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One Brush to Rule Them All

What is your favorite multi-tasking brush that you can use for powdering, blush, bronzing, contouring, and/or highlight?


Or if you could choose one, then which would it be?


And why?



(I'm looking for one, no price limit, just getting lazier like



Can't wait to read all your responses!


RE: One Brush to Rule Them All

I don’t necessarily have a brand in mind, but a stippling brush would be great for multitasking. I wouldn’t recommend doing all of those things listed with one brush, but you could totally do both bronzer and blush with a stippling brush to get a nice and blended look

Re: RE: One Brush to Rule Them All

Thanks for the brush type recommendation @Aliiana ! Sometimes, laziness comes with a sacrifice 😛 so a one-and-done kind of brush for light makeup applications would be great. Majority of the brushes on my list to check out are either tapered or stippling!

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

There was a time when I was using exclusively Hourglass everything, so I can attest to the fact that this brush can do it all lol. I have 2 of them in my collection and they are my workhorses!

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

Thanks so much for the recommendation @Mcakes ! I gotta check that out too the next time I'm at the mall. So many soft brushes to feel lol

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

Unrelated/Related - I was just on Beautylish and noticed this brand: 


Koyudo - anyone have any experience with their brushes? The price point doesn't seem bad and I love short handles. But mainly, this picture 🙂



WHAT ARE THESE?!!? And when can I collect them all?!


Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

Yasss @MissPuff still related! I gifted the cactus one to a friend and they said it's very soft (and very cute). That aesthetics tho 😍

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

Ouuui these are soo cute. I might try and find theses when I go to japan for my bday >:D. Does anyone know the price and if its available in Canada?

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

@MissPuff What??? Beautylish carries Koyudo now???  Bye bye Chikuhodo and Hakuhodo 😉 Just kidding!!! I dont have these particular brushes but i have a whole lots of Koyudo brushes.  They are awesome!!! The quality is similar to Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo but i think they have various range (affordable to expensive) 😉  I used to order them through CD Japan since back in the day that the only way i can order Koyudo.  The white mushroom kabuki brush is totally awesome (one of the best kabuki brush) but it's kinda expensive (around $120 USD i think).  Off to Beautylish to check 😉

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

OMG these are too cute @MissPuff Heart Heart Heart 

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

@MissPuff  I’ve stalked some Koyudo brushes for a while, though I’d probably rarely use some of the more colorfully designed ones because, well, just look at them! 😍 They’d just be collector items for me. But my serious brush collector friend uses a Fu-pa 13 (I think that’s the number; it’s a dense angled goat hair brush) for foundation most days. Of her hundreds of brushes, it’s one of her favorites. 


Sonia G did a detailed write-up of some Koyudo brushes a few years ago. I remember reading it while I was researching various Japanese brushes. 

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

omg those look so cool @MissPuff 

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

My vote is the Wayne Goss Airbrush! It's got such a unique shape and is so soft, perfect for light washes of color or blending out harsh edges. Also great for setting powder over concealer and detail spots (though it's probably too small to powder your entire face quickly...). The air brush is my go to for blush, bronzer, and highlight (turned on it's side, it's got a nice skinny profile) and because it's blue squirrel, I never have to worry about getting too heavy handed. Also lovely for buffing 🙂



Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

Thanks so much @MissPuff yesss to soft brushes! I love light washes of color on me so this sounds great


I'll respond to the remaining comments tomorrow...more like today...time to catch up on sleep and dream about soft cats and brushes 

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

For blush, highlight, and bronzer, I use a Chikuhodo Z-4 cheek brush most often. You could take away any of my other face brushes, but I’d fight you for my Z-4. 😄 


I don’t often dust/buff setting/finishing powder all over my face, but the Z-4 can also do that—though not as efficiently as a larger powder brush. 


Where I do frequently use setting powder is under my eyes (usually just in my tear troughs, which is where I apply concealer), on/around my oily nose, and over any winged liner to lock it down. I normally use a very soft eyeshadow brush for all that. A larger brush like the Z-4 wouldn’t give me the precision I need in small spaces. 

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

The Chikuhodo Z-4 looks so soft I'd just brush it on my face 24/7 LOL, thanks so much for the recommendation @WinglessOne !

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

I'm gonna have to go with my Wayne Goss brush.  I got the 2018 holiday brush, which I thought was a fab multi-tasker, but then I got one of his synthetic brushes, 25S.  It's tapered, and kinda like his 00, but a bit fluffier.  I still use the holiday brush, but I really like the 25S.


And then on the less expensive side, e.l.f. has a really cute (taveling blending brush) that I can use for contour, blush and blending.  I originally got it for foundation, but I like it better now for the reasons I just named.

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

Ohh thanks so much for the various price point suggestions @danielledanielle ! I hear good things about Wayne Goss brushes and that e.l.f. traveling brush does look cute!

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

Yw.  I love Wayne, but my budget doesn't love his brushes, lol

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

I don’t have a specific brush recommendation @RNGesusPls but I could see a tapered brush of some sort working with each of those products.

Re: One Brush to Rule Them All

It's all good @ShortErica thank you for letting me know what shape to look for!

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