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Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

Hey dolls I just wanted to see what your preference was when it came to a fragrance. Are you a spray bottle lover or prefer the Roller ball?

Lately I have found myself collecting Roller-balls-- I have always bought the full size perfumes but for some reason I feel that the Roller-balls are better for me.  For one I hate that when i spray the bottle some of my clothes would stain with oil spots, I couldn't take with me or touching up, and I never finish the bottle.  With the Roller-ball on the other hand I only apply to the areas where i want it and for some reason I feel the scent stays on me longer.. Not to mention that ranging between 20-25 bucks i have so many more different fragrances to play with!


So what do you prefer and why?

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

The Pacifica scent sounds amazing Im just gonna have to try it... I like pretty much everything but feeling like im on a vacation bc of my scent is amazing Smiley Tongue


Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

Perfume bottles only with a spray top, unless its rollerball style packaging but with spray top. I find the rollerballs too expensive--most of them are 20 bucks and up so I would much rather just get the bottle and have it last me months instead of paying for a rollerball and having it last to nothing.

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I agree! I would totally rather by a bottle than a rollerball. It would make more sense to buy a rollerball of your favorite scent for travel maybe? 

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I like perfumes in bottles.  Sometimes little pieces of fiber get into the roller ball and I can't bring myself to use it after that.  As for portability, you can buy those tiny atomizers, Sephora has so many cute ones, and carry your perfume in your purse.  My only problem with atomizers is that the spray isn't over as diffuse an area as from the actual bottle, so sometimes, get a really concentrated stream of perfume I have to quickly try to spread out with my wrists or something.  Smiley Tongue


I've never had a spray bottle perfume stain my clothes with oil spots though.  That sounds terrible!!  What scent did that?

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

Perfume in a spray bottle!


I prefer to be able to walk through a cloud of perfume and have it land on my skin prior to being totally dressed.  That way it's your skin and not your clothing that's perfumed.


Rollerballs are great for travel, but that's about it for me.

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I prefer spray perfumes, as I find the scent ends up stronger.  Also, i've done the price comparisons and the roller balls just tend to not be a good deal.  You dont' get as much perfume for your money.

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

Perfume Bottles. I just never got into the rollerball thing.

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

How embarrassing that I spelled PERFUME wrong lol...sorry that was a typo on my cell phone! I promise I can spell haha Smiley Happy My signature scent is Chance by Chanel and that is the one i notices left some little spots on my clothes--my mother actually noticed. Maybe its just the material I love chiffon and when i spray it in the air when i wear dark colors like blue or purple that's when i notice the stain otherwise its fine. (maybe I'm spraying too too close).... I do love the bottles too I have so many but I like trying different scents all the time and i match my mood that's why lately Ive been into roller-balls, I never even thought about the whole being unsanitary i guess bc i always do it after a morning shower but ewww that is kinda gross lol... Thanks for the feedback Beauties!!!! <3 xoxo


Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I guess it depends on how much I want to invest in said perfume...if I really like it and don't want to go through a ton of rollerballs instead I will buy the big bottle if it's something that I'm indecisive on I will go with a rollerball first to try it out.


the two rollerballs I currently have:


Kat Von D - ADORA (savoring while it lasts. it seems to be discontinued) I like to wear this one for special events at night


Kat Von D - Saint (Want the big bottle just haven't put money away to get it yet) I like to wear this one during the day time vs. the night time

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I prefer the bottle over the rollerball.  I was a bit disappointed when Kat Von D only released Saint Angeles in rollerball only.  I love that scent and I had to buy three and I went through them in a 6 months.  I think that the bottle just lasts longer.

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