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Post in Beauty Confidential

Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

These are so fun, I thought I'd start one!
1) What is your beauty product splurge that is SO worth it?
2) Do you have any pets? What are their names?
3)You're stuck wearing one toenail polish color the rest of your life. Quick! What is it?
4)What is your job? Employed? Student? Mom? All of the above?

I'll start!

1) I love Guerlain meteorites. The smell, the texture... omg so worth it.
2) I am active in animal rescue, so my husband and I tend to accumulate critters Smiley Happy We have three cats, Juno, Fortuna, and Minerva, and three dogs, Thor, Pirate, and Glory. Glory, a hound mix, is our most recent addition.
3) I would choose a dark vamp chocolate purple. It is what I invariably use anyway Smiley Happy

4) I'm an analytical chemist and I take singing gigs on the side. I'm a classically trained soprano.

Yay, can't wait to see your answers!!!! xoxoxo



My picture is of Juno (grey) and Tuna (tortie)  My two rescued sisters! 



Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Just recently I was considering asking your first question... this will be fun to read every day... 

1. Nars Double Refining Exfoliator... OMG love it! I could never get my hands on a sample to try it out, but based on the reviews it was just what I was looking for... anyway I am so glad I splurged because it is incredible!

2. I have two very spoiled kitties, Kiba & Kiki... they are the most precious family members you could ever ask for... 

3. hmmmm... I don't think I've ever painted my toes before! lol

4. I work in a culinary setting... yep, boring... but I suppose it pays the bills Smiley Happy

Great post, nebel... cute pic too, they are so sweet Smiley Happy



Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Those are my girls Fortuna (AKA Tuna AKA Fish Face) and Juno. (our last name is Juneau and my husband thought it was HI- LARIOUS to name a cat Juno Juneau)  They are sisters! 

I don't think culinary is boring! I love cooking AND eating and just about everything that has to do with food! 

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Thank you for saying that... I just feel like it's not very exciting lol Smiley Happy  I wanted to share a pic.. Kiba is on the right, Kiki is on the left... they don't sleep together like this often so I'm glad I have a souvenir... they are brothers Smiley Happy Juno Juneau is a great name! Sounds like you have a fun loving family Smiley Happy  

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Kiki looks SO much like my childhood pet that passed away a few years ago! They are both handsome!


Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!


1)  I totally splurged on the Clarisonic Plus. I love it and really enjoy the extension wand that allows me to get yummy shower gel all over my back!


2)  I have a 14 year old male cat named Silvio. He's a gray/black tabby we rescued at the Humane Society. He has so much personality and keeps me company when my husband is away.


3)  Nude gel (less maintenance!)

4)  I'm a Community Manager/Social Media Specialist


^That's Silvio after getting a drink of the "good water" from our little koi pond in the backyard. Smiley Happy


@nebel Your cats are gorgeous and I love their names!


@Yuumei I've always thought a culinary position would be interesting and rewarding!

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Silvio is so beautiful!!! thank you for sharing Smiley Happy

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Thank you for making me feel better <(^.^)>  OMG I LOVE your koi pond, it's so beautiful!!! Silvio looks very content... he's gorgeous!!! We feel like we rescued our kitties, but it was more like an irresponsible owner that wouldn't take care of them. We just couldn't walk away once we saw how they were living and asked if we could take them home with us... 

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

1) recentish splurge: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

Biggest splurge: Guerlain Tonka Imperiale perfume ($250 for 2.5oz; total vacation/anniversary present splurge) I really like Tonka Bean I'm perfumes


2) two Birman cats, Turq and Tanz. Short for Turquoise (blue point) and Tanzanite (lilac point)  Often referred to as Turkey cat and Tansy cat. 


3) I've never painted my nails. No idea what color I'll try this summer. Probably something deep pink/plum. 


4) Release Manager at IBM. lots of legal paperwork and trying to get people who don't work for me to do things on schedule. 

Re: Random Questions, Saturday Edition!

Omg i love the names of your kitties!

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