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Post in Beauty Confidential

Party Tricks?

I am going to a reunion Friday night and for reasons including the presence of two former crushes, I have to look awesome.


What are your favorite party tricks/tips/routines you use to make sure you look rad at an event.  What are the must-haves in your make-up bag?


Any help would be appreciated, I really want to rock it.

Re: Party Tricks?

Bring eyeliner and some makeup removing wipes, just in case! Those are my two must haves, along with blotting sheets or powder. 


I bring my lipstick, lipgloss, and a bit of concealer in my makeup bag, too.


I don't really have advice on a definite routine, just remember to use a good primer, it'll keep everything put for the night!


Good luck, I'm sure you will look awesome!


Re: Party Tricks?

Excellent advice.  I will have to go pick up blotting sheets but that is not a problem.  I've never used primer before but I have a sample of hourglass veil mineral primer so I will use that (and practice it today so I know for sure how to use it)

Re: Party Tricks?

You will love the Hourglass primer.  It's incredible.  I only apply primer to where I really need it.  Under my eyes and on my t-zone.  A little bit of primer can go along way.  I agree with the blotting paper.  I would also say take whatever lip product you are using for the night.  Just for a touch up.  With the right primer and setting powder/spray your makeup should say fresh all night.  Have fun!

Re: Party Tricks?

Oh, I take my lip product everywhere I go.  I drink a lot (of water) and I smoke, so lip product just flies off my lips.  So I am the master of the touch-up.  Also I'm going to buy some clear lipliner that was recommended to me so that things don't exit my face onto my teeth and into my mouth so quickly.


I'm psyched to try the primer.

Re: Party Tricks?

I would try some primers in the store if you can. I personally have tried the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer and I prefer the Benefit Porefessional to keep me primed and matte. But again its all about personal preference so try some out if you can! I don't think I could live without my Porefessional. The clear lip liner is a good idea too. Good luck Smiley Happy

Re: Party Tricks?

I just saw your other comment below about already owning a sample of the hourglass primer. If you already have a sample of that one go ahead and use it! But if you're interested in keeping a primer in your makeup routine, I would definitely look into the Benefit one!

Re: Party Tricks?

LOL I thought you really meant "party trick" and I was going to say my backward alphabet singing. Smiley Happy


What I've learned is to wear something that is COMFORTABLE- You'll feel much more confident in a comfortable outfit that doesn't involve squeezing or hiding into! So wear something to flaunt your best assets and really make you look all over put together- essential!


As for makeup, I always bring eyedrops, makeup removing wipes or swabs for makeup emergencies, a back up eyeliner or lash glue and a bold lip gloss in case my lipstick fades. Powder or blotting sheets are a no fail as well. Smiley Happy


I also recommend you add a piece of statement jewelry or an accessory- a flower in the hair, bold bib necklace or fancy shoes are great talk worthy pieces.  Have a blast, stand tall and smile! Thats the most confident-showing thing you can do to really make a splash! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Party Tricks?

A setting spray, like Urban decay's all nighter long lasting setting spray, will help your makeup-look last 2-4+ hours longer than normal.  Sephora sells a small 1 oz. version that would be perfect for a purse.

Re: Party Tricks?

Excellent, I will add that to my shopping list. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Party Tricks?

I agree with @prosopon. I swear by the All Nighter Setting spray especially in the summer. I've tried a few brands and this one works the best for me. A definite must buy.

Re: Party Tricks?

Touch up qtips that have make up remover in the stick (they're amazing for quick clean ups be it around the eyes (migrating mascara/liner) or around the lips (color bleeding/feathering), plus they take up to no room!


Depending on the purse/bag you're carrying, take a retractable lip brush and load on the lip color of your choice that night and carry that to touch up. It'll save space in your bag and you avoid carrying a bulky tube if you have a slender purse or clutch.


On a plain powder puff/sponge, dab a bit of powder, wrap in a tissue and keep that on hand to touch up shine or just to give a matte finish, it's smaller and more compact than carrying a full sized compact with you.


Carry a nude pencil, it's perfect to touch up on the inner rims of eyes to make eyes look perky, awake, and more open, plus it's great in case a zit or spot of redness pops up, just color over and blend out with your finger. It can also be used to line and fill lips before you apply lipstick to give more staying power.

Re: Party Tricks?

1) Don't try anything new or change anything to your skin care or makeup routine for at least a week before the reunion.  You don't want to have a massive "What's THAT on her face?!" reaction from those people.

2) Because I have combo skin that's actually heavily oily on my forehead and t-zone, I use Boscia's blotting papers right before I leave our home and then touch up my Dual Finish Foundation.  (Because it's a powder formula, I don't use powder anymore but would apply it here if I did.)

3) One last look in the full-length mirror at ALL sides before I leave.

4) Handbag = peppermint, lipstick or gloss I'm currently wearing, an emergency tampon, wallet, keys, Bosia blotters (only if it's going to be a very long night or an outside event where the humidity will eat away at your matte finish)

Re: Party Tricks?

dior airflash will make your face look FLAWLESS..airbrushed but natural!..blotting powder in acse you sweat or makeup runs..have fun!!

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