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I went way overboard with purchases this month (2 orders with Sephora last week alone).  So I decided to put myself on a "no-buy" for the entire month of July.  Has anyone successfully done this before?  I know I won't be able to read fashion and beauty blogs or open emails from my favorite stores, but any other suggestions?


Re: No-buy

Oh, goodness. No-buys are no-fun! BUT you do save a ton of money not buying stuff for a whole month!! If you decide there's a product you really want to try, write it down in a notebook or email or something, (i would say put it in your shopping list on sephora but that requires getting on sephora, which means SHOPPING SPREE!!! if you're trying to not buy anything, lol.) and in august or whenever you're done re-evaluate your shopping list. You'd be suprised on how many things you won't still want.

Good luck!!!

xoxo, Charlotte

Re: No-buy

I'd go through your history and look at the purchases you've made and look at your points history if possible. Are you using everything? Did you send back the items you didn't end up liking? People often underestimate how much they spend and it's been proven in numerous studies regarding health, diet, finances etc. that tracking is one of the best ways to counteract this.


I'd add up the $ spent on makeup and if you can't track that w/Sephora's history, try counting w/points and adding up the # of point perks you have. It will give you a realistic idea of your expenses. You can try to imagine other things you could have spent the money on or how many hours of work it required to accumulate that much money.


Before I make a purchase and get caught up in how much I want it, I try to ask myself:


  • Do I really need it (almost always, the answer is no)
  • Will I actually use it? (Good question for clothes - esp if I don't have good things to match it with or I start having to imagine buying more things just to wear the initial article of clothing. Another good question for expensive clothes: Is this piece quality/can I see myself wearing this in 2 years? 5 years? 7 years?)
  • Is it worth the $?

Often when I reason through the decision, I'll realize that I'm just fine w/o buying anything and walk away easily Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

I'll do the no-buy with you...we'll cheer each other on not to shop for makeup for a month!  (I SO need to do this, I have way too much stuff already.)

Re: No-buy

A trick for no-buy :


Wait at least 48 hours before you buy something you want.


Chances are you wont want it anymore Smiley Happy






Re: No-buy

@antoine0000 i totally agree with that trick!! i waited just 24 hours before i made my purchase for the current VIB offer, then found out the free set in the offer SOLD OUT! it made me realize that i really didnt NEED the free set OR the $40 product that i was going to purchase to get the free set!


@sephoramusthave those cute palettes intrigued me also! a lot of people love kitten, but it looks terrible on me!




I WAS DOING SOOOOOO WELL WITH MY MAKEUP NO BUY!!!!! The last makeup product I purchased was a back-up of my HG liquid eye liner (the actual eye liner was in my Project 10 Pan). Sadly, today I splurged and went against my October Makeup No Buy because I went to an outlet before I went to my aunt's house today. I only go to outlets a couple times a year and this particular outlet had a Cosmestic Company Outlet (CCO) Store and a Bare Escentuals Outlet Store! Going in to it, i knew i'd be breaking the rules because i'm never near the CCOs and wouldnt want to pass up a good deal on discontinued items. Smiley Sad 


I'm disappointed that I broke my no-buy rule, BUT im in loveee with everything i got! Smiley Tongue



Re: No-buy

Let us know how those items turn out for you katie723!


I havent broken my no buy yet and I'm ready to tackle November full throttle. 


Usually my no buys include no buys for everything but I forgot about charity. So if anyone donates to a charity please continue to give to that. I'm participating in my church's baby shower ( its for single mothers who have no one and no place to go and they need stuff for their newborn babies), the Adopt an Angel program ( christmas gifts for poor children or seniors, please visit and participate if you want), and my Church's Christmas Child thing ( you pick an ornament off the tree and it tells you the sex of the child and one gift that they need, its usually clothes or shoes and you can buy more if you want) and my church's food collection thing ( you get a giant paper bag and fill it with things like pasta and canned food).


So even though I'm not shopping for beauty item, I will get my shopping fix anyway through donations.

Re: No-buy

I've decided not to participate in Sephora's friends and family this year. Initially I wanted to order a few gifts with that discount that I had in mind for other people and give it to them for Christmas but then I got a thank you card with a  Sephora giftcard from someone ( $100 Smiley Very Happy) so I can just use that instead. 

Re: No-buy

Use your gift card to order gifts during friends & family! Smiley Happy that's a nice thank you gift no matter what you decide to do with it!

Re: No-buy

I thought about that but nah...and only because EVERYONE is having a 20% off sale ( ULTA, UD website, JC Penney etc). This week I've pretty much seen every major company have a big sale and you cant shop everywhere! Ha! Plus I'm on a November No buy. ( last month of no buys until I get to shop!)

Re: No-buy

I've been dying to try out the Revlon Lip Butters, but I'm sticking with my NOVEMBER NO BUY!! My brother and I went to Rite Aid because I wanted to buy some for my mom. As soon as we pulled up, I was about to tell my brother I wanted to break my no-buy and get myself some... BUT THEN I STARTED CHOKING ON MY CANDY AS SOON AS I STARTED TO SAY IT!!!


I could NOT stop laughing... seriously! It was definitely a SIGN not to break my beauty no-buy.


I love how things work out in life... Smiley Very Happy


P.s. I tried the Lip Butters after my mom tried it. It feels great! Berry Smoothie looks like a nice dark pink lip balm and its very moisturizing. I also got her one in Sugar Plum... she hasn't opened it so I have no comments about it just yet.

Re: No-buy

I absolutely believe in signs and gosh, thank goodness you didnt suffocate to death!


Speaking of lip butters, I still havent added the Lavanila and the Korres ones to my collection. I just have too much lipbalm! The weird thing is, is that no matter how many I have they are all *almost* used up but it takes me forever to finish them because I rotate them so much. I keep a different one in every room, purse etc. Last year for the holidays I saw a full size 3 piece Korres lip butter set and I didnt see it in stores this I'm holding out for that, and I've been wanting the Lavanila one for forever but its too pricey for something I dont need right now. 

Re: No-buy

Lip balms are addicting!! I love the lil EOS lip balms because they're too cute... but I learned they're actually NOT very moisturizing! I'm really interested in the Korres lip butter set in the tubes, I feel like it's a lot more sanitary. They've got a set of four beautiful colors right now! Smiley Happy




I'm dying to go shopping!!!! What are you all going to purchase as soon as December 1st rolls around? So far, here is my list:


1. Olay Facial Cleansing Brush Refill

2. Toner - don't know if I should stick w/ my Tea Tree Water from Lush or try a new one?

3. Brush Cleaner

4. OPI Nail Polish in Excuse Moi from the Muppet Collection

5. Murad Acne Spray, since I'm starting to go to the gym more often.


there are no makeup products there, all beauty! Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

I've been wanting to try the EOS Lipbalms because some of them are USDA organic but they are kind of bulky.


Honestly right now I am in the "for other people only" shopping mode. I have a giant list of things I would like from Sephora for myself but realize that I dont need any of it. Nonetheless, I will probably end up buying something for myself anyway,


I want a shaving kit for my dad and I'm looking at maybe getting The Art of Shaving in Unscented Kit for him, I want a luxury moisturizer or kit for my mom and I'm looking at either L'occitane or Fresh...and I want a bunch of fragrance kits too.


I'll list my hauls once December rolls around. Smiley Very Happy

Re: No-buy

The EOS lipbalms are definitely bulky, but very cute. I hardly use them anymore, though!


I'm not sure if the Jack Black lip balm is USDA organic, but it sure is amazing! If you havent tried it already, you should ask for a sample! I have three samples in my room =X


Did you see that the Art of Shaving set is part of Sephora's Black Friday deals? I want the mascara sets and the bare mineral sets for myself... but black friday is part of NOVEMBER! ahhhhhhh. i dont know what im going to do with myself!

Re: No-buy

In Sephora's Black Friday event, do you have to stand outside the door at 2 am to save some money or is it a all day thing? 'Cuz I am not freezing myself for makeup. Or anything. Or getting up that early on Friday. Forget it. Ha!

Re: No-buy

I'm not sure when it starts, but the deal is good all day or until supplies last, whichever comes first! The stores and online better be stocked with tons of those products!!


I will be picking up a few of those items selfishly for myself... so 5 days before November ends, I will be breaking my November No-Buy! Smiley Surprised ahhhhh. just like last months, i broke my no-buy the day or two before the month ended! I just cant pass up these $10 sephora black friday deals!

Re: No-buy

@katie723- How did you locate the Sephora Black Friday deals?  Is it some kind of Facebook thing?  I don't have a Facebook account and won't be getting one, I am enough addicted to BeautyTalk, if I had another social internet thing I think my husband would divorce me! LOL

Re: No-buy

@prettyinpa I just googled "Sephora Black Friday 2011" and I found a link to Sephora's Facebook Fan page that had all the deals. HAHA! yes, Facebook can getting addicting... thats why I try to stay away from it as much as possible!


Did you need any clarification for the black friday deals? I can try to help since I can see the facebook page.

Re: No-buy

@katie723- Thanks for the offer to look up the Black Friday Deals on Facebook for me!  How sweet!


dianabt posted that we are supposedly going to get an email with details and from your other post, I think I might be interested in the Stila Glitz and Glam palette and the travel brush set, we'll see how much of a turkey coma I am in tonight when the sale starts. lol!


@sephoramusthave- I am going to ULTA on Friday because I probably won't have much to do and will be in a city that has an ULTA.  I'll check out their sale items, some of them look pretty good!

Re: No-buy

oh good, you did see that @sephoramusthave! I meant to post that earlier this week! I think I'm going to pick it up...

Re: No-buy

Did you end up getting it?


I didnt end up having time to pick it up or see if they have it in stock because of Thanksgiving. You cant exactly leave and do what you want with a house full of family members that have flown in from different states just to see you.


But I have no regrets because I dont NEED any more blush. Heaven knows that the 3 that I do have will last me ages.

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