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Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I love the entire idea of the Project 10 Pan. I always get so excited to try new things, but the end result are drawers and bins full of lots of partially used product. I know there have been a few posts about everyone's 10Pan accomplishments, and I figured it'd be fun to also spread the love to those who are also trying to clean house with their deluxe samples (especially with the awesome new 100 pt perks this month!).


I've got quite a collection of minis that have amassed, and I've been storing them in the case that last year's sunkit came in.

I really want to try so many of the products in there, but I've GOT to use up some of the ones I've already tried (of which I have another whole makeup bag full...I think I might have a mini-addiction :-p). I will definitely post an update when I have finished my DS 10-Pan.

What DS have you used up recently? Are any of them worth investing in the full-sized version? 

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

These are my backup samples that I haven't begun to use yet. (A lot of the mascaras are from a sephora favorites box though.) There are at least 20, including makeup ones which take forever to finish, that are in my actual makeup drawers.



I love deluxe samples cause you get a chance to really try something out, and they usually last a while, but I think I have reached the point of having too many backups for my backups.


I recently decided that I am allowed to buy one new products for every five products I finish (full size and deluxe sample size, small packet samples don't count). Project 10 pan is just too tough for me, and I love the incentive of being able to reward myself with one new item. Althought I am allowing myself a sephora haul for the VIB sale that doesn't go into the product count but has a budget.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I'm completely digging my sample of Origins mega bright serum. Smells amazing, feels amazing, and it did a good number on a couple of my acne scars, the indentions are completely smoothed out! LOVE. I also have about 1/3 of my Benefit benetint mini. Its gorgeous on cheeks, but terrible on lips---to drying, doesnt set evenly, tastes awful. I'm not a fan of liquid blush, it stains my fingers and I dont like the nailpolish like packaging---the brush makes the product go on uneven, and you have to blend it in straight away or it will set in streaks!

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I just wrapped up a sample of Dr. Brandt's Ruby Glow Eye Cream and really enjoyed it. Normally it takes a bit for eye products to impress me, but I really enjoyed the texture and the way it felt on my skin. It had illuminating particles but wasn't like a disco ball on my face and it was very light weigh and easy to absorb.


I AM on the market for a new eye cream, so that might be the one I'll go for next.


I found that samples and DS are my best friend during holiday or gift giving time. My friends turn to me for beauty advice so when I send them off with samples or just randomly go "Oh hey, I think this would work for you with what you mentioned about your skin last time" they get super happy! I amassed a great load of fragrance samples (close to 24) that were nice vials and even small jars and gave them all to my friend who is in love with trying new scents! She opened and lined up all of them and had a blast sniffing away.


I find that samples for mascara, liner, gloss, or lipstick is great to keep in various purses and bags as a "just in case" ploy, that way you have a bunch scattered around and don't have to worry about moving items from one purse to the other.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition


Did you get the free VIB Origin eyecream? Would it be okay for people in their 20s to use?

Yeah I used to do the same put one lipgloss and one eyeliner in each purse cause thats pretty much all i use when I was lazy putting on makeup.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

No, I didn't, not even at VIB status yet! Smiley Tongue

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

Oh true, there's no little red VIb next to HALL OF FAMER. How in the world that you are not a VIB Smiley Wink , with all the knowledge you have about skin products and I am sure makeup too, you must have bought and used/tested ton of products Smiley Happy

But doesnt matter, to me, you are SUPER VIB Smiley Wink 

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

It doesnt always work that way. I'm a VIB and have been for years, but I dont have the icon next to my name.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I don't know how my brain work sometimes. I see the "I'm a VIB and have been for years" while my peripheral vision caught "35m ago" from above the sentence and somehow it became "I'm a VIB and have been for 35 years". I was very impressed for....5 sec before I realized I misread.


@violalea. I also buy everything for my mom, so the deluxe samples are from mine and my mom's purchase and I didn't start using them until recently when I realize how much I have. Since my deluxe/kit-size stuff are all skincare, they get used up slowly cuz I only open a new one after I finished the previous mini/deluxe so I go through 2-3 per month. =X

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition


Yeah my mom skin is too sensitive and very careful with her skin so she only uses products she buys herself and she does not wear much makeup just lip stick when she goes out cause she had her eyebrows and eyeliners tatooed already. So I only gets her lip products and perfumes.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition sample using crusade may have just bitten me in the butt. One of the samples I tried this week made be break out in an awful blistery full-face rash :-( I've never had contact dermatitis from a skincare product before, and it is SO not fun. I'm thinking it was the Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer, because I used it am and pm for 2 days and on day 3 woke up looking like a lobster.

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