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Question about Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash

Hello lovely BT ladies,


I got a sample of this, and I love it! My question is this. Does this do the same as a clay face wash with microbeads or is this different? I use Philosophy Total Matteness Mask, and it's been my favorite for a while. Where would this fit in my routine if at all?


'Cause my routine as it is now is pretty long.



Re: Question about Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash

Clay based face washes, exfoliants, or masks will have more of an oil control/absorbing aspect whereas this exfoliating cleanser does not have the components of that.


I've used the Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash before and it's a middle of the road product for me. Due to the fact that it's geared and advertised as being gentle enough for daily use, the exfoliating aspects are made more mild, but in my experience in personal use and with clients, using a cleanser with physical particles daily isn't necessary. Chemical based exfoliating washes that rely on alpha and beta hydroxy acids are more favorable for daily use as they're not using physical elements to tackle surface layers, but more so using slower acting enzymes to break down excess skin cells while also promoting cellular regeneration, physical particles on their own don't boost that aspect, making it one-dimensional on how they target exfoliation.


My boyfriend uses this product about once or twice a week (he's regular cleanser is the Anthony Logistics Glycolic Wash and he's been favoring my trial sized tube of PTR's Resurfacing Laser Scrub), mainly prior to shave sessions as the physical particles help give some extra lift to facial hair, giving him a closer shave. Due to the field he works in, he needs a little extra oomph in cleanse to remove grime, oil, and sweat from his skin so the physical aspect of this wash helps with that.


If you're not laboring or working yourself in such a manner where you need that extra bump in cleansing, use this product as a mild face scrub (not so much as a face wash). This particular exfoliating wash relies on silica based particles (diatomaceous earth), these are more textural and coarse than jojoba or microbeads, but are more fine than sugar granuals or crushed fruit seed powders.

Re: Question about Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash

Hi lecia1167,


I love this cleanser! I don't think this face wash does the same thing as a clay-based face wash. It is much more gentle and is effective on a lot of different skin types, even those that do not have existing breakouts. Smiley Happy




Re: Question about Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash

I haven't used this particular one, but products like it. I use this type of product as a cleanser, without makeup on - don't think the philosophy one will take off makeup. Then use total matteness - as a mask if needed afterwards, since the clay will absorb oil and impurities, the exfoliating wash wont. I use the total mattenesss serum, so can't comment on the wash/mask version to compare with the exfoliating wash. Or use one during the day, and the other at night.


I have used a drugstore 3 in one product - wash, exfoliate, mask - it had some nubbies. I would wash my non-makeup face with it, then let it sit for a few minutes, while doing something else before washing off.


Normally, I just keep everything separate too.

Re: Question about Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash

I used this for a bit a few years ago. I didn't feel like it was strong enough for me. I like to do separate cleansers and exfoliators and masks. For some reason, I don't trust all-in-ones.

Re: Question about Philosophy Microdelivery Face Wash

That's what I'm doing now. I use the Ain't Misbehaving acne face wash most days, and few days a week I use my Philosophy wash that can also be a mask.

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