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Photos of Your Stash

I saw a thread a while back on here about counting your makeup products.  It was amazing to see those numbers!  While I was reorganzing and going through my makeup since I have moved on to Sephora, and since some things expired and I learned that the hard way lol, I got the silly idea to take a picture of it lol. So if you're bored or just reorganizing your stash, feel free to take a picture and post it!  Smiley Happy My collection is in the little league range at the moment lol


This is my stash after I went through stuff.  I don't use my Victoria's Secret kit much anymore since I discovered Sephora, but I still do use the blushes in it and the lip products when I'm at home for the day.  The main two palettes I've been using are from Urban Decay and Kat Von D, and I love both!




Here's my stash back to organization on my spinny organizer my granny gave me for Christmas.  It works well for the moment, but there's no way I can fit my polishes in it lol.


Re: Photos of Your Stash


Re: Photos of Your Stash

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I see you posted your add-on drawers to your makeup organizer.  I love the way you have everything organized in each drawer!   I saw a lot of my favs, too!  This post makes me not feel so guilty about my makeup collection!  I'll get paid Thursday and can't wait to pick some up. Thanks for sharing!


By the way, what is a project 10 pan?

Re: Photos of Your Stash

wingatprsct----Project 10 pan is when you commit yourself to using up at least 10 beauty products before you go out and buy some more. There are exceptions, such as if you get something as a gift or if you *completely* run out of something you are allowed to go out and buy *one* of whatever item (s) you ran out of. It can be makeup, skincare or bodycare-----whatever you have a lot of. I'm doing this right now in the project 10 pan to join me? You can either set aside 10 items and use just those everyday until you finish them up or hit pan (use so much of the product that you can see the bottom of the pan) or you can do what I am doing right now which is just making a list of products as you use them up. Oh and samples/deluxe samples dont count.


Oh and thank you so much!! I really love it too because it doesnt take up much space, its so slim and compact and it can always be updated! If I want to seperate my powder shadows from the cream ones for example all I have to do is pop in another drawer and I'm all set! The first time I saw it I didnt think that it would hold all my makeup but it holds everything except for my bigger palettes. I also have a few lipsticks and lipbalms in my purse/nightstand but other than that, this is everything I own!


Re: Photos of Your Stash

Do you love your bite lipsticks as much as I do?


Re: Photos of Your Stash

Where did your granny get this organizer?! It positvely charming and something I must have! Smiley Happy

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Sweet, I was able to post my makeup collection in my updated box. This is pretty much everything I own except for the bigger palettes. My palette drawer in my box is my most filled one, you cant see everything in there because its all stacked on top of each other but here's whats in there:


1. UD Ammo

2. TheBalm Shady Lady Vol 2

3. TheBalm Shady Lady Vol 3

4. UD Naked Basics

5. Dior Holiday Eye

6. TheBalm Balmbini

7. TheBalm Big Mama

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I have this same organizer -- love it:

Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organizer by Lori Greiner

Re: Photos of Your Stash

(Got it from QVC online)

Re: Photos of Your Stash


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