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Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

My friend sells her makeup castaways on her blog - I was just wondering, would any of you but something from a blog sale? super cheap, but maybe used a bit...

I'd be interested in your thoughts

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

I would never buy anything from a blog sale...I even avoid ebay because I only buy from trustworthy sources, and I definitely wouldn't want someone's swatched or used product when I don't even want an unopened one from somewhere I can't return/don't get a guarantee.

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

I personally never bought anything from a blog sale before. Just my personal preference, I dont think I ever would because I'd just rather buy new makeup paying the full price instead of used and discounted. Again, personal preference. 

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

no I would never use someone elses makeup.  I don;t even use testers at the store.  You never know what skin conditions/diseases someone else may have (they may not even know themselves) and even though you can disinfect most things, its just not worth the risk to me.  Health before beauty always.

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

While I understand why beauty bloggers have blog sales (to give those products they swatched ONE time a good home) I wouldnt feel 100% comfortable in using a product that had someones finger in it.  It may be something I consider if they really did just swatch it & you can see that it wasnt used multiple times.  Now if it was something that was used & you can see that the top layer of the product is well used, I would scoff in disgust!

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

Never ever. Ever.


You can transfer bacteria/germs/infections through used makeup. Even if someone were to wash their hands 10 times before swatching a product once, its still a strangers finger in your makeup compact. Plus, if you ever did a swatch, you know that it takes quite a few swipes across that compact to get a good swatch's worth of item on your hand, its not like they just lightly swipe their fingers across the makeup item and that's that. I would rather buy a brand new drugstore item then a used high end item. And, you never know what kind of conditions the item was stored in (was it stored in a clean dust free environment? was it stored at room temp? Did their dog/cat lick the item? etc).





Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

Depends on what the item is.  I swap on Makeup Alley all the time.  Things that can be sanitized like lipsticks, powder shadows and blushes, or pencil liners I swap for.  Things in pots or with wands I won't unless they are new and still sealed.

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

ive never bought anything from a blog sale. while ive looked. I would only consider it if it were new. most of my stuff i give away to friends, even then i let them know how much were used etc.

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

I don't think I could ever bring myself to purchase a used makeup product from someone I didn't know.


Nothing at all against the bloggers, but I would just question how well the items were taken care of. Are they stored in a clean dry place? Has anyone else used them? Those are just a few big things that would haunt me if I were to get a product from a blogger.


Here in the office the other mods and I occasionally trade things (mostly skincare products) but that's about it. Things like lipsticks and shadows can easily be sanitized, I wouldn't have a problem taking one from a trustworthy friend that takes care of their makeup...but that's about it. Aside from that I'll just purchase items full price or sob because they were limited edition and I didn't get them.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

I could never!  I will put an item back on the self if the box has any little dent in it.  Used makeup grosses me out, especially from a stranger.  No offense to that person but that's just not safe or healthy.  I'm not a fan of pink eye or staph infections so I would for sure pass.  Eww thinking about it too much makes me reach for my hand sanitizer. 


When I am in Sephora or Ulta or at a beauty counter I don't even like swatching the items.  I only swatch on the back of my hand.  Not my face ever.  You don't know whose hands have been on that item.  It makes me sick to see a person in Sephora reach for an eyeliner sample and apply it directly to their waterline!!!!!!  EWWWW!  I have seen this one too many occasions. 

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

I don't think I would ever buy something from a blog site. A lot of them get the products for free and I don't feel it's right to try to make a profit on 'used' items.


I would put the money towards something that's brand new and not tested!

<3 Melissa

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

In my youth (Dating myself: the MAC_Cosmetics livejournal community!!) there used to be a lot more of this going on- Makeup Alley had just started and there really weren't private beauty blogs.  Lots of products were hard to find and sold in extremely limited quantities.  We used to buy and sell on livejournal a lot, especially MAC products.


Now I have no interest in that sort of thing, especially, as one of the mods pointed out,  because the beauty bloggers are sent many press releases for free. It does not seem ethical for them to make $$ off of it.  I feel differently about RAOK or giveaways- if no money is changing hands, no problem.  

Re: Poll: Would you buy makup from a blog sale?

If someone doesn't mind using a product I've tried once that's fine! And if I can sanitize it like an eyeshadow or lipstick I may swap with a friend (I do this a lot already) but I don't know about buying them from a total stranger who's already swatched them! =/


I agree with Melissa as well- Many of us artists get our products free from the brands and I wouldn't feel right trying to profit from them either!  I'll keep my good karma to myself lol.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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