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Products People Love that You Don't

Surely we've all been in this boat before: you hear all the hype and positive reviews about a certain beauty product.  You think it's something you might like and whatnot.  You buy it, or get a sample if possible, and it turns out you hate it.  Sometimes you may even feel as if you're the only one in the world who isn't fond of the product. 



I was in this situation just this week lol.  I bought the Buxom Lash mascara last week.  I read good reviews of it on Sephora, the cast member said it was a top seller in the store, etc.  Compared to the other mascaras in the Sephora Favorites section of the store, it was number.  I've given it a few days use, and I wanted to love it.  But that didn't happen lol.  I don't like it.  It's going back this Friday while my mom and I hang out (she has to kill some time before she can pick up her new cat from the vet from being fixed).  I'm gonna pick up the mascara I was using before, Urban Decay's Big Fatty.  The brush took a bit to master, but I loved the overall "fluffy" effect it gave my lashes.  Buxom didn't do that for me. 


So, what was your product?

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

Purity, without a doubt.  Some ingredient in it my face does NOT like.  At all.  I really hate red allergy reaction bumps...they take forever to go away. 


@Sephoramusthave:  Urinary Tract?!!?  The shower gel?  Wow.  Yeah, I'd rather not get one of those, thanks.  Good to know! 

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

In my opinion, the most hyped product is Chanel #5. It's supposed to be a classic that smells good on everyone. I had a friend who swore by this perfume. It smelled like dirty bathwater on me! Lol. I much prefer Christian Dior perfumes, especially the Poison ones, if I wear perfume at all. I pretty much quit wearing perfume when I had a professor who was highly allergic to anything perfumed. It was so bad she was sent to the hospital one day just from perfumed hand lotion somebody had applied before class.
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