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Product Must Haves

hey y'all! I am trying to get into makeup more, but I have no idea what to buy. Can someone give me like 3-4 must haves that are reasonably priced? My skin is pretty oily but is clear, so I have really struggled with foundation. I just need like a crash course on makeup/several key products and how to apply them 🙂 Thanks!

Re: Product Must Haves

Urban decay's eyeshadow primer is on sale right now for $8; it's the best thing I've found for my oily/hooded eyelids.


If your eyeliner/eyeshadow tends to smudge or disappear by the end of the day, then this might be a good investment. 

Re: Product Must Haves

thank you I will definitely look into the primer!!

Re: Product Must Haves

whats your "reasonable" price range?  Are you asking for drugstore reccomendations or higher end?  Do you want suggestions for eyeshadow palettes or basic skin coverage?  


You may benefit from a foundation primer since you mentioned oily skin.  I would go in and get samples of a few.  I suggest you try one of the makeup forever ones.  They have different primers for different skin types, 


I really love the Maybelline dream pure bb cream!  It's absolutely fantastic by both high end and drugstore standards and in my opinion is a good dupe for mufe hd foundation.  It works best with a damp beauty blender.  Beauty blenders are a bit pricey but well worth the investment.  I wouldn't bother with buying the beauty blender cleanser though as its just ivory soap.  image.jpeg


Re: Product Must Haves

Thank you for your suggestions! I would say no more than $20-$30 on products. I bought the Naked 2 palette and a foundation for $50 that I am not happy with so spending tons of money doesn't seem worth it to me. So I guess I am looking for products that are between drugstore and high end if that makes sense.

Re: Product Must Haves

Hi there! Well what do you like in terms of colors and product. Do you have a preference? What does reasonably priced mean to you?

Re: Product Must Haves

Hey! I would say products in the $20-$30 range are the most expensive I will go. I think my main goal right now is to find a good foundation/face products. I would love to learn how to contour and use different brushes...I just don't know how haha! I have the Naked 2 palette and I love it! I just want a few must have products to get me started in makeup. Thanks!

Re: Product Must Haves

I definitely agree with the NYX recommendation. Their slide on pencils are pretty solid, comparable to UD's 24/7 eyeliner.


And if you want to practice applying liquid liner, Physician's Formula makes a decent eyeliner pen.

Re: Product Must Haves

@jordanripp  although years ago lol I went from DS to MAC. That's where my obsession started. With a lipstick and an eye shadow. I still love MAC to this day but their foundation hasn't been that good to me in the recent years. I prefer UD or Bobbi Brown... anyways I like going to MAC counters and check and chat with the SA's. I always had good service and got my makeup done a few times. It's fun because you can pick up on what they are doing, ask questions and replicate it later. I find their staff very knowledgeable. They get trained very often too. I think if you want a full face of makeup application you need to buy 50$ worth of products. Oh and that's also how I picked out which brushes I would buy. See what the MUA uses when doing my makeup. Foundation can be a process so I'd suggest asking for samples at Sephora, MAC or other beauty counters along with primers. That way you'll know what works best for you. NYX is a pretty good low costing brand. I'd give them a try if you want to start trying out new things. Hope this helps 🙂

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