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Puffy Eyes

Sorry guys, lots of skincare quesitons from me this morning!


I have noticed that I am starting to get puffy eyelids in the mornings. My eyes are usually really dry in the morning anyways, but this puffiness is not gonna fly.


Any products I can use to get rid of this? I use a garnier eye gel roller for my dark under eye circles, but I'm not sure what it would do for the lids themselves?


FYI its not my diet since I watch my sodium intake, and I do try to get about 6 hours of sleep during the work week...I know its not the best, but I still dont think it would contribute to the puffy eye?

Re: Puffy Eyes

I really like Origins No Puffery. It sinks in fast and hydrates well. It's now in rollerball form so you can stick it in the fridge and the coldness will help reduce the puff further in the morning. The first couple of ingredients are rosewater, chamomile and something else I forgot but I just smear it on my whole eye area including the lid with no irritation.


I've also tried the Bliss eye mask. A tip: there's a lot of liquid (drippy) so you can either leave it on overnight to let everything soak in, or you can use half the liquid at a time and get 2 use out of them. It's also pretty big so I actually cut off a corner/sliver from the bottom to put on top of my eyelid.

Re: Puffy Eyes

Since it's the eyelids, you may want to mention it to your optometrist just to be safe.

Re: Puffy Eyes

Heya gongju!

I think some people hereditarily and naturally have puffy eyes. It generally has to do with the way water collects in your face when you sleep, and as you know, can't always be corrected by altering your sodium and water intake.


But it's also possible that your eyes may seasonally become puffier because of allergies. I've been taking allergy medication daily since the Spring, when I noticed my undereyes became both very puffy and veeeery dark as everything started blooming and dusting. It's made a huge difference for me, not only in lifestyle, but in my eyes and the amount of concealer I feel I have to use!

Re: Puffy Eyes

Hi Gongju87,

Since you say the puffiness is on your eyelids, not in the usual under-eye area, I suggest using an eye mask like the following:


SEPHORA COLLECTION Instant Depuffing Eye Mask



SC Instant Depuffing Eye Mask.jpg


Apivita Express Beauty Mask With Ginkgo Biloba


Apivita Express Beauty Mask With Ginkgo Biloba.jpg


Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask


Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask.jpg


Also, anything that is cooling helps with puffiness as well!  Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: Puffy Eyes

have you ruled out allergies? i can't think of a product to use but holding a cold compress on your eyes should reduce the puffiness.

Re: Puffy Eyes

Since you mentioned looking for something to target the lids themselves, this will limit your search as not all eye creams, products, and treatments are safe for the delicate skin on that area.


Check into Bliss' Firm Baby Firm Total Eye System which utilizes peptide blends, antioxidants, and ingredients that promote even circulation to help depuff, firm, and tighten the under eye and lid:




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