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Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I love the entire idea of the Project 10 Pan. I always get so excited to try new things, but the end result are drawers and bins full of lots of partially used product. I know there have been a few posts about everyone's 10Pan accomplishments, and I figured it'd be fun to also spread the love to those who are also trying to clean house with their deluxe samples (especially with the awesome new 100 pt perks this month!).


I've got quite a collection of minis that have amassed, and I've been storing them in the case that last year's sunkit came in.

I really want to try so many of the products in there, but I've GOT to use up some of the ones I've already tried (of which I have another whole makeup bag full...I think I might have a mini-addiction :-p). I will definitely post an update when I have finished my DS 10-Pan.

What DS have you used up recently? Are any of them worth investing in the full-sized version? 

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

@Sephoramusthave. Haha, I have the C.O Bigalow and Smith rose salve. The Smith one is a bit thinner and $1 more expensive (I think?) but the scent is more rose-like instead of artificial so I think the rose/essential oil blend is probably better? they don't list specifics. I really like mixing it with brown sugar (and maybe a drop of argan oil) in a sample jar for a nice hydrating lip exfoliator (works as well as Fresh Brown Sugar).


The Alba Botanica scrub is pretty nice. It's nut shell but finer than St. Ives and is in a thick creamy solution, so it scrubs well without scratching/hurting the skin. It's a physical+enzyme exfoliator in one and you can feel the enzyme working from a mild sensation. It does not irritate for me and is definitely worth the price, but the best exfoliator I've tried have to be Dr. Brandt microderm, but that's $70. T.T

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

These are awesome! I am so jealous... it seems like the only samples I get are either fragrances or packets. Blah.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

@fabz - A few times a year Sephora will offer a gift with purchase that includes several deluxe sized samples. I also like to invest in sets that contain a few full sized products and several minis, like the Sephora favorites collection. And the BEST is when your order contains both of them :-) I think that's how I ended up with so many!

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

So, I've decided as a way to start tacking the 10 or 15 mini fragrance vials I've been doing a preliminary spritz on myself at night time when I'm hanging around the house. Since I'm not running around I feel like I pay attention more to the fragrance and whether or not I actually like it. Also, since I shower in the morning, I figure that if I don't like the fragrance, or it smells funky with my personal chemistry, I'll be able to just wash it off. And if my test run went well, I'll put it on again when I'm getting ready for work! I figure once I've rotated through them all I can start wearing my favorites until I use them up, or give away the ones that don't work for me.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

Depending on the size of the samples during the VIB preview next week (can't make it out on the day, but I will be there the day after, going to see if they can hold a bag for me >.> )  I may need to post on this thread too!

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

Whoa, ya'll are awesome. If I took a pic of all of my deluxe samples/sample packets it wouldnt be much to look at.


beautytester--thanks for the review!! sounds like a great scrub!


This thread reminded me that I have a mini fresh sugar lip treatment in rose. I used up the clear one and have about half of the rose one left. I like it but its not moisturizing enough when my lips are chapped and I hate how the formula melts sooo easily!

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I was pretty happy that they gave us the Fresh lip treatments for our birthday gift last year, although I would have probably preferred if they picked a color other than the rose, because I had a mini AND a full size verison of it already. I do like the formula, especially the original, but it is a bummer that it melts so easily.


Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I love the Fresh set! Totally stocked up on it. I got a set for my bday, a set with the promo, then another set when I begged the store associate to exchange my bday Benefit duo for another Fresh duo (I'm curious, what do they do with leftover bday gifts?). Eitherway, very glad I have enough to last the winter this yr and keep one everywhere.

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

Too funny, I use my empty case from the sunscreen kit for the exact same use! And sadly, mine is also overflowing with too many deluxe samples/packettes. I've been on a major use-up products obsession the last couple months and I'm finally starting to see some empty space in my stash locations! (I'm also trying to use up hair and bath/body products too). Funny, its actually really satisfying when you finish something!

Re: Project 10 Pan - Deluxe Sample Edition

I save all the samples I dont want, on Holloween, I have a big bowl of candy for the kiddies and large silver tray of assorted Sephora samples fanned out/arranged for the 'tweens and mothers of the tricker treaters...You have never seen such happy girls/ladies!

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