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Pan It! - 2023 Challenge


Hey all you cool cats and kittens, welcome to YEAR 6 of the Pan It Challenge!




**Join us in the 2024 thread available here: Pan It! - 2024 Challenge


The "Rules"

To accommodate a variety of interests, you all are encouraged to pick items to pan that are most suitable to your collections.  For some, this might mean focusing on a particular type of product (like lipstick) and for others this may include a larger variety spanning your entire makeup or skincare routine.


Getting Started (please share the following)

  • Which item(s) you would like to work on
  • How long you will work on said item
  • Goal: explore a new item, revisit an old item, decide whether to keep pass or trash, and/or completely finish item, etc.
  • Starting photo of item


Please Use This Thread To...

  • share what item(s) you are working on,
  • provide comparative progress photos of your item(s) monthly (at the beginning of the month when possible),
  • ask questions,
  • encourage others,
  • motivate others with the looks you create with your item(s)


Tips and Tricks to Panning/Getting Some Use Out of Your Stash:


  • Take photos!!  When you think you aren’t making a dent in anything look back at those photos, I’m certain you’ll see some changes 😃 *this is the number one recommendation for everyone, regardless of how long you’ve been panning! Those photos add up and can help you realize progress you might otherwise overlook.
  • If you goal is to hit pan or use something up entirely, try concentrating your brush/applicator in the same area each time you use it
  • Multitask your products: eyeshadows as highlighter, lipstick as blush, eyeshadow as brow powder, etc. 
  • Layer eyeshadow to create different colors (this is especially helpful to get use out of shades you’re not fond of).
  • Have shadows with a ton of fall out?  Use water
  • Watching the progress of others’ can be fun but try not compare your progress to theirs.  We all use our makeup differently and have different goals.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to only using the item(s) you are working on.  It’s more than OK to incorporate other items or take a break!
  • Makeup should be fun….if you begin to dread doing your makeup because you made a commitment to use a product that you now hate, TOSS IT!  Do not force yourself to use up something you don’t like.  Move on to something else!  (This includes excluding particular shades from your goals if focusing on palettes, etc.)

Ideas to Help You Pan Those Items:

  • Roll the dice: number your items and use a random number generator to pick what you will use each (day/week/month/etc.) 
  • Layer/Mask: items you are less fond of under things you like
  • Pan a Look: at the beginning of the week pick a look that you can wear everyday
  • Recreate: a look worn by a fellow BICer, celebrity, etc.
  • Spice up an "everyday" look by adding subtle pops of color (in the crease or on the lower lash line, mix lip products to make shades wearable, etc.)


Past Panning Challenges:

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@Mellmars1185 I like it when I only use it periodically, but all day for a few days in a row and it was troubbbbble.

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Happy with most of my progress so far. Sometimes it doesn't look or feel like much, but I have to remember it's better than them sitting unused!

Bones end of March-

Bones March.jpg

Bones Jan.jpg

GXVE End of March-

GXVE March.jpg

GXVE Jan.jpg

And my newer ones. Hope you can see the blue marks on them. 


Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Thanks everyone!!

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Terrific panning @Samtian!

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Great job!! @Samtian 

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@Samtian Nice panning! I can  definitely see the progress you have made. The pictures help show the panning progress!

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@Samtian Oh I see that shadow progress!! You see it everyday so it may not seem like as much as it is.  Panning shadows is a labour of time and love!

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Wow!!! @Samtian, you’re doing an amazing job on your panning! I completely understand it sometimes feeling like it’s not much movement but it all adds up. We’re seeing it daily, weekly so the incremental progress isn’t always so noticeable or exciting but the big ones WILL come. The monthly check ins (and look backs) are good reminders of the progress made! 

Awwww, cuuuuute! 😍 I love your washi tape. The bumble bees 🐝 adorable and add another fun element to panning, and seeing / showing your progress. 

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Hello panners! I know we're all experiencing different weather patterns but wanted to say 'happy spring!🦋🌻🌈🌞🐇🐣 to everyone. We have a few days of sun in the forecast for the week but more storms are said to be on the horizon. I'm going to enjoy the sun while it's out even if I'm bundled up because it's still chilly outside. 
MONTHLY SUMMARY: I'm making progress on a few products ... and pretty much nothing on one. No new pan to report but I think we are close with a couple of items. 😊
MARCH ALL STARS: This accolade is shared wtih my DIY lip balm (Laneige mint chocolate + Taarte Party blush) and the Chanel lip liner - I've chipped away at about 1/4" for the quarter, which isn't so bad considering that I forgot about it for a good part of a month. Fingers crossed incremental progress continues with this liner.
BEAUTIES TO GIVE MORE ATTENTION TO NEXT MONTH: So, here's the thing ... I'm not altogether sure where I left my bottle of the Moroccanoil Treatment. Fairly certain I didn't pack it up. The last update photo I have is from late January (oh, that's not good, Fi!), which makes me think I may have taken it with me on a visit with my parents and may have left it there. Stay tuned.
And now, without further adieu, the progress photos! 
This might be empty the next time you see it. Exciting!This might be empty the next time you see it. Exciting!
Chipping away at this one ... 1/4" down!Chipping away at this one ... 1/4" down!
Dory from Finding Nemo says to "just keep swimming", but I'm going to just keep panning, just keep panning! 🎵🎶 and wait to see what happens with these beauties over time.
These hair care beauties see the most consistent progress .These hair care beauties see the most consistent progress .
My goodness! There's a lot more product in this palette than I originally thought. Good for getting some bang for my buck but not so much for hitting pan! lolMy goodness! There's a lot more product in this palette than I originally thought. Good for getting some bang for my buck but not so much for hitting pan! lol
Don't see a dent? Me neither. Ha! To be expected. I am enjoying this palette. It took me a year to hit pan on Biba and that was using it every single day. I reach for shadows in this palette much less frequently so get comfortable, folks, it could be a long ride with this one.Don't see a dent? Me neither. Ha! To be expected. I am enjoying this palette. It took me a year to hit pan on Biba and that was using it every single day. I reach for shadows in this palette much less frequently so get comfortable, folks, it could be a long ride with this one.
And finally, the OG of my project pan, Ms. Biba:
I see you Monroe. I see you shrinking away. Slowly, but surely!!I see you Monroe. I see you shrinking away. Slowly, but surely!!
There we have it. March in photos.

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

You are to be congratulated on hitting pan on so many shades @itsfi!  I know that took some time but still, wow! 

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@Cissy63, thank you. Just putting my head down and working through it can produce so much progress, not unlike real life sometimes. It feels good to see the photos of the progress that has been made from the start. 👍🏼


It’s been really eye opening participating in project pan and it’s made me a lot more mindful of my collection and purchases. All good things. 😃 I still make purchases (and will continue to do so 😆) but I feel like I’m more thoughtful when I go about a purchase. 

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@itsfi you're so funny!! I've been trying to rotate through my palettes, I keep forgetting to use the Violet Voss palette I designated to hit pan on 🤣 looks like it'll be around for awhile too 😁

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

It’s so easy to get distracted by other products, isn’t it @lmaster?! Even when the very ones I want to use are right in front of me!! 😂 

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@itsfi Excellent progress! It really takes a lot of time and use to get that far. I have never hit pan in an eyeshadow...yet lol

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Yeah @Mellmars1185, I don’t recall hitting pan on an eyeshadow before doing project pans. I may have come close but then something would happen - misplaced an eyeshadow, got distracted by something else, tossed the shadow because I had it for so long, etc. This has been very eye opening on how long it takes to use things up. 😳

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@itsfi That's great progress!  I'm keeping an eye on that Monroe shade and the progress on the DIY lip balm is .... inspiring!  You got this (even if you don't have the Moroccan Oil lol)!

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Lol, it’s so odd about the Moroccanoil @missjeanie. I keep all my project pan items in one basket, and only take them out as I put them to use, for the most part. It’s either at my parents’ place or the only thing I can think of is that I took it with me to the gym (possible) and left it there (as I did with one of my shower oils. 😖🤔 😞 

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@itsfi Ya... that's why I don't go to the gym... don't want to forget my products lol!  That would seriously bum me out though.  I've done that in hotels before and always ticked with myself lol

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

@itsfi Do thine eyes deceive me or is that pan in Coco? Ah yeah Monroe bye bye bye!! Can't wait to see that one empty. Loving that dip in the WA, and all your progress!

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

Oh I wish @Samtian! I did a double take when I saw the pic - it’s fallout from another shadow I had on the brush I used. 😌 Coco is close but not quite yet. I will be sooooo happy to hit pan on another shadow. 😆 Using that WA lippie as a primer has proved fruitful. I would never had thought that would be a candidate for the first shade to see on on the lip palette. Just goes to show (again) the benefits of doing a project pan! 👍🏼 

Re: Pan It! - 2023 Challenge

I am a few days late in posting this update - this month really flew by!


Overall, I did a lot better with most of my goals this month than last month. While not perfect (I especially still need to find a better system for working on my fragrance goals), I'm generally happy with my progress so far, and look forward to continuing to work on this challenge!



1. Selfless by Hyram Centella & Green Tea Daily Gel Cleanser 

-goal: finish

-progress: used regularly - morning and evening most days lately, but still a long ways to go 

2. LANEIGE Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer 5.0 oz/ 150 mL 

-goal: finish

-progress: used several times, about 1/3 full now (as opposed to about 1/2 full when I started)


3. COSRX Hydrium Watery Toner 

-goal: finish

-progress: used a few times; not really any visible change yet

4. Glow Recipe Fruit Babies Bestsellers Kit 

-goal: finish all; decide which to purchase the full size of

-progress: finished cleanser and moisturizer! And both serums are pretty much empty too. The toner is around 1/4 to 1/3 full.


I liked all of the minis in this set, and I've decided I will definitely be purchasing Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops Serum , Glow Recipe Strawberry Smooth BHA + AHA Salicylic Acid Serum , & Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner 5.07 oz/ 150 mL in the full size, as I really enjoyed all 3. However, I will be waiting as I have other serums and toners I want to try to use up first.

5. Bubble Skincare Come Clean Clay Mask 

-goal: finish

-progress: used once

I didn't use this mask as often as I hoped (I was aiming for weekly but obviously that didn't pan out, lol), but I'm still happy that I got it on the board finally!

6. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Yogurt 

-goal: finish

-progress: almost done! I estimate 1-2 more uses left.




1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Face Palette - Butterfly 

-goal: use at least once a week 

-progress: used regularly; have been using more often than not when I do my makeup, and definitely more than once a week! I'm happy with how much I have been using and experimenting with this one.

2. Hourglass Veil™ Translucent Setting Powder - Talc Free Translucent 

-goal: use & experiment with more; decide whether I like it or not 

-progress: used regularly - have been using most times when I do my makeup these days. I think I will end up making this a regular part of my makeup routine. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I've come to appreciate it.

3. Glossier Stretch Concealer for Dewy Buildable Coverage G12 

-goal: hit pan

-progress: I did it! 😁 I honestly thought it would take me a lot longer to get to this point. I think once I finish this one completely (which is fast approaching) I will replace it with another item, but I haven't decided what yet.


4. Juvia's Place Wahala II Eyeshadow Palette 

-goal: use each shade at least once 

-progress: used 6 more shades this month - 9 in total so far! I'm very happy with my progress with this goal.


Here are the looks I did this month using this palette:





5. Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops - Bubbly

-goal: finish

-progress: used regularly; I think it is around 3/4 full? Hard to tell

6. Red lippies: Burt's Bees Satin Lipstick (Scarlet Soaked), Stila Beauty Boss Lip Gloss (In the Red), KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Santa Sangre), Glossier Ultralip High Shine Lipstick with Hyaluronic Acid Fete , GXVE BY GWEN STEFANI Mini Originals Lip Set , mini Stila Stay All Day Longwear Liquid Lipstick (Beso)

-goal: use & experiment with more

-progress: used KVD Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (Santa Sangre) once, used mini GXVE BY GWEN STEFANI Anaheim Shine Clean High-Performance Satin Lipstick Original Recipe once

I didn't do as many red lip looks as I aimed to this month (I was hoping to get a couple more in), but I'm still fairly happy with what I did do.

Here are this past month's red lip looks: 





1. All of my discovery set samples & trial/travel sizes 

-goal: try each at least twice; decide whether to purchase any in the full size 

-progress: tried 2 discovery set samples 

2. All of my full size EDPs

-goal: use each at least once a month

-progress: used 2 - Glossier Glossier You Eau de Parfum 1.7 oz / 50 mL eau de parfum spray  & Floral Street Sunflower Pop Eau De Parfum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL 

I did not do as well with my fragrance goals this month as I would have liked. As I mentioned in my last update, I can no longer wear perfume to work, and I still need to work out a better system for remembering to use it on my days off.



1. All my free samples

-goal: use up & finish as many as possible; decide whether to purchase any of them

-progress: 5 (?) used

2. All my mini products

-goal: use up & finish as many as possible; decide whether to purchase any in the full size 

-progress: 6 (?) used


Of these, I have already restocked Biossance Squalane + Elderberry Nourishing Jelly Cleanser 5.07 oz / 150 mL  & Glossier Futuredew Facial Oil-Serum Hybrid 1 oz / 30 mL  & Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum. 


All in all, a pretty productive month! I hope I will be able to continue making progress in the next month and the rest of this year.

See you in April! 💜

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