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Products People Love that You Don't

Surely we've all been in this boat before: you hear all the hype and positive reviews about a certain beauty product.  You think it's something you might like and whatnot.  You buy it, or get a sample if possible, and it turns out you hate it.  Sometimes you may even feel as if you're the only one in the world who isn't fond of the product. 



I was in this situation just this week lol.  I bought the Buxom Lash mascara last week.  I read good reviews of it on Sephora, the cast member said it was a top seller in the store, etc.  Compared to the other mascaras in the Sephora Favorites section of the store, it was number.  I've given it a few days use, and I wanted to love it.  But that didn't happen lol.  I don't like it.  It's going back this Friday while my mom and I hang out (she has to kill some time before she can pick up her new cat from the vet from being fixed).  I'm gonna pick up the mascara I was using before, Urban Decay's Big Fatty.  The brush took a bit to master, but I loved the overall "fluffy" effect it gave my lashes.  Buxom didn't do that for me. 


So, what was your product?

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

hi, kimmi1115!


i mostly hate any luminizer! because i have large pores, anything sparkly makes them look like craters! i don't know why that is, but it is what it is, i guess. about 10 years ago i ordered a shimmery pressed powder by stila and as soon as i got it, i ran to the bathroom to put it on and was horrified by what it looked like! i looked like a former pizza face! (no offense to those with acne, it only means that you'll be wrinkle-free longer!) since i was never a pizza face, i gave it to my best friends little sister, who is drop dead gorgeous! at that time, the closest sephora was in chicago, which is why i didn't try it first. now we have 2 so everything i want, i can just go there and check stuff out first! moral of the story is, NEVER buy something without trying it first! now i can wear shimmer-y stuff on my face as long as i prep it well!

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

There are a LOT of overhyped items that I hate. These are just ones on the top of my head.


1. Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders

-I went through a travel size kit AND the full sized kit. The first day that I tried it I was excited about it because I've never used a 2 step moisturizer ( you use 2 at a time morning and night) and I thought that was fancy. I was also one of the few people that actually used it correctly ( I saw Ole Henriksen explain it himself on HSN). But from then on I hated my skincare routine and I really hated what it did to my face. The serum is very fragranced, slightly sticky when it dries and it just stays on top of your skin. The night gel tightened my face so much that it hurt and I couldnt stand it on me. I had to get up in the middle of the night to wash it off. The sheer transformation was nothing special, its just a white light lotion and I've used better moisturizers that were more natural and cheaper. I went through 2 full sized jars of that because I got one free on last years skin care challenge. All of these items together or on their own made my face red, super irritated and caused breakouts. All of them also dont absorb into your skin so when you splash your face with just water the next day your whole skincare routine comes off and all of these items ball up on your face, not matter if you use them together or alone.


2. Philosophy Hope in a Jar in Original

This is the only moisturizer that dried out my skin. It gave me serious breakouts and it smells like wet dog. And you need to use a LOT to even feel moisturized on the first try and you have to reapply many many times throughout the day. I used up a travel sized sample and hated it, then I got a full sized one as a gift ( the limited edition red box with Oprah on it) but I couldnt bring myself to use it up. I tossed it and I ALWAYS give skincare away.


3. Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Body Wash 

I got this as a birthday gift. It doesnt smell like vanilla or birthday cake, let alone both. It smells so chemical and artificial. I cant use it as a body wash because the warning label on the back says that it "may irritate urinary tract". SAY WHAT?!? So I use it as a hand wash and my hands have been in such terrible shape lately! They are SO dry that I have to use a handcream throughout the day and a heavy duty cream on them at night and usually I go without hand cream most of the year. I have itchy red bumps on the backs on my hands and they hurt so bad. *cries* It also doesnt foam up all that well and I honestly think this is dollar store quality.


4. DDF Sulfur Mask

This just plain doesnt work. I went through half the jar and it doesnt work on acne at all. I used it as a all over face mask and as a spot treatment overnight and it did NOTHING but dry out my face SOO bad that I have to use a super heavy duty moisturizer right after or my face would start peeling. I gave it dozens of tries and kept it for months and just gave it away last week. Thank god I dont have issues with acne anymore.


5. Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme

I bought this with birthday money I got last year. I have great skin with a couple of pesky red acne marks on the sides of my face, nothing major but it bugs me enough that I buy special treatments for it sometimes. The sales woman in Sephora told me that this would completely eliminate those and that its the best thing she's ever used. She was in my age bracket, I had the money and I always wanted to try a fancy moisturizer to see if its worth it. I hate this product so much! Its just a simple while lotion. You need to use more than one pump to cover your whole face, and while it did moisturize it broke me out every time I used it and did nothing for my acne marks. I went through most of the bottle ( its solid so you cant see how much you have left in there and there's no way to break the bottle open to use up everything) and when the breakouts got to the point where I couldnt take it anymore I gave it to my mom and she used up the rest of my bottle, got one of her own and decided she hated it as well. She was using it for anti aging, fine line around eye area minimizing and got better results from $30 creams.

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

I actually agree with all of your product descriptions.  Now, please list your favorites because you have alot to teach us!!!

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Re: Products People Love that You Don't

@sephoramusthave  I am so sorry about your hands.  Whatever is in the Philosophy body wash sounds just evil.  When I redeem mine in November, I'll remember to be careful.  I've not tried anything by that brand, but I wouldn't have thought the quality of it would be like that.  I hope your hands get to feeling better!



@janamae88  I agree about the Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover.  For the price, it works really well!




@prettyinpa  I've read mixed reviews about the Bad Gal Lash mascara.  The plum shade they have in it is pretty, but I don't know when I would wear that lol.   I hope your dog's surgery went well!  It's good to go out and do something while the fur family goes through surgery.  I know my mom will be worried even though she is just going in to be spayed.  Be careful, the light headed feeling could be withdrawels!  lol  October will be here soon, though.

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

@sephoramusthave that's so weird about philosophy's body wash... I used it for bubble bath when i got it; i think i gave it away last year. I do agree that it's way overhyped though - it doesn't smell like cake,doesn't bubble a ton... my boyfriend does LOVE philosophy's blue raspberry snowcone though and I don't mind that! I'll have to check the label on that, though - how bizarre!


I used to use Lancome BiFacil a lot, but there are definitely newer products that are just as good or better. It does remove makeup well but it is kind of oily. I think it's hyped up because there didn't used to be so many options like it 5-10 years ago!


@prettyinpa I totally felt the same about BadGal too! @kimmi the plum shade would be pretty for daytime if you were using neutral shadow colors! I've used the blue before and it's nice for day or night!


I don't get the hype over UDPP its good but i like nars better... Or Too Faced shadows don't seem like great quality (at least on my eyes they don't last!) That's what I can think of off the top of my head! Smiley Happy

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

Purity made simple by Philosophy. It smells like Pine Sol, and makes me break out. 

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

philosophy hope in a jar. after i was done with this i needed every ounce of hope i could get to try and make my skin go back to looking pristine. my god it made me break out like i was 14 again. thankfully ole henriksen saved the day (and my pores)

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

sephoramusthave wrote:


1. Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders


4. DDF Sulfur Mask

Totally with you on these two. The Three Little Wonders made me break out and the DDF Sulfur Mask didn't do anything for the breakouts. Both were returned since they cost quite a lot.


I have to give a big huge shout-out to (echoing Katie's sentiment) on NARS Orgasm. It does NOTHING for me except leave behind unsightly gold glitter. None of that peachy pink translates on my skin. Most hyped product ever.

Re: Products People Love that You Don't

I also wasn't impressed with the Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake body wash. It's also suppose to be a bubble bath and it barely made any bubbles. Didn't know there was a warning with this. I'm sticking with Bath & Body Works body washes.


A non-Sephora thing I hate is Maybelline Great Lash mascara. It keeps getting rave reviews and awards from beauty editors ans what not. But this mascara makes me look like a raccoon an hour after I put it on because it smudges so bad. I recenly bought the Buxom mascara. Jury is still out. I'll try it a few more times before I decide if i like it or not. I'm looking for a great lengthening mascara. Don't like thickening ones.


Everyone seems to like the Stila convertible color but I didn't care for it. Maybe it's because I don't like cream blushes anyway. It's also suppose to be used as a lip color but it made my lips look really dried out. Fortunatley the one I tried was one that came with a foundation sampler.

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