity and thought another 6-12 months of work wouldn't be a big deal. FIVE YEARS LATER, he is finally finished and has a real job, but oh my goodness. 


I've seen some really interesting papers on nanotech/biomedical research, for a while my husband was working on a project at his university for really cheap, disposable testing devices that could be customized to look for various things in blood or whatever type of sample and would basically replace some of the huge, costly machines in analysis labs and allow doctors in remote/developing areas to test patients for different diseases on the spot. Very cool. There are so many interesting things being developed these days! Do you work on things with medical applications at all or what sort of area do you focus on for the most part? If you don't mind sharing, haha. If I am being nosy just let me know. Smiley Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

1. YSL Lipstick & LORAC shadows

2. no pets

3. bright pink

4. mom, blogger, gardener, dancer Smiley Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

I love to dance! I'm not a professional or anything but I did frequent many nightclubs for well over a decade lol Smiley Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

I have this image of you dancing through your beautiful garden with beautiful children and then going inside to blog about it Smiley Happy  

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

@nebel this made my day!

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

1.Beauty Spurge- Kerasatase  Hair Products/ Chroma Captive Shampoo and Masque and my Vivite Skin Care

2. Pets- Cocker Spaniel named Patches

3. Toenail polish- I couldn't imagine just having one.

4.Office Manager in a Dermatology office and Mom.


Great Thread lots of fun!



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