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Photos of Your Stash

I saw a thread a while back on here about counting your makeup products.  It was amazing to see those numbers!  While I was reorganzing and going through my makeup since I have moved on to Sephora, and since some things expired and I learned that the hard way lol, I got the silly idea to take a picture of it lol. So if you're bored or just reorganizing your stash, feel free to take a picture and post it!  Smiley Happy My collection is in the little league range at the moment lol


This is my stash after I went through stuff.  I don't use my Victoria's Secret kit much anymore since I discovered Sephora, but I still do use the blushes in it and the lip products when I'm at home for the day.  The main two palettes I've been using are from Urban Decay and Kat Von D, and I love both!


stash 2.jpg



Here's my stash back to organization on my spinny organizer my granny gave me for Christmas.  It works well for the moment, but there's no way I can fit my polishes in it lol.


stash 1.jpg

Re: Photos of Your Stash

annonymous1 I do like the Girl Meets Pearl. I asked for a sample a few months back to try it out. I liked it so when the 500 point perk was available a few weeks back at my local JCP I cashed in some points Smiley Happy  I think I like Watts Up better though.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Skin Care/ Hair Care-


My fave ATM is the Pacifica Ruby Guava (pink) cream.



My fave is the LaVanilla.



HG makeup remover is the MUFE Sens Eyes!




Love the Mychelle Pumpkin Peel and the Proactive Repairing Treatment.  I also use the Proactive bar soap but didnt show it in a picture. It is a plain white bar of soap.



Big Fan of all 3 of the Shiseido products I have been using. My fave? The cleanser and BENEFIANCE WrinkleResist24.



I like the Olay cloths - they def help get makeup off, I also cut them in 1/2 to get more of them.  I havent tried this cream yet but gossmakeupartist likes it a lot.



Bath Items. Salts & Soaks & Scrubs



Scrub, Body Wash & Shampoo that is in the shower ATM.



Conditioners & treatments that are in the shower ATM.


IMG_1476.JPGBackups that I have not tried yet and are in que!



Hair Styling Products



Gotta take care of the stash somehow! Bikini bump spray on the far right. 

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Starletta8 inspired me to take some pictures of my stash. Last night I spent a while taking photos. I also took a few today. Im almost embarrassed to post it though because I have a lot of products (I don't want people to think Im wasteful).

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Don't feel wasteful- look at the smallest part of my stash!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Ok, I will try to post it tonight. I just looked at all of it and was like wow! But I do use all of it (I also took pics of my backups, samples and unused items that are in que- I haven't used those yet but will)!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Next round of stash photos- aka the small bits!



Those are all of my backups. Smiley Very Happy



Re: Photos of Your Stash

Photo 1: Blush

Photo 2: Highlighters (plus one blush I forgot)




Re: Photos of Your Stash

@starletta do you like your bright pink LORAC blush?

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Not a huge fan- I'd rather build subtle layers than have to be very careful.  Plus, I have redness issues in my cheeks to start!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Starletta8, is the Desire?  I have Desire but have not tried it yet.  I agree with you, I would rather build color than have it BAM on my face and have to try to blend forever or wipe it off with a cotton round

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I can look in the AM, but looking at my order information on the Lorac site, they just have it listed as "pink."  It was one of the sale blushes awhile back.


Truth told, I usually reach for Dandelion or Satellite of Love.  I've hit pan on Orgasm twice- but have to be careful not to be too heavy-handed.

Re: Photos of Your Stash


Various face products

Re: Photos of Your Stash

See, those are the far less impressive bits- I'll get around to photographing my lip collection and eye products!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Trying to figure out what to do next- lips, blush, or eyes...

Re: Photos of Your Stash

@starletta8  request for blush Smiley Happy

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I can promise you'll be disappointed! I can go months without using it because of some mild redness in my cheeks.


I have a bunch (like 3) coming in my order, I'll photograph after that.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

ok thanks starletta8! Maybe Lippies?

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Starletta   How on Earth did I miss the photos of your nail collection?!?!  I know I missed a couple of threads, but this is big!  Your collection is amazing!!!  


*collapses to the ground and bows before your stash awesomeness* lol

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Thanks Kimmi!  I share your nail love in a different way. 


Heck, we could offer up one heck of a salon between the two of us- your acrylics skills and my stash!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I always bring my own.


It all started when I wanted someone else to apply Chanel Attraction to avoid the brushstrokes.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the lack of choices.  I was walking by the nail salon in Walmart, and I noticed the same standard size rack.  However, I didn't recognize any of the brands. Perhaps brands only licensed people can purchase or something? Weird.