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Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

Hey dolls I just wanted to see what your preference was when it came to a fragrance. Are you a spray bottle lover or prefer the Roller ball?

Lately I have found myself collecting Roller-balls-- I have always bought the full size perfumes but for some reason I feel that the Roller-balls are better for me.  For one I hate that when i spray the bottle some of my clothes would stain with oil spots, I couldn't take with me or touching up, and I never finish the bottle.  With the Roller-ball on the other hand I only apply to the areas where i want it and for some reason I feel the scent stays on me longer.. Not to mention that ranging between 20-25 bucks i have so many more different fragrances to play with!


So what do you prefer and why?

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I'm definitely a rollerball girl. I don't wear perfume very often so find that I never use up all of the larger bottles. Plus with rollerballs I feel like I can justify buying more of them because they are so inexpensive!


And I love grapefruit too! I thought I was the only one. I am seriously obsessed with it at the moment- eating it, drinking it, smelling it, putting it on my face or body in any way I can. Yum. Can't get over it. I tried the Lavanilla Grapefruit scent the last time I was in Sephora and it is definitely more vanilla than grapefruit. Initially the grapefruit was much stronger, but as perfume fades the vanilla become more prominent. I can't wait to try the Fresh one though. And will definitely check out that Pacifica one too.

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I like both. I like the ability to carry it with me and the affordability factor with rollerballs. However I dropped and broke my Daisy rollerball on a tile floor at work, wasting a 3/4 full rollerball. Sometimes though you just love a scent or it is your signature scent and the spray bottles are just so much more cost effective long term.  They last longer and allow you to cover a larger area of the body. I only lightly mist my clothes because I'm also afraid of stains. I also mist a little above my hair to make the scent last longer. I like to spray my wrists then rub together and decollete. If my arms and legs are exposed sometimes I'll dab behind the knees and inside elbows. This helps the scent last because you have applied it in so many places! Much better than applying a larger amount in the same place. Another pro for full size bottles, I used my points perks to get a Miss Dior Cherie mini bottle. It's smaller than a rollerball, but larger than those perfume vial samples. It was a great size and ample amount to try a new perfume. I loved it but didn't get around to buying it. Now they have reformulated Miss Dior and discontinued Miss Dior Cherie. Now I have to stretch this tiny bottle and I'm so sad I never purchased it!!

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?



I like rollerballs too.  Sometimes I feel like they aren't as great of a value, but I like that I can put them in my purse.  Also, like you point out, you can get different perfumes!  I'm not hugely into perfumes, but I love that Fresh is coming out with rollerballs and hope to get a Hesperides one soon.  I love grapefruit scents.  I have a Pacifica one from a while back and it still smells delicious with mango in it.  I think I would vote for the rollerballs too.  Smiley Happy

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

I love the smell of grapefruit too! Hesperides is nice but I won't be buying because it is headache-inducing for me. Which Pacifica one do you recommend? I had Hawaiian Ruby Gauva solid perfume, and body butters in Indian Coconut Nectar and Island Vanilla. They have so many nice ones. Have you ever tried Lavanila Grapefruit? It seems to be getting good reviews but everyone says its more vanilla than grapefruit.

Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?


Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

Oh I have 2 of the Sephora perfume atomizer thing to put my favorite perfumes in for travel!

swfupload_3317341529366083768.jpgI like the old ones that look like bigger lipsticks, the new ones with rounder ends looks like feminine product to me. =X


Re: Pefume Bottle VS Rollerball--- whats your pick?

Hmm, I've never had a problem with perfume staining my clothe. I prefer spray rather than roller-ball because it can be applied on clothe, in hair or in the air. More importantly, for sanitary reasons. With a rollerball, I feel like the ball part picks up the dir/oil/bacteria/lint whatnot from your hand/neck/behind-ear and mixes with the perfume. Could just be me being paranoid, but considering the fact it takes me 5+ yr to finish a perfume and 2+ year to finish a rollerball (cuz I switch often), I want it to be as 100% sanitary as possible. o.O

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