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Products you regret buying in 2012?

I really enjoy watching youtube videos on products and today I watched a few about products that people regretted having purchased. I also just went through my products for the 3rd time in the last month and tossed/gave away to pare down. I thought I would start a thread where people could talk about which products they regret having purchased and why.


Here are mine :


Clarisonic Plus - short lived thrills. Did nothing for my face despite trying different cleansers, brush heads etc. By far the biggest and most expensive product let down I've ever had.


Edward Bess Monte Carlo quad royale - beautiful in the pan but the sparkle and shimmer was over the top when applied to my face and looked very obvious.


Becca eye tints - great products. Long lasting and natural looking. The problem? I'm just too used to applying powder eyeshadows and getting to use my brushes so these kind of sat around for awhile before I gave them away


Pantone Tangerine Tango lipgloss set - I got caught up in the "color of the year!" moment but only one of the four looked flattering. The whole boxed set got thrown out because I couldn't convince anyone else to wear hunter orange lipglosss. I don't know what I was thinking Smiley Tongue


Hourglass femme rouge lipstick - too heavy to feel comfortable and for the price point I just didn't enjoy wearing


Smiths Rosebud salve - Was it pink, rose scented vaseline? I have my suspicions.  Guess I'll never know.


All in all I had very little regrets compared to product purchases I loved and use regularly. How you about you ladies/gentlemen?










Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?


Dr. Brandt Vacuum Cleaner - I saw no improvements

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask - Again, I saw no effect

Boscia No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment  - the pump was really difficult/didn't work most of the time and there was no reduction in shine... I just threw this out

Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel

Dr. Jart+ The Original BB Cream Set - I should have known better here, I'm not really a make-up wearer and these all left me quite greasy

Fresh Umbrian Clay Treatment Bar

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Creme - very greasy and I saw no difference in my skin


After reviewing this list I guess Boscia products don't work well with my skin!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Oh I loves these topics! It's interesting to see what people like/dislike. I'm going to expand my list from not just 2012 because I've gotten wiser over the years and try to do a lot of research & testing before I buy a product. I actually keep a list in my "notes" app so I can reference it quickly.

~ Caudalie Beauty Elixr- I have a slight obsession with facial sprays & use them a lot in the summer. This one had such a strong scent of raisins, it made me nauseous every time I sprayed it & I'm not sensitive to smell

~ Guerlain Ecrin 6 eyshadow palette in "Rue de Sevres"- The colors were beautiful in the palette, but I couldn't get the pigmentation I wanted on my eyes. I tried multiple primers & it just wasn't right for me

~ Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner in "indigo"- Needed multiple coats to get pigmentation & had to keep reapplying 

~ UDPP in Sin - I love Eden, not a huge fan of original, but Eden is my HG! I tried Sin to get a little shimmer out of my shadows & hated it. It creased everything 

~ Sephora Eyeshadow quad (or trio, can't remember)- Years ago I had a beautiful pink Sephora quad. It was rosy, and not obnoxious. I lost my makeup bag while traveling in Europe & was on a hunt to find it again. I saw one in the sale section at a SiJCP, but noticed the packaging was different; the one I had was square, this one was circular. The shades looked similar; an iridescent pink/white, a light pink, a rose shade & maybe one more? It was not the same Smiley Sad 

~ Rimmel Quad- in the pink family to try to replace my original Sephora shades, not a fan

~ Rosebud Salve in a Tube- I don't like pan lip products. I hate sticking my fingers in things, so I opted for the tube version after hearing so many people claim it's their HG. I didn't find it very moisturizing & can't figure out what the big deal it

~ Korres lip butter in "Guava" - Didn't find it buttery, or hydrating

~ Buxom Inside Eyeliner in "Pearl" - I was looking for a long-wear white liner for my water-line. This one burned my eyes so badly & I don't have sensitive eyes. 

~ CG Smoky Shadow Blast- I forget the shade Gray/purple or gray/black...? Horrible, horrible, horrible! Creased, couldn't blend... 

~ MUFE Aqua Rouge in "Dark Raspberry"- I prefer gloss & stain to lipstick. This was drying, and didn't stay on well. Reminded me of drugstore quality lip stains. 

~ Lancome Modele Sourclis Brow Groomer in "burnet"- I wanted to save a few steps in when doing brows. The gel dries to a hard crisp & the tint is unnatural looking. 

~ Too Faced Air Buffed BB Cream in "Vanilla Glow"- I jumped the gun on this one. There were 0 reviews on it when I purchased it, but like Too Faced products & was in search of a new foundation. Caked, didn't blend easily... 

~ Benefit Dr. Feelgood- impulse buy, should have known better... most benefit products break me out. 

~ Benefit hello Flawless in "Me, Vain? Champagne"- I was looking to replace my old too faced powder & was recommended this one. It was too heavy & settled in spots too much

~ Josie Maran Argan Oil- made me red & blotchy. I did a little research & learned that Argan Oil and bring on rosacea. YIKES! 

~ UD naked basics- I love the other naked palettes & matte shades, but this was just eh for me. 

~ Laura Mercier The Flawless Face Book in "nude"- really small & the products weren't that great. I wanted an all in one face pallete for traveling. Still on a hunt.

~ UD vice palette- a lot of fallout with the shades 

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Most of the products that disappointed me are drugstore buys, go figure! 


Maybelline Baby Lips- Feel like i'm just rubbing vaseline on my lips, no color appeared and didn't notice any difference of younger looking lips. 


Neutrogena Skin Clearing Oil Free Liquid Foundation- Got matched at the store, and decided to buy it. Once I used it at home, it was an orange, splotchy, oily mess! Probably my biggest regret.


Maybelline BB Cream- Very bad quality. Liquidy, too tan, horrible coverage, and made my skin appear SUPER oily! Made me scared to use a BB cream ever again, until I tried Smashbox, which is now a staple of mine (:


Maybelline Fit Me Blush- VERY powdery, color fades after 30 minutes of wear. Made me look washed out, and was super obvious that I was wearing it, which I didn't like. A good blush should make it look like you aren't wearing it, like it's natural. Nars Orgasm blush is the only one for me! (:


Almay Liquid Liners- Really difficult to use, really weird texture after applying. I still used it until I ran out, because it wasn't that horrible, but I did not repurchase. Stila Liquid Liner is a much better option.


Liplicious Lip Glosses from Bath and Body Works- Great flavors and colors, but SUPER sticky. Like you could see the gloss stick together whenever I talked. Ended up giving it to a friend, because it wasn't worth feeling like i had glue on my lips.


Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Scrub- I used this for a couple months, then realized how badly it irritated my skin! Ditched it for FAB Face Wash, and it is amazingly better!


For Sephora buys, i've only had a couple.


Too Faced Shadow Insurance- I bought this because of the great reviews it had. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. I really wished I tried out Urban Decay Primer Potion, because I would've bought that instead.


Stila Eyeshadow- I reeeeallyyyy love the colors! and they're super pigmented, which I love. But they break apart so easily! I had my colors for two weeks, and i put them down on the counter and the shadow shattered! Now i'm left with 3 extremely broken/powdery eyeshadows, and wasted around $50.00. 


OPI Blasted Nail Color- Doesn't work on my nails, simple as that.


Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense- I don't know if they switched formulas, because I used one about a year ago that I absolutely loved. i bought a new one, and it made my eyes water like crazy! Completely unwearable. Cleaned it and gave it to a friend, she loves it.


So that's about it! Sephora products are DEFINITELY better than some drugstore ones, especially when it comes to foundations! 

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I forgot to mention, another one of my biggest regrets is the Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head for my Clarisonic. It made my pores HUGE, it's like the brush stretch them out or something.  Went back to the Sensitive Brush Head & it's soooooo much better!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I keep a list too lol! Just because these products didn't work for me doesn't mean they won't/don't work for others.


My too biggest regrets were Josie Maran's Argan Oil & Boscia's Black Strips. The oil RUINED my skin! Horrible horrible horrible! I can't say enough bad things about this oil. The strips ripped skin off my nose but left my blackheads. Both of these went back ASAP!


Other duds:

Nars Super Orgasm Set - nail polish chipped VERY easily, blush was WAY too sparkly but lip gloss was good.

Dr. Brandt Vacuum Cleaner - didn't work

Sephora Pore Refining Serum - burned

Sephora Colour Reveal Lip Balm - VERY drying

Sephora by OPI 3 in 1 Nail Treatment - chipped easily

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment - did nothing and dried out my lips (regular ones are MUCH better)

Fresh Supernova Mascara - flaked a lot

Boscia Black Mask - didn't do much, hard to peel off

Boscia BB Cream - too dark & ashy

Boscia Clear Complexion Treatment - didn't do anything

Clinic Acne Kit - dried out my skin horribly

Murad Acne Kit - didn't do anything but give me one of the biggest pimples I've ever had

Too Faced BB Cream - settled in lines, too sparkly

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer - greasy & left my skin shiny (weird because I LOVE the Pomegranate Toner)

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer - WAY too greasy & shiny

Lacome Hypnose Drama Mascara - smudged & flaked


As you can tell I've had a hard time finding the right skincare regime but I think I FINALLY found it.


I love but regret buying both UD Naked Palettes. Honestly, I should've just bought the second one but I went a little crazy lol.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

The only thing I really regret buying is the BareMinerals foundation. After using it for a month I realized how much more I liked the look of a liquid foundation. I have nothing really bad to say about the product and I'm sure I'll use it occasionally, but I just wish I didn't spend $60 (CDN) for the kit for something I'm not going to use on a regular basis.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

The only two things I can think of are:


Bliss Trim and Bare It - One of the attachments didn't work at all.  I was going to keep it despite that but then it stopped charging.  I was squeamish to return something I'd been so up close and personal with but that was too much money to just throw away.


Ciate Caviar Nail Polish - Literally lasts half a day before the little balls start falling off.  Not worth the effort!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Top of the list:  SK-II.  Mondo expensive for no effect/bad effect.  Origins GinZing.  Ojon hair mask.  Perricone - anything that smells fishy.  If it doesn't smell fishy, it's good stuff.  Even the fishy-smelling stuff is pretty darn good, but I gagged on the smell.  Jane Iredale BB cream/lipstick.


Hmmm...makes me realize just how much money I've spent on duds.  Woo-hoo for Sephora's return policy!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

yeah I tried Jane Iredale lid primer- it is the WORST ever

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Love this topic too!


It feels really cleansing somehow to admit to 2012 make up mistakes, lol.


I really regret buying the Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder... I'm so embarassed to notice that I bought this in January 2012. It's still on my dressing drawer and I've barely made a dent in it. I almost immediately moved on to better products and haven't looked back.

Benefit Cosmetics High Beam also goes on both my 'happy' and 'sad' list. I've had this product for years and I go from really disliking the effect, to liking it. The mistake I made in 2012 is applying it on the apples of my cheeks, and then applying blush on the apples too. It just made all of my blush look frosty instead of matte. I no longer apply blush to my apples, thanks to Goss Makeup Artist's Youtube channel, but in 2012... I wasn't so lucky....


Lastly,  Sephora's double ended extractor litreally ruined all my pores. Using this extractor when you have comedogenic acne means you'll (I mean I...) wanted to use it on every pore. Goodness... if I could go back in time, this is one of 3 things I'd be most likely to change. I swear.


Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Make Up For Ever HD Liquid Foundation - HATED this.  I got terrible coverage (and I don't need that much!), it felt gross, and my face looked like a gooey oily mess.  Blech.  MUFE face products hate my skin.


Clinique Eyeshadow Chubby sticks (or whatever they're called) - how are they too greasy and too dusty/powdery at the same time?!  After about 15 minutes these magically disappeared from my lids. They went back immediately.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

My regret last year was La mer cream... yes it was moisturizing but that was it... my skin was not better or worse. For an expensive cream, I was expecting my skin to have a noticeable difference... any difference but...None! Ovepriced and overrated! For similar price Rodin face oil or Sk II is a much much better choice. 

Also I regret buying philosophy amazing grace lasts about half an hour... I thought maybe its just me so I

tried it with my mom too...same result! 


Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

The one product I was dissapointed in the Burburry Body perfume I loved all the samples i got of this perfume and I guess im ny quick love affair with the scent I never actually put it on my wrist or body before I bought it. I recieved it for Christmas last yr and the scent reacts with my body and leaves a lingering smell of stale smoke. Used it once and tried for over a yr to pawn it off on anyone that would take it finally threw it away just couldnt work with the scent unfortunatelySmiley Sad and no one else i knew liked the scent guess it was just me that fell in love with it. My mom wouldnt even take it.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I was disappointed by Too Faced's Summer Eye pallette. I adore their shadows, but this pallette only had one look that I would wear (the middle one) so I ended up returning it. The teal was just too dark, and the pink was too 80s!

The main reason I shop at Sephora, though, is because I can return anything within 90 days!

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

What is that orange color called? Very pretty... did you like it?

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Physician's Formula Mood Boosting Bronzer. Super stupid concept.. they are individual hearts that you have to rub the crap out of with your brush to get any color pay off. I thought they just had a heart design and thought they were cute... blah. I can't find the receipt to take it back. I have only purchased a few things from this brand and I was disappointed each time. 

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

LOL. I also regretted buying that! I actually do get color payoff, but it fades within the hour and is a tad too yellow for me. I brought into the cute packaging. oh well.

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

YES! The packaging got me too. Plus CVS was having a buy one get one sale... they got me. Wah. 

Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

I hated the mabalinee One by One maskara.the product it self worked good, but the stopper that squeezes off the extra maskara would pop off and get it all over!!


Re: Products you regret buying in 2012?

Hello! Reading everyone's posts on this topic has made me feel a little bit less guilty about all of the money I've wasted over the years on disappointing products! In 2012 my two biggest disappointments were IT Cosmetics' Bye Bye Undereye concealer. Although I'm absolutely crazy about a number of their other products (eyebrow pencil, brightener/highlighter powder, blushes, bronzer, and especially the fabulous cosmetic brushes!), this was a super-thick, goopy, and almost plasticky product reminiscent of Silly Putty. It went on thickly, and no amount of careful application (concealer brush, Beauty Blender) helped. To make matters worse, it quickly settled into my pores and creased, plus, the slightly orangey shade clashed violently with my very light olive complexion. Uggh.

I was also disappointed by Josie Maran's "one-color-fits-all" foundation, which is white in the bottle and supposedly turns into each individual wearer's "perfect shade." It turned orange on my face and seemed rather grainy, to boot. I practically ran screaming back to my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation! 

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