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Post in Beauty Confidential

Product Creation Suggestion/Product To Carry

  I'm one of Sephora's alternative clients, so to speak; I dye my hair, for example, an alternative color, comparitively.


  And while I love dying my hair purple, there's a problem; Purple hair dye is not easy to find.  In fact, the last store to sell the only-brand-that-really-works-worth-a-**bleep**, went out of business.  I could buy it online, true, but I like to have the hair dye I need, exactly when I need it.  Walking around with faded color while I await the mail kinda sucks.



  So I have to wonder, why doesn't Sephora carry more hair dye, along with alternative colors?  I know this really only appeals to a fringe group, but Sephora's main angle, for me, is the fact that you carry most everything in unusual colors; If you wander into CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid's cosmetics area, you'll notice the colors are limited to red, pink, some brown, and some plum.

  If the idea of manufacturing said colors doesn't appeal, would you consider stocking Special Effects hair dye?  I know it's a long shot, but I'd buy it constantly, and I'd rather give Sephora my business over many, many other stores (WIth 'Topic' in the name), who no longer carry it, regardless.

Re: Product Creation Suggestion/Product To Carry

Hi Xexilia.  Great suggestion!  I'll pass it along to the appropriate contact.

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