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So I thought I was alone in this, but apparently many of you did too!


We know we're not supposed to pick. We know it can lead to scars and infections.  We know it hurts.  But we can't help it.


I'm starting this thread so that anyone who suffers with picking can have a safe space and judgement-free zone.  Please feel free to share whatever you need. 


Be warned: some things written here may seem "gross."   Please don't judge or tell us how gross they are.  We got that already, and that's not the point of this thread. 






Oh i can't wait till the acne scars go away and i can do that!! I hate unexpected visitors cause when i am at home i don't wear makeup. 


Just wanted to Update.

I hope everyone who was having picking issues has found a way to stop Smiley Happy

I haven't picked my face at all like i used to! It's been about a month since i stopped! And I only did once this month when things got kind of stressful. But i've been soooo good at not even thinking about picking at my skin! It's wonderful! Now to take care of the pesky dark spots left behind!



I've been a little bad recently... but that's because I finally got these little bumps that have been sitting under my skin on my jawline (tiny little whiteheads that wouldn't surface) to finally surface. Apparently all it needed was a little salicylic acid... regardless, I've been popping those like crazy so that my skin will finally smooth out on my chin. Otherwise I've been good! I still can't resist popping little whiteheads that are right on the surface, but I refuse to poke the ones that are not at the surface, and I've stopped poking at my pores with a needle (wince). Little steps!


I've also discovered that the concealer I've been using for probably about a year is most likely aggravating my acne... switched to the Tarte Maracuja Concealer and seeing much better skin!


Ah i wish the whiteheads i had on my chin would go away!! I use a Salicylic Acid treatment on my face every other night and they still don't improve. But they aren't very noticeable. Unless someone was really looking at my chin, So i don't worry too much about them!


Congrats on the no-picking for a month! I've been getting better myself except for the occasional "sweat pimple".


Also, the acne along your jawline are more and likely caused by hormones. Atleast that's what most dermatologists rule out with acne occurring around the jawline. Maybe it will clear up in a couple days? If not, you can use either a sulfur spot treatment like Bye Bye Blemish (surfaced white heads), or Neutrogena On The Spot with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (unsurfaced / closed comedones). I had some closed white heads on my cheeks a couple weeks ago, and saw rave reviews about the on the spot treatment which is like 6 bucks at Walmart, so I snagged a tube and massaged a dime size amount on both cheeks at night. I woke up the following morning with smoother skin but was a little red since I was a newcomer with benz. peroxide because my skin wasn't used to it. Gladly, I got the 2.5% and not the 10% I almost put in my buggy! It was drying, BUT a good moisturizer fixed that right up! I never thought a drugstore product can be an easy fix for the skin. Also, if you're going to try it out please don't use benz. peroxide on a regular basis, it can be very damaging. It's great for spot treatment or a cluster of white heads that aren't yet surfaced though! Then after they clear up in about a day, you can go back to your regular salicylic acid cleanser. Oh, and I used a gentle cleanser when I did the benzo treatment which was you and I's favorite....Soap and Glory 3-1! Smiley Happy


Yeah, I researched the heck out of jawline pimples when they started frustrating me. Oddly, though, I've never had them before. My chin seems to be more of my hormonal area (for me at least). Thankfully, I'm about to start back on hormonal birth control (once I stop being lazy and take my prescription to the drug store), which used to help my acne a ton when I used to take it. Not that I have bad acne, it's pretty mild as it goes, but with all the stress I've been under lately it's been worse than normal.


This is actually the first time I've tried salicylic acid in years. I used to think it did absolutely nothing for my acne, but apparently I was wrong! I've been considering trying benzoyl peroxide as well, thank you for the suggestions- I will check them out! Smiley Happy


It's really weird how skin changes over time and stuff that used to work no longer does, or vice versa.  For me, salicylic acid doesn't work well but benzoyl peroxide does.  Sadly after experimenting over the last six months, I think benzoyl peroxide is the ONLY thing that works for me as a preventive measure Smiley Sad  I hate all the bleaching of my towels and pillowcases though Smiley Sad


The other thing I've discovered that works great for me for making things surface is a sulfur spot treatment.  Kate Sommervilla Eradicate, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, and Bye Bye Blemish are all similar sulfur spot treatments that you just dot on each bump and leave on overnight.  


What I found works for me after a lot of experimentation is using benzoyl peroxide daily as a preventive treatment, then the sulfur spot treatment for the ones that do show up, then glycolic acid to treat and lighten the scars left behind.


That is exactly my routine when dealing with my acne! Although, the glycolic acid sometimes irritates my skin but only to be brighter after a couple hours so its worth the redness that occurs at first. Salicylic acid on-the-spot treatment doesn't do much for me, but I do like the Murad Time Release as my nightly cleanser. It's a gentle acne cleanser that also has anti-aging benefits.


Yeah these sit right on my jawline, and to me, make the surface of my skin there look really gross and uneven. Those little bumps sat there for a good 2-3 months (no idea what caused it) without surfacing which was driving me NUTS. I exfoliated, used masks, treatments- nothing worked. Thankfully, Birchbox sent me a sample of DDF's Acne Control Treatment, and literally after one night of use, these suckers started to surface! I'm kind of obsessed with this product now, will be purchasing in full size! (Darn you, Birchbox!)



I wish Sephora still carried DDF, I used to love their brightening cleanser.

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