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Products you regret buying in 2012?

I really enjoy watching youtube videos on products and today I watched a few about products that people regretted having purchased. I also just went through my products for the 3rd time in the last month and tossed/gave away to pare down. I thought I would start a thread where people could talk about which products they regret having purchased and why.


Here are mine :


Clarisonic Plus - short lived thrills. Did nothing for my face despite trying different cleansers, brush heads etc. By far the biggest and most expensive product let down I've ever had.


Edward Bess Monte Carlo quad royale - beautiful in the pan but the sparkle and shimmer was over the top when applied to my face and looked very obvious.


Becca eye tints - great products. Long lasting and natural looking. The problem? I'm just too used to applying powder eyeshadows and getting to use my brushes so these kind of sat around for awhile before I gave them away


Pantone Tangerine Tango lipgloss set - I got caught up in the "color of the year!" moment but only one of the four looked flattering. The whole boxed set got thrown out because I couldn't convince anyone else to wear hunter orange lipglosss. I don't know what I was thinking Smiley Tongue


Hourglass femme rouge lipstick - too heavy to feel comfortable and for the price point I just didn't enjoy wearing


Smiths Rosebud salve - Was it pink, rose scented vaseline? I have my suspicions.  Guess I'll never know.


All in all I had very little regrets compared to product purchases I loved and use regularly. How you about you ladies/gentlemen?










Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I love IT brushes!!! My favorite is the huge oversize powder brush- could not live without it!!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I actually didn't have too many let downs this year, but its been super helpful reading what products everyone either loved or hated mine would probably be:

The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara, I actually bought this product in the airport when I realized that I'd forgot to bring mascara on my trip, I still love their body products but this mascara got goopy and started clumping within a week.

Neutrogena naturals face wash. I bought this for temporary use while in search of a face wash, it didn't harm my skin but really did absolutely NOTHING for my skin.

bareMinerals warmth, this is actually a great product but it was too dark for my skin and a lot of time I looked like I had severe burns on my cheeks lol Smiley Tongue.

Giovanni shampoo and conditioner, these actually worked alright, but even though I thought the bottles were cute, they made it impossible to get the last inch and a half out.

Maybelline XXL Volume Mascara, it was pretty bad, it clumped, it was impossible to get off, and it sometines rud rub off onto my under eyes.

That's pretty much it! So far I have had pretty good luck this year! Smiley Happy



Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Neat topic!


That Korres rose brightening cream? I got a sample tube in the best of gift set. I wanted to like it. I dig the modern packaging and I love all things rose but, OMG THE BURN.  My skin was sensitive and angry for days after using it.  I finished the tube as a handcream, lol.


Tarte lights, camera, lashes.  I am a big Tarte fan. Love their amazonian clay blushes, love their maracuja oil, love their cheek stain.  The mascara made me so sad. Flakes galore, no matter how I applied.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Wow, I am surprised to hear that you didn't like your Clarisonic. I absolutely love mine. And someone said they aren't in love with their Sugar lip treatment. These are two staples in my beauty routine!


I've been let down by many products over the years, but most memorably:


Bare minerals loose eyeshadows - all of them: they don't stay put, even with a primer base.


Too Faced - Better Than False Lashes & Benefit - They're Real mascaras. Both are disappointing for the price. I could do better with L'oreal. I love DiorShow but it's just too expensive for everyday.


A cheap, but very recent let-down was the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. It made my lips look chalky in color and then once it rubbed off and the "stain" was showing - it was orange and gross. It looks like I was eating an orange popcicle. Annnnnd - it dried my lips out so badly, I oculdn't wait to get home to my Sugar lip treatment!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Have you tried applying the BM eyeshadows wet?  I have two that were gifts quite some time ago, and when I apply them wet they're stunning!  Dry they're useless though haha

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

The Bare Minerals loose eyeshadows not only didn't last, but they irritated my contacts!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, while the texture is lovely, it smells more like plastic than almonds.


Boscia Recharging Night Cream, I have oily skin and this is just not enough moisture.


Tarte Maracuja Oil,  I'm now obsessed with oils, this is a good thing, my skin is finally happy since I started using them!  This is more of a complaint of spending a lot more than I probably should replacing various items in my cabinet Smiley Very Happy


Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub, well I bought this because I love the smell of most of their products, while this is successful in what it advertises, it smells far too sharp in my opinion, blech.


Yeah, that's about it, regardless, my main complaint was about smells, but being so far away from any actual Sephora stores, until they can digitize sample products it's kind of a gamble!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Hmm.  I think I am getting better as I get older.

It used to be I would buy eyeshadow all the time and then barely use it.  Guess its just not me.  Threw out alot of expired stuff.  

I went thru alot of lipstick too....still do that though


Disappointed 2012:

Stila mascara and eye liner..still on the hunt for the perfect mascara.  CUrrently using They're real.


BareMinerals Stroke of Light

My Dark circles blead thru


Sugar Lip Treatment

Not that they are bad, just never reach for them


Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I would have said EVERYTHING a few months ago.  Then my husband and I began comparing notes and we realised that our terribly hard water MAY be having something to do with our skin issues.  Since we moved here two years ago things have been getting progressively worse in the skin department.  It's hard to tell what we are sensitive to or not anymore.  He's developed excema and I've developed a constant, mild case of acne(more like clogged pores than acne).



Nutregena Naturals Lip balm- not bad, not great either.  Didn't have any reaction to it, but it didn't help my horribly peeling lips much.  It did, however, provide nice long-lasting moisture.....just didn't stop the peeling.



Clinique Even Better foundation- LOVE IT.  Only foundation I've worn in a while that doesn't break me out the next day.  And it makes my skin look amazing, even after removal.  Could use a primer to help it stay put, but that problem is with my skin, not the product.


Korre's Wild Rose Serum- Technically I bought it this year.....but I am really loving it.  Haven't used it long enough to see visible changes...but it feels awesome. I don't think my skin has ever felt so well hydrated and not itchy(it used to itch every day at some point).  It does feel a little tacky after first going on, but that goes away.  I think it even helps with makeup retention.  I should also mention that this is the one and only serum I have tried to date. And the experience has been good so far!!



Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

BK2006, my husband and I are having similar problems with very hard water in our new house. My eczema is worse than ever and both of us have complained about our hair looking oily and weighed down, even when we've just washed it. Have you done anything about your hard water issue or found any ways to cope with the problems you're having with your skin?

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Great Topic!

I read reviews, and then try on in Sephora, usually deliberate for a while before I purchase, which usually saves me from make up regrets. Don't let that fool you, I'm a total impulse buyer, usually, but my face is super sensitive and I've learned the hard way.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I'm such a makeup addict that I buy stuff without reading the reviews sometimes and end up with real loser items.  Like Algenist Complete Eye Renewing Balm, loads of people love it and it made my eyes water like crazy. And I only used it at night, I can just imagine what would happen if I put it on in the day when it could migrate around!


Dior BB cream- I got a deluxe sample of this and it made me look orange! Not as bad as some self tanners I've tried, but it was a definite fail. I expected a whole lot more from Dior, especially at their price. Maybe if I was darker skintoned, but in that case, they should make a couple of different shades, not a one shade fits all. Same with UD's new BB cream, it's single shade definitely doesn't work for pale skintone.


Big winners-  UD's Build it Yourself palettes, I've got 2 of the 6-hole and one of the 4 hole palettes and I use them every time I travel. The metal case protects my shadows from being bumped around and I don't end up with tons of fallout shadow all over the inside of the palette, even when I have to check luggage. One of the 6 hole ones has my favorites from NAKED 1 &2 and the other has the few colors of UD shadow that I love (no more toting around a big palette just to get a few of the more muted colors).


LaRoche Posay Redermic +UV- Finally, a wrinkle treatment with a decent SPF that doesn't cause breakouts or cause my makeup to slide around everywhere!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Oh I forgot Dior BB creme! It turned my face orange, too! I figured that since I'm asian, I have a yellow undertone and a bit of orange is ok.....until I looked at myself under certain lighting, it looks like I mistakenly applied orange eyeshadow all over my face. =(

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Oooompa loompa doompadeedoo! Smiley Tongue

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

prettyinpa, thanks for the LaRoche Posay sunscreen tip!  I've been looking for something with a high concentration of vitamin C.  will give it a try when my current one runs's elta MD SPF46 with 5% niacinamide.  if someone could combine those to create a single sunscreen with decent concentrations of vitC and B that would be heaven for me.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I second the La Roche suggestion, that stuff is amazzzzing!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Hi, several of you mention LaRoche Posay, I couldn't find it at Sephora. Where do you recommend I buy it?  THANKS! 

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

CVS carries LaRoche Posay!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Great topic!  It's so helpful to hear what people loved/hated! I think my top product that I wish I didn’t purchase was the Ciate Caviar Manicure.  It was SO adorable and I was so hyped... but sadly, it was just too much work for me and it didn’t last long enough Smiley Sad   I'm a mom & I don’t have time to re-do my nails every day (though I wish I could!)  Maybe just an accent nail or for special occasions... definitely not an everyday mani!


xo, Mia

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Mia, I REALLY wanted to get this, but I never did. Glad to hear I missed out, but disappiointed that what souned like a great product wasn't that practical. Smiley Sad

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

My big disappointment of 2012 wasToo Faced's Better Than False Lashes. 


I like a ton of drama and volume with my lashes. Unfortunately Better Than False Lashes failed to deliver that for me Smiley Sad. It did provide a bit of length, but it was relatively subtle.

Whimsically yours,
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