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Photos of Your Stash

I saw a thread a while back on here about counting your makeup products.  It was amazing to see those numbers!  While I was reorganzing and going through my makeup since I have moved on to Sephora, and since some things expired and I learned that the hard way lol, I got the silly idea to take a picture of it lol. So if you're bored or just reorganizing your stash, feel free to take a picture and post it!  Smiley Happy My collection is in the little league range at the moment lol


This is my stash after I went through stuff.  I don't use my Victoria's Secret kit much anymore since I discovered Sephora, but I still do use the blushes in it and the lip products when I'm at home for the day.  The main two palettes I've been using are from Urban Decay and Kat Von D, and I love both!


stash 2.jpg



Here's my stash back to organization on my spinny organizer my granny gave me for Christmas.  It works well for the moment, but there's no way I can fit my polishes in it lol.


stash 1.jpg

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Alright I got a new organizer for my makeup!! I found this little box at Walmart for 8 or 9 bucks, its small and fits perfectly in my bathroom cabinet, it has 5 drawers. I was able to fit all of my makeup into this little thing except for a couple of big palettes. I love this!! I took a few pictures, I will post the inside of my drawers later (they came out too dark...). I have it organized like this:


Drawer 1: Face

Drawer 2: Eyes and Palettes

Drawer 3: Lips

Drawer 4: Blush and Luminizer

Drawer 5: Everything else



Re: Photos of Your Stash

@sephoramusthave  Looks like a nice system!!  I can't wait to see your Benefit boxed powders collection! lol.  I'm going to town with my mom today, and I'm going to see if we can stop by Big Lots just to see if the one here has that set.  I was telling her about it, and she knows my nail polish collection keeps growing lol. 



@katie1724  You've not updated about your NARS blush in quite a while lol. 

Re: Photos of Your Stash


Re: Photos of Your Stash


Re: Photos of Your Stash

Okay cool. I was able to post some decent pics of the inside and outside of my drawers.


Drawer 1: Face (I only have a couple of powder foundations in here but this is where I would put things like foundation/powder/bbcream/tinted moisturizer etc, if I had any)


Drawer 2: Eyes/Palettes (I have single powder shadows, mineral shadows, cream shadows and smaller eye or face palettes)


Drawer 3: Lips (Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lipstains, Lipbalm)


Drawer 4: Blush and Luminizer


Drawer 5: Everything else (bronzer, mascara, concealer, liners, and I have another eye palette that I couldnt fit into the eye drawer)



Kimmi---I only (ha! only...) have 6 Benefit boxed powders, but 2 of them are backups of Dallas and Coralista so I really only have 4. (Dallas, Coralista, Sugarbomb and Hoola). I didnt put the backups in the drawers (I dont want them taking up space because its such a SMALL set of drawers..). Im hoping to complete my collection one day though! I hope that you find that box in big lots because its such a great deal! If I had more stuff I would organize it like this: Face, Eyes, Lips, Palettes, Skincare, Haircare and Bodycare/Nail Stuff. Good luck!


Katie---I dont like the bigger plastic drawers that take up space but I LOVE the smaller ones that I can put away in my bathroom cabinet. I love this one so much that Im actually thinking about getting another one for my skincare items. But for skincare, I would need a bigger one.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

@sephoramusthave  Nice setup!  You should add Dandelion to your collection next!!

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Well, I ended up getting the drawer set that sephoramusthave posted on here from Big Lots.  It is much taller in person!  I wasn't expecting it to be that tall lol.  Big Lots had plenty in stock in their college area, and they come in pink, blue, and white.  My nail polish collection has LOTS of room to grow now!!  As the collection grows and I venture into new nail art supplies, I'll end up reorganizing as needed.  I need to get some small bins for some things, and I can probably find those at the dollar store or Big Lots.  I took some pictures with my iPhone to share.


Thank you once again for sharing this find sephoramusthave!!!!  Smiley Happy




nails 1.JPG


Before loading it with my stash, and Doobie's tail end lol.




nails 6.JPG


I spy nail goodies! lol




nails 2.JPG


One of the big drawers holds my "basic" polishes.  As my collection grows, I may organize it by brand.




nails 3.JPG


Another drawer holds glitter polishes and mini polishes. 




nails 4.JPG


A thinner drawer holds nail art polishes, crackle polishes, base coats, and top coats.



nails 5.JPG


The top thin drawer holds various nail art supplies: decals, loose glitter, nail art pieces, brushes, sponges, bonder, and rhinestones.





Re: Photos of Your Stash

Kimmi----That looks amazing! I'm so glad that you were able to get one! Oh it is really big and absolutely worth the price tag! I could fit every single beauty item I own in this thing, but Im really happy with my organization system right now. My mom just bought the exact same makeup drawer that I bought at Walmart and she even picked up a bigger drawer too for her skincare items as well and now her bathroom cabinet is much (much!) better than before. If I end up getting the bigger skincare drawer for myself as well, I'll post the pictures on here.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

@sephoramusthave  I was absolutely tickled over it!  It may seem huge at the moment, but as my collection grows and I learn more about nails/nail art, it will come in very handy!  I bet the new system will help your mom, and make the cabinet seem bigger.  I'm picky about being organized, so when my stuff gets cluttered it bugs the heck out of me.  I've got to rework my makeup organization a bit, especially since I'm thinking about doing the weekly rotation again.  I think having a rotation will make getting ready for school easier once it starts back up at the end of August.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

Uh oh, I think I may need to invest in that same casing of drawers.. I took a trip for a sandwich the other day.. $25 later I came home with a ton of nail polish and false lashes! My polish collection is getting out of control considering I just threw out about 20 bottles that were old and yucky looking!


My organization system is failing me and I'm starting to shove palettes in a pile, put my lashes with my shadows.. if you know me I am an organization fanatic! This is telling me I need a new system or storing idea! I was very tempted to buy one of those large bureau jewelry cases that you see in a Sears or JCP to store my makeup. So cute, some have a lid that opens up to a mirror! I know it's for jewelry but the cases are SO pretty!




Then I can fit in my jewelry too! (not very much, I rarely wear it!) 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I'm swooning over your collections and storage solutions.


My collection is always expanding so I need some sort of drawer/vanity system that has room for growth. I really like the Alex which is narrow enough to fit in a corner or beside a vanity. There's a nice mixture of shadow and deeper drawers; it seems like a nice option for storing everything that is stored in various parts of my apartment: nail tools, travel pouches, samples, palettes, duplicates, foundations, my extra skincare products, special effects products, and hair stuff.


ALEX Drawer unit with 9 drawers IKEA High unit with many drawers means plenty of storage on minimum floor space.

I'm still looking for the 'perfect' vanity...which is turning into quite the project! I want something feminine with a bit of storage. I keep going back and fourth on if I want a mirrored vanity or not. I love the way mirrored vanities look, but I'm insanely clumsy and fearful I might crack it some how Smiley Sad.

Whimsically yours,

Re: Photos of Your Stash

@dianabt  The jewelry cases are really pretty!  I think JCP usually runs specials on them from time to time, at least they do for most of their other stuff.  I'd say you'd just have to be careful and make sure powders don't spill in them.  My jewelry box has the inside coated with fabric.  I don't think I've come across a jewelry box that doesn't have fabric in it, or I've not paid much attention lol. 

Re: Photos of Your Stash

@Kimmi yes I've seen they all have fabric inside! I'm so organized and protective with my makeup that I'd only really have to worry about putting dirtry brushes down and having the fabric get dirty! Maybe I can coat it with paper or something, I would put wrapping paper inside my dresser drawers so that could be an option.. I really like the plastic shelves though! Sounds like a much better deal even though I have seen those JCP bureaus marked down too! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Photos of Your Stash

@kimmi - thank you so much for the response and tips. Sorry it took me so long to reply, hadn't check this post in a while :-)

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I decided to update this just for the heck of it.  I was going through things and organizing, so I got my camera out to take pictures.  It will be in two posts, though: one for makeup and the next one for nail polish.  I think it is safe to say the nail polish outnumbers the makeup lol.  





The eyeshadows.  My UD 15 palette is kind of my special occassion palette since I got a good deal on it lol.  My Naked palette gets used a LOT.  I don't know why I didn't get it sooner lol.  The Revlon one was given to me, and with a primer it works very well!  It will be my neutral travel palette, especially since Lanndan and I are going on a Gatlinburg trip after Finals.






Mascaras and eyeliners.  I don't have many eyeliners since I used shadows as liners as lot, and I can get a thinner line with them.  UD Underground gets used a lot, though.  I love Maybelline mascaras for my long lashes!  The clear one serves as a brow gel.






Face products, most of it fairly new.  The Dr. Jart BB cream sample doesn't like me anymore lol.  Jxw200 got me started on bronzers lol.  I love the Tarte blush set I bought!  I've been experimenting with the illuminating powder.  Love!





Lip products, and most of them are pinks lol.  I do have three reds, though.  The MUFE gloss, Kat Von D Adora and Hellbent.






Scents.  The B&BW Signature Sprays last longer then the regular fragrance mists.  






Drawer I store my scents in, along with some samples.  






Kaboodle tray I've been using lately.






And a good ole small mason jar for a brush holder lol.  I believe there was jam in it once upon a time.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

And the nail stuff lol.  I do pretty much use everything since I do my nails often and practice on nail wheels.  With proper storage, they should last a very good while.  Please don't call me a hoarder.  I prefer the term collector lol.  Welcome to my salon:





Basic tools for nail care.  Nutra Nail works well for just maintaining nail strength.  I've gone through quite a few bottles of it.







Nail art pieces are fun to use!  I love to use them on my toes during the summer since I wear flip flops a lot.






Packets of glitter and broken "shells."  






More glitter!  







Other nail art supplies: rhinestones, brushes, stampers, scrapers, stamp plates, sponges, and decals.  The glitter packets and nail art pieces are stored in the bowls.  





Basecoats, topcoats, stripers, and crackles.






Not the best lighting for the next pictures.  Various glitter polishes.  






Mini bottles.  Sally Girl, Sephora by OPI, and OPI.







Fingerpaints (good for stamping), Orly, Zoya, and Julep.






OPI, Sephora by OPI, and Essence.





The brand that probably started it all:  China Glaze!!!






Odds and Ends: Confetti, Revlon, Sinful Colors, Del Sol (color changing), Sally Hansen, Color Club, and Essie.






My granny gave me this for my birthday that she ordered off of QVC.   15 mini bottles of Sephora by OPI polish.  The big box has three smaller boxes in it.






I keep them in the box so I know what color is what lol.  






I love the reds!





Re: Photos of Your Stash

wow awesome collection kimmi1115, i would give 100 hearts if i could Smiley Happy

Re: Photos of Your Stash

I always have more makeup than I think I do, that why I like to count up my things every once in awhile or post pictures of my stash, just to keep myself in check hehe. I'm always shocked at the amount of lipgloss that I have, because its something that I rarely use. I'm a lipstick kind of gal.

Re: Photos of Your Stash


Re: Photos of Your Stash

Kimmi---Your collection is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I should probably update my pictures since I have a *lot* more stuff now, my makeup organizer is almost completely full! The only drawer that still has a good amount of space is my face drawer.

Re: Photos of Your Stash

@sephoramusthave  Thanks!  My nail polish collection grows at a much faster rate than that of my makeup lol.  You should post new pictures sometime!  I'd love to see the red lipsticks you've posted about. 

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