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Have you been buying way too many beauty products lately? Is your vanity overflowing with way too much clutter? If you haven't heard of the Project 10 Pan (which I believe started on Youtube, that's where I heard about it!), let me briefly describe what it is. You select 10 (or however many you'd like) products, whether it's makeup, skincare, hair products or all. You must finish these 10 products in its entirely (or "hit pan", where you have used so much of the product that you see the bottom of the "pan") before you are allowed to buy new makeup products. This really helps with appreciating what you have rather than buying more and more things, leaving older products you have to sit in the dust! *There are also exceptions, for example, if you run out of concealer... you can allow yourself to purchase another concealer even if you haven't completed the Project 10 Pan.


Is anyone else doing a Project 10 Pan?! I definitely needed to control myself after IMATS LA and tons of Sephora gift cards for my birthday and the recent UD sale! So, I started up my Project 10 Pan again two weeks ago! I'm determined not to be good and stick with it!


Here are my items that I've chosen for my Project 10 Pan:


1. Sephora Mineral Foundation Powder in Medium 25 - I've had this since March and I'm barely half way!! I use this daily.

2. Sephora Lip Gloss in Pink Ballerina - about half way through.

3. Clinique Lip Gloss in Bamboo Pink - about half way through.

4. NYX Lip Gloss in Beige - still have more than 3/4 of the product left!

5. Stila Liquid Eye Liner in Black - I'll finish this in about a month or so.

6. BADgal Lash - I have about half a month left til I need to throw it out.

7. L'oreal Voluminous Mascara - still have about 2 months til I need to throw it out.

8. Maybelline One by One Mascara - will be throwing this out in a couple weeks.

9. UD Primer Potion - I have two small samples, but I really don't know how long they will last!

10. ELF Blush in Tickled Pink - I haven't even hit pan with this!

and any of my UD eye shadows in my Naked palette, which I haven't even hit pan with!


This will definitely take a long time to complete, but I'm okay with that because I really need to save my money and just enjoy what I have! Smiley Happy


Let me know what your list looks like! Smiley Happy


wow katie! GOOD JOB!


Great job Katie! You are so brave for putting a blush on there...I don't think I'll ever be able to finish one haha


i recently started using a deluxe sample of NARS pro-prime face primer and i LOVE it. i might add it to my 10 pan because i do want to buy a full size tube of it! Smiley Happy


@jxw200 thanks! Smiley Happy


@brandiandi LOL! well, ive had this blush for the longesttttttttttt time! and still, i probably won't finish it for several months. here's how far i am with it:






Yay about the nars primer! I didn't like the previous versions but I have a sample from the vib hatbox so perhaps I'll try it out too? Smiley Happy


yes, @jxw200 try it out! =) i got it in my hatbox also! i loveeee it!


my face was feeling dry around my mouth and chin because of the weather, so my powder foundation wasn't helping it! the primer helped keep my face moisturized (not greasy or oily) and kept my cheeks and forehead shine-free!


Glad to hear it! You should return stay don't stray! (unless that was a hatbox sample too? I haven't tried mine but may give it to a coworker who likes it!)

In other news I finished my favorite face wash (neutrogena) & am almost done with a shampoo and philosophy blue snowcone body wash!


Okay I just finished up my Sibu Beauty Cleanser so thats 5 out of 11 completed. My Dior lipbalm is the next to go, its has about 1/5th left but I'm having trouble sticking to just this lipbalm. I have a different lipbalm in every room, purse and my car. And I tend to save the Dior for either before bed only, or with drying lip products like lipstains or lipsticks. I dont see anything else on the list that I will be able to finish up by this month but I'll keep y'all posted. When you actually use the same items every single day they do get used up pretty quick. I am using up products that are not on the list as well but I dont want to make my list any bigger because then it will seem like I'm not making much progress.


1. Dior Gloss Show in Charlotte Moka

2. Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation in Original

3. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP

4. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap

5. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser

6. ClickR Stop Time Night Cream

7. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask

8. Thayers Alcohol Free Toner in Original

9. Avalon Organics Lavender Scrub

10. TheBalm Mary Loumanizer

11. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm


Don't worry, I haven't been using Purity alomst since I bought it and it irritated my skin a couple of months ago. 


I would love to join on this project 10 pan. I have been working on these items but here is my list

  1. mac fix plus
  2. benefit stay don't stray ( sample)
  3. Embrolisse moisturizer
  4. urban decay 24/7 pencil in underground
  5. Trish Mcevoy in Heather
  6. smashbox mascara ( dna)
  7. bb cream ( forgot the name
  8. tarte primer
  9. mac lipgloss ( boy bait)
  10.  mac msn - natural


thanks for joining, mish2378! Smiley Happy you have some great products in your project 10 pan!


i bought my first MAC Fix+ 5 months ago and i still have a TON left! how often do you use yours? also, i heard great things about the Embrolisse skin care line! how are you liking it? Smiley Happy

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