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POP Beauty Lip Gloss - Ipsy's February Box

Hey guys,


I subscribe to Ipsy and received a Pop Beauty lip gloss in my February box. The color was beautiful but it smelled off, like burnt plastic of some sort. Regardless, I tried it on my lips just to review the color and it tasted terrible. I thought that the product was supposed to be that way, so I put it aside and decided not to use it. 


Then I saw someone post on BeautyTalk that they manufacture the mini samples in Asia and the full size in the US. I figured the company was outsourcing but I didn't really care since I am not really of fan of Pop Beauty to begin with.


Pop Beauty finally posted this on their Facebook:


"Dear Ipsters,


Unfortunately some of you received a POP Plump Pout Mini with an “off” taste or smell as part of the IPSY send-out in February. We want to address this issue and explain exactly what we have been doing about it.


First and foremost we want to assure you that all of the ingredients used in the Plump Pout Mini, which are listed on the shrink wrap on the product packaging, are FDA approved and 100% safe for use.

The reason for the disparity between the ingredients listed on the product packaging and the website is that the full size version of the Plump Pout Mini is manufactured in the USA, while the Mini is manufactured in Taiwan. We recently reformulated the product, and our factory in Taiwan used the new formula to make the Mini.

We apologise if you have had a negative experience with this gloss. We have never encountered a problem of this nature with our products, and we assure you that we are taking this very seriously. If you feel that you have received a defective Plump Pout Mini, please do not hesitate to e-mail POP’s customer service at the e-mail address below. We guarantee that every e-mail will receive a response.


Yours sincerely,
POP beauty"


I've read several posts about people complaining to POP and Ipsy and were able to receive replacements, so I just wanted to spread the info!

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