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Have you been buying way too many beauty products lately? Is your vanity overflowing with way too much clutter? If you haven't heard of the Project 10 Pan (which I believe started on Youtube, that's where I heard about it!), let me briefly describe what it is. You select 10 (or however many you'd like) products, whether it's makeup, skincare, hair products or all. You must finish these 10 products in its entirely (or "hit pan", where you have used so much of the product that you see the bottom of the "pan") before you are allowed to buy new makeup products. This really helps with appreciating what you have rather than buying more and more things, leaving older products you have to sit in the dust! *There are also exceptions, for example, if you run out of concealer... you can allow yourself to purchase another concealer even if you haven't completed the Project 10 Pan.


Is anyone else doing a Project 10 Pan?! I definitely needed to control myself after IMATS LA and tons of Sephora gift cards for my birthday and the recent UD sale! So, I started up my Project 10 Pan again two weeks ago! I'm determined not to be good and stick with it!


Here are my items that I've chosen for my Project 10 Pan:


1. Sephora Mineral Foundation Powder in Medium 25 - I've had this since March and I'm barely half way!! I use this daily.

2. Sephora Lip Gloss in Pink Ballerina - about half way through.

3. Clinique Lip Gloss in Bamboo Pink - about half way through.

4. NYX Lip Gloss in Beige - still have more than 3/4 of the product left!

5. Stila Liquid Eye Liner in Black - I'll finish this in about a month or so.

6. BADgal Lash - I have about half a month left til I need to throw it out.

7. L'oreal Voluminous Mascara - still have about 2 months til I need to throw it out.

8. Maybelline One by One Mascara - will be throwing this out in a couple weeks.

9. UD Primer Potion - I have two small samples, but I really don't know how long they will last!

10. ELF Blush in Tickled Pink - I haven't even hit pan with this!

and any of my UD eye shadows in my Naked palette, which I haven't even hit pan with!


This will definitely take a long time to complete, but I'm okay with that because I really need to save my money and just enjoy what I have! Smiley Happy


Let me know what your list looks like! Smiley Happy


@waterbaby1981 I just LOL'd at your line saying you were imaging the look on your husbands face when you run out of your skincare all at once.. hahaah, I hate when that happens, I usually run out of an eye product first before my moisturizer, helps to keep me from doing one huge haul at once I guess! Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana


Diana, what's really sad is that I did a rough estimate of how much I would spend in a year on skincare alone the other day too.  If I replace JUST the things I use on a daily basis (and this does not include night treatments, masks, or body care), it runs just over $1000 a year.  Then you factor in Sephora and the fact that most of us cannot go in there without getting something OTHER than what we went in for.


The skincare used (fall/winter skin) on a daily basis, to break it down:


Origins Mega Mushroom Face Cleanser ($37?)

Clinique Step 2 Clarifying Lotion 2 ($21)

Clinique All About Eyes Rollerball Serum ($26)

Origins Mega Mushroom Advanced Face Serum ($66)

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus ($44.50)

Algenist Eye Renewal Balm ($65)

Clinique Step 3 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion ($24.50)

Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes SPF 30+ ($34)


Usually I can go about 5-6 months with the Clinique 3 Step, so that's $61 x 2.

The rollerball serum is at least 4-5 months usually (I'm not even halfway through with the one I got a couple months back.), so that's 26 x 2.  Eye cream is usually about 65 x 3.

Serums are usually out every other month, so let's say 66 x 6 and 45 x 6. 

We won't add up the sunscreen since that's a non-negotiable ALWAYS.



61 x 2= 122

26 x 2= 52

66 x 6= 396

45 x 6= 270

65 x 3= 195


final total if I get just those items consistently whenever I run out is $1035


I don't even want to think about what I spend on makeup every year!  (If I was really bored, I probably could gather all the bank statements up and then add all of THAT up, but I really don't want to think about it.)




BTW, TI-83, 85, and 89 graphing calculators are wonderful things when you're trying to add up numbers.  It lets you see the list you've done!  ESPECIALLY helpful when you're balancing your checkbook too.  Smiley Very Happy


I have completely spent my ClickR Stop Time Night Cream so now I have 9 items left. Can I add another item or do I have to wait until I finish off the rest of the products to make a new project? If I can add a new item, I'll go with Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm. So here's the new list:


1. Dior Gloss Show in Charlotte Moka ( Half Full)

2. Benefit Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation in Original ( Almost empty but I do have a brand new backup and I wont take it off the list until I spend them both)

3. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSVP ( Half full but I do have backup)

4. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Facial Soap ( almost gone but I do have backup)

5. Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser ( new, used only 4-5 times)

6. Dior Creme de Rose Lipbalm ( Half Full)

7. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask ( Half Full)

8. Thayers Alcohol Free Toner in Original ( almost empty, but I do have backup)

9. Avalon Organics Lavender Scrub ( 1/3 left)

10. TheBalm Mary Loumanizer ( I've hit pan but there's more than half left)


@sephoramusthave how do you like the mario badescu whitening mask? i used it for about 8 weeks and didn't notice a difference so I stopped using it. i liked the smell, but thought it didn't do my scars any justice! Smiley Sad


katie723---I actually dont like the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask either. Its hard to remove, and I use a yellow complexion sponge when I remove clay masks and it leaves this thick layer of grease that I have mixed feelings on. When my skin is dry I leave the grease and skip the moisturizer but when my skin is normal ( which it is most of the time) it feels gross. The only way to remove the grease is to use toner. I'm only about half way through it but I dont notice a difference in my skin either. I dont have a lot of scars, just a couple of pesky ones on the sides of my face that I cant get rid of and it didnt do anything for those so far. I also dont see a difference in brightness or radiance so even though I'll finish the jar, I wont rebuy.


@sephoramusthave hmm, i never experienced the greasey-ness. i actually left the mask on overnight, but only on the spots where i have scars. after several weeks of no change... the hassle of the white flakies getting all over my pillow cases and hair made me stop using it completely. i dont have the patience to continue using it. i would love to give it to someone who is curious about the product, but i don't find that to be sanitary LOL. i did use a q-tip to apply it, but still i don't think anyone would want to try my used one?? so mine is just sitting in my cabinet waiting for me to do something with it.


katie723---Use it as an all over mask until it dries ( 10 min or so), then try to remove it. You'll definately know what I mean when I say "greasy". Mario Badescu products DO dry out if you dont keep the lid on tight enough or if you dont use it up in a certain amount of time so if you dont want to waste it, just use it as an all over face mask and rinse it off.


Wow good job guys! Impressive! 


Do you know what ingredient in purity that you're reacting to? I've been using it the past week or so, and so far so good! my boyfriend likes it too! haha


I did throw out my Clinique High Impact mascara deluxe size (which was on my list) cause it smelled like it would make my eyes itch haha. Also i think it may be near the expiration... Hmm. 


@jxw200: No idea what ingredient in Purity I'm reacting to.  Pretty annoying, because it'd be a great cleanser if it didn't make little red bumps from allergy reactions pop up and then take FOREVER to go away.  I like the 2 in 1 makeup remover/cleansers.  Probably why I like the makeup remover wipes for lazy nights when I don't want to go upstairs and use everything to take it off!  (Maybe I should bring it DOWNSTAIRS for that then?  Probably a good idea.) 


@Katie723:  My family isn't doing Christmas gifts so to speak this year (something we started last year, since my six week old daughter passed away 12/29/10.  We didn't feel like doing anything except a family dinner.  It was too hard after losing her and my grandma within four months of each other).  It's actually quite nice to not be expected to bring gifts for everyone, plus we have some credit cards to pay off as well.  It's nice to just spend time with family and be glad we have each other.  Maybe that's an idea you could pose to your family? 


@waterbaby1981 i'm so sorry about your precious baby girl... you have my deepest condolences and i thank you for sharing your story. Christmas is definitely not all about gifts and sometimes we lose sight of that concept. I agree that spending time and enjoying the presence of our loved ones is a terrific idea for the holidays =)


Off topic, how do you like Purity? Thats my absolute favorite facial cleanser! It removes all my makeup except for bits of my waterproof/smudgeproof Stile Liquid Eye Liner pen... but other than that... it's FABULOUS! Hope you're enjoying it =)


@Katie723:  I'd like Purity if it didn't cause allergic bumps on my face.


However!  I find it very funny that I'm finishing stuff I didn't have on the list still.  I'm done with Origins Plantidote Serum (which works REALLY well on reactive redness/rosacea...but it's expensive).  I'm also starting to scrape the bottom of the All About Eyes Rich and Moisture Surge as well, with not much left in the Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream as well.  Since I can't see through that, there's maybe a quarter at most left?  The Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer in Bare Radiance is down to 1/3 as well.  The Clinique Liquid Facial Soap is at about 1/3 too.


Looks like I at least get to rotate in the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus now for my serum!  Need to start using the Plantidote face mask though to combat the rosacea.



@waterbaby, i'm so sorry to hear what you've gone through - but you're so right, the holidays ought to be focused on your loved ones.


hopefully i dont react to purity... but i imagine i'd know about it by now? i'm totally the same way about easy cleansers...  ihave yes to cucumber wipes next to my pillow to see if i can get myself to use them when i'm too lazy to go and actually wash my face. Maybe that should be part of our 10 Pan/rotation lol!


waterbaby1981---My heart sank when I read the loss of your daughter. I am so sorry and I hope that nothing but blessings and love come your way from now on. 




i just looked at my list again and discovered i'm doing better than i thought haha, since i thought I haven't been using any of the products. I think that's a sign that I have way too much stuff if I can't even remember what's on my 10 Pan!!


1. too faced primed & poreless bronze tint (i have a few samples & a full size - i want to finish the samples!) 

2. clinique high impact mascara (i have two sample sizes, i think 1 is at the 3 month mark!) --> threw them out

3. philosophy purity (i have 2 2oz bottles) --> been using them all week! woohoo!

4. smashbox limitless liner in onyx (i have a few half sizes laying around)

5. benefit cream shadow in rsvp (deluxe sample size) --> used it once!

6. nars multiple in south beach (i have two minis)

7. any of the mini nars glosses i have (waaay too many)

8. smashbox fusion softlights (mini)

9. one of my c.o bigelow lemon lip balms --> used one today! bi-facil eye makeup remover (i have 2 mini bottles!) --> used it a few times!


I love project 10 pan! I should get my list going....


1. Stila travel palatte in "Pretty in Paris"

2. MUFE foundations in 115 and 117 (need to decide if I must use up both or just one or the other)

3. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit in Poreclain. 

4. MUFE face primer

5. Stila lip gloss in "Majesty"

6. MUFE HD powder

7. Pencil Eyeliners ( I have a UD, MUFE,and a Mally pencil to use)

8. MK brow pencil

9. Mascaras (1 Clinique, 2 Lancome, 1 BE, 1 Rimmel) 

10. Eye primers (Have one BE and one UD) 


I think this is going to take a while. If I run out of primers, mascaras, foundations, or concealers, I will repurchase them. I have enough of everything else to last a 100 years.... Smiley Very Happy


i still feel like primers/foundations and the like are hard to run out of! 

good luck with your 10 Pan! wohoo!


yay! look at everyone's progress! Smiley Happy and I agree with an earlier post from waterbaby... I noticed other products are closed to being used up that aren't even on my list! I will continue following my 10 Pan list, and if any other products get used up... those can count towards my 10. Is that cheating? It's just that my makeup collection is fairly new and it's so darn hard to finish them up! hehe Smiley Happy


here's my progress...


1. Sephora Mineral Foundation Powder in Medium 25- 3/4 through, but it may take me a month or two to finish!

2. Sephora Lip Gloss in Pink Ballerina - about half way through. i haven't seen that lip gloss in awhile... it might be lost in one of my purses =X

3. Clinique Lip Gloss in Bamboo Pink - still half way through but i use it a lot!

4. NYX Lip Gloss in Beige -this is fairly new... but i use it throughout the day! Smiley Happy

5. Stila Liquid Eye Liner in Black -this product lasts a long time! i love it. it should go dry by the end of the year (omg!)

6. BADgal Lash - finished last week

7. L'oreal Voluminous Mascara - still has a month left.

8. Maybelline One by One Mascara - dried up last week.

9. UD Primer Potion - I have two small samples,can't tell how much is left?!

10. ELF Blush in Tickled Pink - still haven't hit pan... sooo close!! but not quite!

and any of my UD eye shadows in my Naked palette - haven't even hit pan!


some other products that i noticed will be used up... by the end of the year! lol!


- Estee Lauder Stay In Place Concealer - it's hard to see how much is left... but I should toss it at the end of the year (if it lasts that long) because i've had it for awhile.

- Stila Sun Bronzer Powder - already hit pan and I could use this as a fall blush =)

- Benefit Dandelion - to be completely honest, i haven't used this in about a year... but i totally hit pan, so i'll start using it for a subtle hint of a pink sheen.

- Buxom Lash - just started using this, but I will toss it by the end of the year.



i guess it looks like someone's going to be on a no-buy until 2012! hmph! oh well, i do need to pay off my credit card before i shop for Xmas gifts... and I should be spending my $$ on others and not myself, right?! it's the season of GIVING...?!?! oh dearrrrr.


Love it.  I put my list on this thread and then yesterday I finished off my Clinique 7 Day Scrub and Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturizer.  Plus my Shiseido SPF 55 Sunscreen Cream (it's okay, I at least have a backup at all times of sunscreen or sunblock)!  That's ok though...I still have a couple of other scrubs and I like my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer better than the Clinique.  Even with primer, the Clinique one was harder to blend and it was too easy to accidentally get way too much product in your hand than you intended.


good for you! not only have i not made any progress, i haven't even touched my list!


@waterbaby1981 thats awesome, good for you! Smiley Happy i, on the other hand, have not finished a single thing on my list! keep it up =)


A bunch of us are trying a less ambitious project 5 pan:


Link:  I am still on board for this and some of the items are actually disappearing!  I looked at my Pink Leopard today and I can actually see pan in a couple of places!  I want to completely use it up since I also have the Leopard Love palette which contains Pink Leopard. 


I can join 10 pan with my 5 pan items, plus it looks like skincare is allowed in this project, so since I cleaned out my makeup closet last week, I definitely have a bunch of skincare to put to the other 5 "pans"


Here goes!



1) MAC lipstick in Wuss. This is my all-time favorite nude lip color that they don't make anymore, but since it's down to 1/3 I have a chance at using it up. Plus I get the container for Back to MAC, yay, free makeup!


2) Benefit They're Real Mascara- The deluxe sample one from Sephora, tested once and found to be ok, just not my favorite.


3) Too Faced Pink Leopard Blush- about 1/4 left now, was 1/2 when I started 5 pan.


4) MAC tinted lip conditioner SPF 15 in some rose shade, the label fell off, 1/2. 


5)Stila waterproof glitter eyeliner in Flash- can't tell how much is in here, but it's relatively new.


6) Kinerase Deep Wrinkle Control can't tell how much is in there, but it feels like more than 1/2.


7) MAC shadow in Little Minx


8) Sephora Lash Booster


9) Shu Uemura Lash Primer


10) Pixi Illuminated Tint and Conceal


Here's to success for us all!

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