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Products you regret buying in 2012?

I really enjoy watching youtube videos on products and today I watched a few about products that people regretted having purchased. I also just went through my products for the 3rd time in the last month and tossed/gave away to pare down. I thought I would start a thread where people could talk about which products they regret having purchased and why.


Here are mine :


Clarisonic Plus - short lived thrills. Did nothing for my face despite trying different cleansers, brush heads etc. By far the biggest and most expensive product let down I've ever had.


Edward Bess Monte Carlo quad royale - beautiful in the pan but the sparkle and shimmer was over the top when applied to my face and looked very obvious.


Becca eye tints - great products. Long lasting and natural looking. The problem? I'm just too used to applying powder eyeshadows and getting to use my brushes so these kind of sat around for awhile before I gave them away


Pantone Tangerine Tango lipgloss set - I got caught up in the "color of the year!" moment but only one of the four looked flattering. The whole boxed set got thrown out because I couldn't convince anyone else to wear hunter orange lipglosss. I don't know what I was thinking Smiley Tongue


Hourglass femme rouge lipstick - too heavy to feel comfortable and for the price point I just didn't enjoy wearing


Smiths Rosebud salve - Was it pink, rose scented vaseline? I have my suspicions.  Guess I'll never know.


All in all I had very little regrets compared to product purchases I loved and use regularly. How you about you ladies/gentlemen?










Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I agree, the fibers also stuck to my lower lashes :/

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Have you ever used the Lancome Hypnose Drama? I love it!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

This is a really great thread -- I love reading the replies! Smiley Happy


I definitely had a few duds, myself -- mostly things that fall under the "had to have" category. These are not poor quality products in and of themselves, but because I never reach for them, they were basically a waste of money:


Tom Ford Cheek Color, Narcissist -- the most beautiful fuschia blush, but because it is *so* vividly pigmented, it's very hard for me to use, so I never bother. These blushes are expensive (but very large in product size), so they're really only worth it if you get use out of them. (Wicked, however, was a better investment because it's a much more user-friendly shade for me.)


Red lipstick: I love it, but I should have one very good red lipstick or a few inexpensive ones; spending a lot of money on color(s) I rarely use is not a wise investment.


As for things that just didn't work for me:


Benefit "They're Real" -- this did nothing for me. Again, it's not necessarily a bad product, but I think you do have to have the right type of eyelashes for it to suit (and I do not). If you already have thick eyelashes, I could see it being really effective at defining them, but it didn't look anything like false eyelashes on me.


Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream, White Russian -- I *love* the color, but it was too irritating (to the point of causing redness / splotches around my mouth and chin).


PTR Glycolic 3% Facial Wash: I bought this while traveling as a temporary replacement to my normal cleanser (either Anthony Logistics Glycolic or Skinceuticals Glycolic Face Wash) that I left at home. I'm not sure what the issue was (I think most people love this cleanser), but it dried my skin out.  The Skinceuticals cleanser actually has a higher concentration of glycolic acid (5% -- and while it's not listed, I think the Anthony Logistics cleanser has around the same) and it never dried out my skin. I think the other two (and particularly the Anthony Logistics one) have more nourishing ingredients...but for me (particularly with Retin-A), I did not have luck with this one -- I think it's probably better for oilier skin types / summer use.


Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

That's how I feel about "They're Real" too!


Not to mention in Texas humidity and the fact I wear contacts and occassion add eye drops, the formula ran a little bit for me. I have friends that love and swear by it and it looks wonderful on them, but it was just a miss for me.



Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I've used GinZing, and I didn't notice much of it helping with dark circles or puffiness. Though I could tell it was an illuminating eye cream, it wasn't as illuminating as I thought it would be or as much as the brand makes it out to be. My undereye area was super soft, that's about it.



Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

This is a great topic! Its just as important to see what people think are duds as it is to see what they think is awesome :-)


I'm sure I could think of a few more if I really try....but off the top of my head my 2 biggest duds of the year are: Origins GinZing (seems to be a popular dud! Haha) and the Tarte Into The Wild Eye Shadow Pallette. 


I absolutely love both brands...Origins became a holy grail skincare line for me this year, but I felt that GinZing did nothing. The shadows in the Tarte pallete are not easy to work with and are quite chalky. Bummer!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Me too! I love my Origins skincare but the Gin Zing made me sad Smiley Sad lol

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Oh gosh....the two that really pop out at me are:


NARS Multiple in Riviera----I ADORE the color and absolutely LOVE cream sticks/cream blushes/all in one products but this just doesnt compare in quality to my other less expensive color sticks/pot rouges that I love much more (Josie Maran, CARGO, Stila Convertible etc). Out of my whole blush drawer this one is my most expensive. The multiples are advertised as being 3 in 1 products and I dont find that to be the case. There's no way that I could use Riviera on my eyelids, and it leaves a satin finish that its not comfortable on the lips, not without gloss. My other colors sticks work just as well on lips as they do on the cheeks. And, unlike all my other blushes, this product doesnt last all day on me. It fades after 2 hours or less. With such an expensive product, I should not have to reapply several times throughout the day just to keep some color on my cheeks.


2. Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme


Geez. This product was the biggest waste of money I've ever spent. Its just a basic white face cream, you need more pumps than you think to cover your face, it didnt improve my complexion at all, it doesnt moisturize enough, it comes in this pump bottle that you cant see through or open up so there's probably a lot of wasted product in there that you cant reach, and to add insult to injury, it broke me out. I bought it because I wanted to treat myself to one luxe item because I never have before, and back then I had some red acne scars that I wanted to get rid of (I no longer have this, thank god) and this was the only product that was recommended to me by a sales woman. She assured me that even though it was pricey, that it would work. It didnt. I wish that Sephora sales woman would stop *personally guaranteering* that a product will work. You just cant do that.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Yea I bought a NARS Multiple few years back and I completly agree that it fails!  I try to use it every now and then but it just doesn't last and it fraustrates the hell outta me!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

@sephoramusthave - I totally agree with you on the NARS Multiple! I am adding that to my list of regrets too! I would only wear mine on my cheeks too. It fades on me so quickly also.  I really liked it at first because the color looks great on my skintone (south beach), but i stopped wearing it once Inrealized how quickly it faded! Glad to hear I'm not the only one with that problem! 

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

We can shed a tear for GinZing! lol


Ginzing was actually the first Origins product I ever tried and turned me off from the brand. I am so happy that I received a sample of the Checks and Balances cleanser because i fell in love with it and have now discovered so many great products from Origins! My skin has never been better! Smiley Happy

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

What a great thread! I like seeing what everyone else has to say. I have a few, I 100% agree with the Gin Zing. I think it should be marketed as a make up product rather than an eye cream.


Bumble and Bumble Texture- I'm sorry this was a miss for me. I found that it made my ends look even drier and it felt really sticky in my hair.


Illamasqua Rubber Nail Polish- I had high hopes for this! I thought it was going to be more of a gel/matte texture however, I found the pigment very dull and the texture was very thin. It wasn't flattering.

<3 Melissa

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Isn't is so sad when you buy a product and try out something that either you had a sample of and LOVED or that everyone you knew RAVED about? 


It can happen for sure, but I'm always so disappointed when I come across an item that I wanted to love and it failed! Smiley Sad I recently tried the Eyeko mascara and heard such fantastic feedback about it I was so upset when the mascara just clumped and stuck my lashes together. It looked like I had nothing on! 


Smiley Sad Gin Zing is a great eye cream that I know lots of clients enjoy but for me, I had an allergy to an ingredient in it. I have a deluxe sample size of it that I need to pass along now! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

For years, I've used the Clinique All About Eyes cream, which I loved.  But, I decided to make a change and bought the Shiseido Bio-Performance Contour Eye Cream, which got really great reviews.  I figured, "how could I go wrong especially if it comes highly recommended by the Cosmetics Cop?"


Well, I'm embarrassed to admit that I spent $55.00 for this eye cream and regretted it immediately.  First of all, while it did provide moisture, it did nothing for my puffiness or dark circles.  If anything, this cream only made the problem worse.  It irritated my eyes during the day and made them puffy and teary under my makeup.  Plus, when I woke up in the morning, it looked as if I had gone several rounds with the heavyweight boxing champ of the world!  Then to add insult to injury, because of its packaging I've had to use a Q-tip getting it out sometimes.  This cream is still still sitting on my vanity table because my pride won't permit me to toss it after I spent all that money.


So now, I'm back to using my less expensive and more effective Clinique All About Eyes cream and I couldn't be happier!


Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Muahaha, it's time to pull out my blacklist (yes, I document every single skincare product/sample I used/try). Most of them are "meh", some feel like wasted money, but there are some good ones and some bad ones.


IT BURRRNS SO BAD! category:

* ExfoliKate intensive exfoliating treatment (is it trying to melt my face?)

* Sephora Age Defy Serum (convinced it's the fragrance).

* Yes to cucumber wipes (really really want to like it. Nope)


Irritates my eyes and make me cry like nobody's business:

* Shiseido curler (tried numerous time under various season/eye condition. The only curler that makes me cry)

* Origins GenZing eye cream (think it's the "illuminating particle").


I want to like Korres skincare so very much, but their white tea cleanser left my face a dry dragon scale mess, didn't notice anything good or bad when using their yogurt/pomagranate/wild rose moisturizers, just that they are all sticky on me. =(


I'm skipping the "meh"/waste of money products, but there are some good ones:

- Origins Brighter by Nature peel pad + SPF35 moisturizer (I think it actually did make my skin a bit brighter, as in took off a bit of my accumulated tan)

- Buxom lip gloss (every bit as minty, pouty and glossy as everyone said)

- Burt's Bee Herbal Blemish Stick (it works, nuff said).

- MUFE Rouge Artist lipstick (you want attention? you will get it with these fantastic opaque shades).

- Caudalie Beauty Elixir <Warning! TMI> I get really nausuated/sweaty on my period and always feel so gross. This makes me feel/smell clean/refreshing.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I used the Say Yes to Cucumbers wipes, and I think it depends on your skin... my skin is pretty sensitive, and I've been using them for at least three years and been fine. My old roommate tried them once or twice, and they burned her face. She switched to Say Yes to Blueberries since. I perfer the smell of the Cucumbers to Blueberries.

I have also ceased using them on my eyes. While I think it works fine, it took less effort to get my mascara off with an eye make up remover then the Say Yes towelette. So I use both now.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I agree with the Yes to cucumbers wipes. I really really wanted to like them as well but it made my skin red and for the worse. I eventually found somethine my skin liked and it is the Burts Bee Sensitive wipes. Makes my skin smooth and clean of makeup after wiping. 

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

That's so crazy; I use to buy the Yes to cucumbers wipes all the time because I loved the smell! I have never had any problems with irritation, but I can't really vouche for their ability to actually clean one's face, either. I started using the Studio 35 wipes recently, and I really like them because they do such a good job removing makeup.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I feel the same way about the Pantone Tangerine Tango lipgloss set!  All of the other glosses were really thick and orangey - I only liked one and would wear it either on its own or on top of the lipstick I bought... 


And the only product I really didn't like other than that (and I returned it) was the MUFE face and body liquid makeup... it was like colored water and didn't cover anything! 


oh, maybe I have another one... the FRESH sugar lip treatment!  I thought at first that it was such a lovely tint and that it really was the best moisturizer - I couldn't live without it!  ... but that's the thing - I couldn't go a day without it.  I don't think it actually moisturized and I had to keep putting it on everyday!

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