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So I thought I was alone in this, but apparently many of you did too!


We know we're not supposed to pick. We know it can lead to scars and infections.  We know it hurts.  But we can't help it.


I'm starting this thread so that anyone who suffers with picking can have a safe space and judgement-free zone.  Please feel free to share whatever you need. 


Be warned: some things written here may seem "gross."   Please don't judge or tell us how gross they are.  We got that already, and that's not the point of this thread. 






I'll admit that, in the past, I've gotten C02 laser skin resurfacing for marks left from cystic acne, swore I'd never pick again, yet I still do. If I see a pimple, I pick, just with less ... abandon than I used to. Thank goodness I don't get many pimples anymore but I still have hyperpigmentationfrom past indiscretions. Retin-A does help fade the pigmented areas but doesn't seem to totally get rid of them, for me at least. My skin's pale & scars easily, & yet I still enjoy dabbling in magical thinking (believing I won't pay the price if I pick just one more time).


did the LSR work?


Yep yep yep. I am a picker. I can't help it. I know it is horrible for your skin but it feels wonderful to do it. Smiley Sad


Except when it hurts and bleeds- then it isn't so much fun...


ugh... and that clear oozy stuff. Then a scab. So you knock off the scab and get more ooze... 


^^^ That's me. All the time. Ew. 


Yep, I pick. Especially those gross ones on my jaw line. Thankfully they aren't as bad as they used to be (thanks, dermatologist!) but I still can't resist. 


I'm glad this thread has been revived and I wish everyone the best with their picking resistance!


I really struggle with picking. All through my teenage years I made terrible holes in my face out of the TINIEST bumps... I made mountains (more like craters) out of mole hills! Luckily my skin healed well when I was younger and I wasn't really left with scarring. Fast forward to a month ago. I had been doing pretty well with not picking but then my dad had a heart attack and I, in turn, attacked my face. After this I strengthened my resolve and took out 2 of the 3 lights in my bathroom so now I just have the dim one that turns on with my ceiling fan. This has helped me so much! I know it isn't ideal - it definitely makes applying makeup a little hard - but it is so worth it! Now just to get rid of the terrible red marks I made... Smiley Sad


Reading this thread at that time gave me so much hope and I knew I was not alone which is why I wanted to post here now. Thank you to everyone that has posted so far!


The two other big changes I made to try to combat my picking/improve my skin were:


1) Taking a Vitamin D3 Supplement - I noticed that my skin always got so much worse in the winter and I read that this has helped people with skin issues so I thought it was worth a shot. I have noticed HUGE improvements in my skin and I think this little pill is the main contributor.


2) Drinking more water - I started to keep a post-it on my desk at work and I mark every big cup of water I drink so that I can see my progress!


Again, good luck everyone! You are not alone!!!


I try so hard not to pick. But.... Well, you know.


Nothing is clearing up my freakin' skin either. Clarisonic, sulfur stuff, salicylic stuff.. Nope. 


I'm getting a hysterectomy in May (I am way too young for this but I have 2 diseases in my uterus and I live in too much pain every day from that, so Ursula Higgenbottom has got to go! Yes, that is her name.)...

Anyhooz, I am hoping my skin will clear up after that? But really, I dunno. My breakouts don't seem to necessarily be tied to "shark week" either, so maybe that will not work.


I pick to get rid of all the bumps, even tho I KNOW it makes them worse, impulse thinking makes it seem like "Oh no, THIS time it will help I'm sure of it."

Depression/anxiety/OCD contribute to this backwards thinking/behavior really bad for me. 


If this thread will stay as an active "support group" to help each other not pick, I'm so into it. 


M3rma1d, good luck this May!  I have endometriosis, which was luckily caught fairly early (my mom had been insisting that I had it since I was a teen, because she had really bad endo), so between surgery to remove the scar tissue and being on the pill continuously (one active pill everyday, forever) it seems to be controlled for now.


I will say that my IBS, anxiety, and even my skin have been a lot better between not having shark week, and not having shark week involve internal bleeding.  I struggled with depression after surgery because of the anesthesia, but was able to manage it with acupuncture, and now I am feeling much better than I have in years.  


So, the good news is that some of the depression and anxiety may be better once your body isn't attacking itself.and in pain all the time!


Thanks gals!! I am really happy to hear I will have fellow "hyster sisters" around here! My surgery is May 12th, on the 10th we're having a big going away party for Ursula! Smiley Happy

I'm scared/nervous, but of course also relieved so I'm trying to focus on that. It will be awesome to not live in constant pain. In fact I'm so used to the pain that it has become my "normal" and I can't really imagine what it's going to be like? I have endo and another disease called adenomyosis. They really battle it out in there for "who wants to hurt her worse?"

The sad part is I had years of docs telling me the pain was all in my head! Smiley Sad


Unfortunately I don't have insurance that covers dermatologists. :/
But yeah all my breakouts are my chin/all around my mouth so you must be right, hormonal. So awful! I feel like that's all anyone can see on my face.


I'm really proud today because I'm under crazy stress right now and I didn't pick all day yesterday. I even did a mask (GlamGlow Clearing) last night and didn't pick afterward when I was examining my face to see what magical things the mask might have done. LOL Smiley Very Happy Made the skin super duper soft like whoa, but I'm not sure if it will help with the zits or not. I really don't care about the soft skin aspect, it's not like anyone's using my face as a pillow, blanket, or sweater. Smiley Tongue


Whoo!  Have a fun party, and celebrating being able to feel more normal in every day life soon!!  :start rant: I also got the "you are too young to have anything serious wrong down there, it only hurts in your head" speech for years (and one really fantastic doctor who kept putting me on antibiotics because in her opinion the pain could only be from bladder infections), and it was only when I got a new GYN and was like, yeah my fiance and I want to have kids in the next 3-5 years and oh also, EVERYTHING HURTS that she was like, okay, well, since it can cause problems with fertility, let's take a look. my health and pain are a non issue unless I want to have babies?  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  They are finding endo is increasingly common in young women, so I have no idea why doctors are so resistant to checking for it.  A laparoscopy is hardly a major procedure at this point. /end rant.


Anyways, maybe your PCP or GYN can help you with any prescription medication for the acne after surgery?  While your PCP is not a dermatologist, most of them are at least able to give basic medication advice on skin problems, including acne.  When I was a teen, my PCP gave me several acne prescriptions that helped a lot, and I never needed to see a dermatologist.  Smiley Happy  Also, Glamglow in the black jar is sooo great, I love the exfoliation and blackhead clearing power.


OH! Good idea about the gyn giving me something, I will mention it to her at the pre-op appt.


Man, boo on docs who say it's all in your head. Here doc,  let me punch you in the junk and you tell me if it hurts!


Bummer on not having a derma covered. I'm so glad my insurance does. It helps that my derma is super cool and gives me tons of samples when I say I'm going on vacation. 


There are definitely products out there that have retinol in them, though, and rumor is some drugstore products (some of the Olay ones) are actually really good with the retinol. I would check out some of the Allure magazine reports on those- if I didn't have coverage, I'd be all over it. 


hey girl, 

just wanted to support you with the hysterectomy- I had to get one 7 years ago (I was only 32!) after my youngest son was born. Gross story short, it totally malfunctioned and had to go. Unfortunately my skin got worse- I still have my ovaries and now I can't take bc pills because of the hysterectomy, so yay, totally unregulated hormones. 


Anyway, Retin A has been a life saver for me. If you have bumps on your jawline/chin/neck, those are totally hormonal, and you should get on over to a dermatologist and get some help! 


Jumping in here to agree with you. Many moons ago, I had a hysterectomy & salpingo-oophorectomy (at 29, thanks endometriosis). I too found that my skin got worse, probably due to unregulated hormones. A combo of Retin A & a few years has helped control the cystic acne. I can't bring myself to say 'cured' because if I get too cocky it might come back. 😨


Glad to hear a dermatologist helped you too.


Whenever, I have a pimple that needs to be treated, I use a nicotinamide cream that I saw on the Dr. Oz show, just google it, it has worked wonders for me, hopefully  it can work for you and others. The study below sheds some light as to the effectiveness.


Topical nicotinamide compared with clindamycin gel in the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris.
Shalita AR1, Smith JG, Parish LC, Sofman MS, Chalker DK.
Author information

Systemic and topical antimicrobials are effective in the treatment of inflammatory acne vulgaris; however, widespread use of these agents is becoming increasingly associated with the emergence of resistant pathogens raising concerns about microorganism resistance and highlighting the need for alternative nonantimicrobial agents for the treatment of acne. Nicotinamide gel provides potent antiinflammatory activity without the risk of inducing bacterial resistance.
In our double-blind investigation, the safety and efficacy of topically applied 4% nicotinamide gel was compared to 1% clindamycin gel for the treatment of moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris. Seventy-six patients were randomly assigned to apply either 4% nicotinamide gel (n = 38) or 1% clindamycin gel (n = 38) twice daily for 8 weeks. Efficacy was evaluated at 4 and 8 weeks using a Physician's Global Evaluation, Acne Lesion Counts, and an Acne Severity Rating.
After 8 weeks, both treatments produced comparable (P = 0.19) beneficial results in the Physician's Global Evaluation of Inflammatory Acne; 82% of the patients treated with nicotinamide gel and 68% treated with clindamycin gel were improved. Both treatments produced statistically similar reductions in acne lesions (papules/pustules; -60%, nicotinamide vs. -43%, clindamycin, P = 0.168), and acne severity (-52% nicotinamide group vs. -38% clindamycin group, P = 0.161).
These data demonstrate that 4% nicotinamide gel is of comparable efficacy to 1% clindamycin gel in the treatment of acne vulgaris. Because topical clindamycin, like other antimicrobials, is associated with emergence of resistant microorganisms, nicotinamide gel is a desirable alternative treatment for acne vulgaris.


I know this is old, but I did a search and this looked like the most recent post about it, and I'm far too ashamed of myself to start my own thread. *hides*


I rarely get breakouts, but I do get occasional pimples here and there, and when I do, I CAN NOT leave them alone. I pick at them all day, every day, until they go away completely. I've had a spot by my nose for like a month because I just can't stop aggravating it. 


The only thing I've found that helps is biting all my nails off so I don't have a way to pick (which I don't want to do, I like having fingernails!) or avoiding mirrors, which I CAN'T do, as I run a beauty blog and have to keep it updated! 


What do you do after you've picked one away? Do you put Neosporin on it? Just leave it alone? Pick it some more? 

And what do you do to stop?



I use a product called silvershield gel made by Nature's Sunshine which uses nanosilver as an antibacterial / antiviral blocker and it is usually healed in a day or 2. I pick when I am very stressed( like lately) and I have a hard time just sitting here I feel my face and I just pick without a mirror. I really hate it and I hate when I get like this. 


After I pick, I put a spot treatment on immediately to help dry it out. I use Effaclar Duo.


Chupi, I do the same thing, but with the white Glamglow mask. It really pulls off of the gunk out of the spot that (sorry to say it) oozes after it's been picked.

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