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Photos of Your Stash

I saw a thread a while back on here about counting your makeup products.  It was amazing to see those numbers!  While I was reorganzing and going through my makeup since I have moved on to Sephora, and since some things expired and I learned that the hard way lol, I got the silly idea to take a picture of it lol. So if you're bored or just reorganizing your stash, feel free to take a picture and post it!  Smiley Happy My collection is in the little league range at the moment lol


This is my stash after I went through stuff.  I don't use my Victoria's Secret kit much anymore since I discovered Sephora, but I still do use the blushes in it and the lip products when I'm at home for the day.  The main two palettes I've been using are from Urban Decay and Kat Von D, and I love both!




Here's my stash back to organization on my spinny organizer my granny gave me for Christmas.  It works well for the moment, but there's no way I can fit my polishes in it lol.


Re: Photos of Your Stash

@roxystar4  Love the stash photos!!  

Re: Photos of Your Stash

thanks kimmi Smiley Happy

Re: Photos of Your Stash

What an interesting thread to read! I can only show the things I have with me currently, which is what I grabbed to hold me over for what I thought would be a month away from all my belongings plus what I have bought since then (November). 



Colorful eye shadows!



Tarte! I am not much for lipstick but I think Le Rouge may have made me a believer. Smiley Very Happy



Mascara, liner, blush/bronzers, primers, a couple BB creams and whatever to go with my MAC powder, which is almost all I like to wear on my skin. And a random Lancome GWP face palette.



And just the basics for nail polish, haha. 



Re: Photos of Your Stash

love your stash !!!!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Thanks Smiley Very Happy


I am dreading splitting everything up again, I'm heading back to Canada to wait for my stupid immigration interview and I'm pretty sure I'd only have room for like two outfits and one pair of shoes in my suitcase if I took everything with me! Nail polish bottles get heavy really fast too, haha. Tough decisions though!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Oh so your from Canada? And will be moving to the US? Cool!!! Good luck with your interview!!! Smiley Happy

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Thank you!! Yeah, my husband and I are from the same city but his dad grew up in America so he got dual citizenship through him. I think we are 99% of the way done with the paperwork and then all that will be left is waiting for the interview. I'm so impatient, we lived together for almost 5 years and now spending most of a year apart is NOT FUN. 

Re: Photos of Your Stash

rikkie I love your stash photos! Thanks for posting Smiley Happy

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Thanks! I loved looking at yours, I have stuff crammed all over the place right now so I am jealous of your organization! This thread is like rummaging through someone else's things but not having to feel awkward about it because they aren't standing there giving you weird looks, hahaha. 

Re: Photos of Your Stash

LOL @ just the basics Smiley Happy Love the photos, rikkie!

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