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Can anybody give me any, any advice at all on my addiction?? I seem to have no control over adding items of interest to my basket and hitting the submit order button.......It seems as though I have no control over the click of the mouse at that point. HMMMMM.......The UPS man has even given me a funny look as to how many delivery's I have received. Even if there were a rehab specifically for MAKEUP junkies, atleast we would all look good and it would be the prettiest rehab known to man.....

Oh and one other thing, Does anybody else have this issue as well.................OK so when I go to look through the Christmas packages like the Philosophy gift sets for ex...I end up getting 2 of everything because I cant imagine not getting one for myself as well. Either that or I end up breaking the set out and keeping what I want. Is this selfish, and can anybody else relate to my addiction? lol

Happy holidays Smiley Happy


I can absolutely relate to your addiction!  I am the same...

I can absolutely relate to your addiction!  I am the same way.  I buy different makeup and skincare products all the time and can't seem to stop myself when I see something new and I want it.  My New Year's Resolution is to try to control my makeup buying impulses and try to use up some of the products I have before buying more. Smiley Sad   I don't know if it will work, but I'm going to give it a try.  It's funny that you said the UPS guy gives you funny looks because mine does, too (lol)!  The UPS guy has even made comments about Sephora must be a great store (lol).  Anyway, maybe you can do like me and make it a New Year's Resolution and try to stick with it for 2011.  If you decide to give it a try, let me know how it's going for you.

Merry Christmas from a fellow makeup junkie!  Smiley Happy

Ladies, ladies, what is the matter with you?  Control you...

Ladies, ladies, what is the matter with you?  Control yourselves! 

Actually, I am the same way, until I got into really big trouble years ago. 

Now, I ask myself if I can pay off the bill at the end of the month,  If I can, I buy.  If I can't, then I start removing items..  Though it is very difficult to do. 

So what?  We prefer looking beautiful at all times! 

Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy

I always add my stuff to a gift registry. That way, I kno...

I always add my stuff to a gift registry. That way, I know what I want, and I can look through all of them, and then make my choices on what I want/need/have to have or I might die.

That way, I don't break the bank, and I know all my options.

Ok, I can totally relate!!! I love make-up and we just go...

Ok, I can totally relate!!! I love make-up and we just got a Sephora where I go to college...the ladies in the store know me....I'm sure I'm their worst customer ever because I will try everything and because I'm poor, if I don't like it I'll return or exchange it. Sorry Sephora!!!! But I still love make-up


Ahh..Join the club of us makeup junkies who get funny looks from the delivery man. I am an incredible sucker for advertisement, so once I see something that says that it does something (like lengthen eyelashes or make your skin glowy), I immediately, IMMEDIATELY order it!! Especially when it comes to hair products that supposedly make your hair shiny... I can't get enough of those Smiley Wink



 I think it's a great idea to put things in your gift registry or shopping LIST instead of shopping basket. This is what I do. I leave it there for 5 days to a week. That way, if I really still want/need it, I order it. Often times, somehing better or different comes along that I want more and I delete the old thing and add the new one. I also try never, ever to buy anything if I'm not using a discount code, getting a great bonus or whatever. It definitely limits the amout of stuff I get, even with point perks!!!!

For example, I stopped myself from spending bonus points on the Benefit 500poiint perk because I already have more mascara than I can shake a stick at, and I have 5 different blushes that I'm using. Yes, it's cute and it's a great perk and I have over 500 points, but really -- do I NEED the perk right now???? No.

I love getting packages full of makeup, but crazy spending is crazy spending!


One EXCELLENT way to fulfill this guilty pleasure in a  not so guilty way is to check out the Sephora facebook site. GO under Discussion boards and look up posts for Sephora Traveling Boxes. This is where a group of makeup junkies get together online and make a numbered list of participants. Then whoever initiates the box gets a box, fills it with product samples from SEphora and sends it to the next person on the list. That person takes a few samples and throws a few in, mails it to the next person who does the same thing, and so on. After everyone on the list has received the box and has had a chance to swap for samples, the box goes back to the original person, who chooses their samples and donates the rest to  a women's shelter or another similar charity. This definitely helps with the "getting a makeup package in the mail" fix, hooks you up with other makeup junkies, AND helps out underpriviledged women to get a makeup fix, too!! How's THAT for makeup making the world a better place????  You can join an existing traveling box or start a few of your own!!!


OK thats a great idea!!! I am going to join or start that FB and application...........that is awesome Smiley Happy I really love that it is helping out a woman in need! That is def my favorite part!!!!!!!!! Thanks MERMADELOVE for mentioning that.


No problem!!! And if you do start a Traveling Sephora Box, PM me here so I can look for you o the FB board. I would love to join in! (I have looooots of samples from Sephora to share!!!!!!)


Oh my gosh I have a ton of samples too!  Definitely let me know as well if you do this!

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