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Can anybody give me any, any advice at all on my addiction?? I seem to have no control over adding items of interest to my basket and hitting the submit order button.......It seems as though I have no control over the click of the mouse at that point. HMMMMM.......The UPS man has even given me a funny look as to how many delivery's I have received. Even if there were a rehab specifically for MAKEUP junkies, atleast we would all look good and it would be the prettiest rehab known to man.....

Oh and one other thing, Does anybody else have this issue as well.................OK so when I go to look through the Christmas packages like the Philosophy gift sets for ex...I end up getting 2 of everything because I cant imagine not getting one for myself as well. Either that or I end up breaking the set out and keeping what I want. Is this selfish, and can anybody else relate to my addiction? lol

Happy holidays Smiley Happy


I have somewhat of the same problem maybe worset because i use some of the products only once or twice. I think buy gift sets are worth it. I take what i want and repack the rest and give it as a gift and I get many thank yous.



girls...girls,c'mon....we could be doing alot worse things then being beauty junkies!  am i right....i can justify any purchase when it comes to making myself look better, so just ask...i'll be happy to help! can anyone help me, as i age (52)...i'm losing my beauty little by little and i never thought it would effect me as much as it don't look twice anymore and that hurts....i'm trying to do this with grce but i must admit that it is making me feel insecure for the first time since my 20's....who else can relate?ughhhhhhhhhhh


LOL Woman Happy I actually can. 


I bought myself a really nice makeup case.  Once it is full, then I can't buy anything more unless I run out of a product,  or need to change due to colors going out of style, allergies, etc.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it .  However, when I filled it, all the boxes were still there has to be plenty of room if I get rid of the boxes right?  Smiley Very Happy


LMAO I like the way you think...Theres always a way to bend the rules a bit even if they are your own hehe Smiley Happy I mean after all, werent rules made to be broken?? Smiley Wink


Smiley Very HappySmiley Tongue  LOL 


I feel your pain.  I buy way too much makeup!  Nothing brightens up the day like new lipstick or eyeshadow!!  I'm going to try to put myself on a budget.  Next month.


Yep and theres always next month LOL LOL Smiley Tongue


Oh guys, recently I become an addict too...  I wasn't much of an make-up girl before.  But I don't know if its the proximity of the 50's or what. Now make-up is an obsession!

I have been buying primers, watching eye make-up tutorials like crazy... I am going insane.  The good side is that I learn a lot, and look prettier.  Tenngal has been looking my steps at a distance... LOL  so she can vow on what I am saying.  But, on the other hand I have been spending like crazy!! 

How many eye shades a person might need? I only have two eyes? But I just ordered a 88 palette... and I want the metal mania one with another 88 colors... I thinks I am going NUTS!!

Please let me know I m not insane, or if I am... Let me know there are so many more people just like me in the world...So I wont feel I am the only belatedly crazy lady obsessed by makeup.


Thanks ladies!


@daniluv: You should check out the thread on Beauty Confessions: Count (if you dare)!  We are all counting up our makeup items and realizing how much we have. (I thought I was doing pretty well until I found I hadn't counted a whole train case worth of stuff and my travel bag)!


My makeup obsession seemed to come on later in life too, I was makeup crazy as a teenager, but didn't have enough money to go nuts. Later, I was just too busy to be bothered with makeup and my job didn't require it, so I really let it slack. I had maybe one quad of shadow, a dried up mascara and a couple of lip glosses and Lip Smackers. Whenever I had to attend something that required dressing up, I just went to a MAC and had them do my makeup, and bought some kind of skin treatment or brushes as my purchase. (Or a new mascara to let get dried up)!!  But within the last couple of years, wow, I just seem to "have" to have new makeup. I dunno, maybe second childhood?


daniluv: I dont think your crazy....I think you are having fun!!! If anybody thinks having fun is crazy, well who really cares lol I also recently became a makeup addict, and I am loving every min of it. The other half may think I have gone a bit nutz with it, but its my life, my face and my makeup Smiley Happy You can never have "too much"! As you never know when you might need that one shad for that one occasion....Kinda like shoes, you might buy a crazy pair that are so cute for ONE outfit......Even if you only wear them once, you had to have them to complete the look. I think of makeup in the same way as just never know! And most important, is makeup makes you feel beutiful, and if you feel good thats all that matters...... Smiley Happy Smiley Happy


Thanks guys!  I feel much better after all your support!

Now I really have to concentrate not to get the same color eyeshades already have.

I tend to love the pink, mauve, brownish shades... So when I see there I go again purchasing a very similar color!

May be I have to dare to be bolder and change colors... I don't know!


Suggestions of colors I should try?  I have my pic posted on my profile page...  If you have any ideas, not very colorful ideas (I am not so sure I am ready for a peacock eye yet!Smiley Wink), please let me know.


Feel free to send me pics I might try, or links thru private e-mails (since its not permitted to post non-sephora links)...

I posted some about those special eyeglasses that flip (Amazon link), and my post was editedSmiley Tongue, now I learned my lesson (I am a good girl after all - LOL)Smiley Very Happy


Thanks again guys!!



I think I saw that post on the flip up glasses, so it must have been removed after it was up for a bit.  Too bad, the person who asked the question could have used the answer.  Hope she saw it.

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The UPS guy looks at me funny too. I Decided I'm not going to look him in the face anymore, its intimidating. ha ha ha!!Smiley Happy


I get my Sephora packages at the Post Office, that way I don't have to explain (if this is possible?) why I "need" 2 or 3 orders from Sephora in a month! No funny looks from the UPS man either.


I do the same thing one time i think i spend like 450 and when i got home i was like what the why did i buy this i had run out of shadow and thats why i went i didn't get any shadow but i got a brush for it so when ever i want to do thati just think of that experince Smiley HappySmiley Very Happy


I think I'm the opposite of everyone here. I like to go shopping and I like to try things on, but I dont like spending the money. I only buy it if I need it or I really really love it. My makeup collection right now is at the most its ever been, but its nowhere near as close to being as big as anyone on these boards. Most of the time I dont see the point of buying something I already have ( like more eyeshadow palettes) and I hate it when something expires before I get a chance to use it up completely so now I'm very careful not to buy more than what I can use up. If I'm browsing online and see something I like I add it to my shopping list and the next time I'm in Sephora I try it out. A lot of the time I end up not liking that item. And sometimes I could want something real bad but if I leave it in the shopping list long enough I change my mind about it. I used to be obsessed about getting the Urban Decay Naked Palette and checked Sephora stores and ULTA stores and online almost every day to see if it was in stock yet but when I actually got it I gifted it to someone that actually needed it and loved it just as much. And even if I had it right now I'll bet you any money that I would barely even touch it because right now I'm very into cream shadows and I havent touched my powder ones since I started using them. I also remember really wanting a Clarisonic. I had it on my wish list for months but after doing a bit of research and talking to a dermatologist and trying a manual cleansing brush I realized that its not for me at all. All in all, I love to look but I'm sort of a penny pincher when it comes to spending on myself. I love to spend on others though and I dont care how much that costs. Go figure huh? And yesterday was my birthday and I did get a nice amount of money ( $250) and I *could* go into Sephora and spend it there but I realize that I'm set with makeup, I'm set with skincare and thats all there is to it. I have all the beauty items that I need so I will save that $250 until I see something I really want or need.


I have an uncle though who's a hardcore shopaholic and its very sad. Its the first time in my life that I've seen a man be a shopaholic and its really unbelievable. I feel sorry for his wife, his kids, his business and its just a matter of time before they all end up homeless. I wish this on no one. Please guys, if you are struggling financially, the packages of stuff are not worth the giant interest rates, fees, large payment amounts, bad credit scores...its not worth it. You could get something on sale but if you're paying for it with a credt card that excuse just went out the window.

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