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One brand

If you could only use one brand for all your makeup and one skincare brand, which would you chose?

I would chose Urban Decay makeup and Caudalie skincare.

Re: One brand

I had finally just about settled on a brand but now this topic made me paranoid lol!!! No one said philosophy! And I was trying to do all that brand... About to hit the store this weekend and get some samples of origin and Clinique stuff lol I mean the stuff I have is working fine... I shouldn't... But I know I will lol

Re: One brand


I would have to say for make up it would be Hourglass (Chanel 2nd, MAC 3rd) and for skincare I would do Bliss (DermaDoctor 2nd, REN 3rd)

Re: One brand

I get anxiety even thinking of choosing one brand!  Wow....


If I had to choose I would probably say NARS because my complexion is most important and they have it down- plus the variety is great.  


Skincare- that's a tough one too!  I would probably choose Kate Somerville because she has everything and it is all amazing Smiley Happy


I am so glad I never will have to choose- that was so hard!





Re: One brand

This is difficult, it's like being asked to choose your favorite child! I have so many favorite brands for so many different reasons Smiley Frustrated


For makeup I'd have to go with Make Up For Ever with NARS trailing right behind!


In terms of skincare, I'm going to have to go with Laura Mercier or Clinique.

Whimsically yours,

Re: One brand

Only brand for all time?  YIKES!


For makeup, I'd pick YSL, with MUFE and Urban Decay at an extremely close second.    It's just funny since I don't own that many YSL products (certainly not as many as MUFE and UD).


For skin, it is definitely La Mer.  I love Josie Maran and use a ton of JM stuff, but giving up my [La Mer] day moisturizer sounds ... I can't even imagine it.

Re: One brand

Hmmm well after much thought and concentration...


Makeup: Make Up For Ever

Skincare: Cera Ve (this brand saved my skin when I had patches of excema)

Re: One brand

This is a real toughie!  


I have to say for makeup, it would have to be NARS especially during the summer months.


For skincare, my oily, acne-prone, 40-something skin responds very well to the Caudalie line.  


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