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I went way overboard with purchases this month (2 orders with Sephora last week alone).  So I decided to put myself on a "no-buy" for the entire month of July.  Has anyone successfully done this before?  I know I won't be able to read fashion and beauty blogs or open emails from my favorite stores, but any other suggestions?


Re: No-buy

Hi!  I am definitely going to be joining everyone on this no-buy at least for the month of January.  I went a little overboard with purchases (particularly at Sephora) recently, and since I feel like I have everything I absolutely need right now, I'm not going to buy any beauty products in the rest of January. Wish me luck! Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

Okay I am in for a no buy for January. I've gotten everything I need (and then some!) so I'm pretty much set for several months. I wont buy anything unless I completely run out of something.

Re: No-buy

i'm with ya! no more unnessary makeup purchases! 


i just have a $5 extracare coupon from CVS that i was originally planning to use on some makeup (who knows what) but i'll spend that on any other pharmacy/personal care needs. Smiley Happy 


and if i can successfully make it to February then maybe i'll reward myself with something? (eeek)

Re: No-buy

I'm pretty proud of myself right now.  Since I bought the Naked 2 palette I haven't purchased anything else unnecessary from December 1!  (I did get the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer at Nordstrom, but that was Christmas money that my mother in law insisted I had to spend on myself, not on paying bills.  The rest of the money went for a new sports bra and cell phone.)  I also managed to clean out quite a bit of clutter from my walk-in closet and my bathroom (empty shoeboxes and papers are gone from the closet; old expired stuff underneath my bathroom cabinets are gone.) 


I'm already feeling less stressed because of less clutter in our bedroom/closet/master bath!  Maybe I should take advantage of those bath bombs in the Lush bag in my closet and use one...the warm water will actually feel really good on my sprained ankle, too.


Re: No-buy

Yes! Although I'm a man , I'm on a no-buy except for emergency untill January ... so don't worry dear

you'll do fine. NO IMPULSE SHOPPING !



Re: No-buy

wow, i can't believe i didn't know this existed! i just clicked on this link from tenngal and it's SO ME! of course for the last year i've been limiting my spending to only drugstore brands(i don't spend money on shampoo, face wash, moisturizer, body lotion, exfoliator, detangler, lipstick, nail polish, mascara, toner, body lotion) what i do spend money on, eyeliner, shimmer-y eye shadow, anything with ahas glycolic acid,etc, conditioner, and perfume. so that's helped a bit. but i used to go hog-wild! i am definitely a makeup junkie!

Re: No-buy

I'm doing really good with my no-buy Smiley Very Happy My birthday was a couple of days ago and even though I got some cash I didnt sprint to Sephora to spend it on things I dont need. I even saw a TheBalm and the Beautiful palette at TJ Maxx today which is the exact same product as the TheBalm Muppet Palette, its just been repackaged into a new theme and the shades were renamed to match the new theme. It was lovely, it was $19.99 but I could have gotten it for 10 bucks because I had a $10 off coupon and I still passed on it. 


*pats herself on back*


I do have 82 items in my shopping list though...*blush blush*

Re: No-buy

@ chewcifer:  Glad you found the thread!  It's a lot of fun and we try to help each other at the same time, ha ha. Smiley Happy


@sephoramusthave:  I'm proud of you...I'm giving you a cyber pat-on-the-back right now, ha ha!  As for all the items in your shopping cart, which I have a bunch too, it never hurts to be prepared in case we become rich all of a sudden, ha ha! Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

If it wasn't for my current no-buy, I'd be all over that Benefit Legally Bronze set!! All those full sized items for $38?! Omggg. Smiley Sad

Re: No-buy

I'm doing a good job of deleting all the e-mails I get from beauty websites except for the ones I get from Sephora, which I just can't help but open, ha ha.  There are several new items that have come out that I want to try and it's driving me nuts, but I'm trying my best not to cave.  I will admit that I'm saving a list of the new products from those e-mails that I want to try so I can either go try them right before Christmas and ask for the ones I like for Christmas presents or try them right after Christmas when I have determined to let myself free of the "No Buy" restriction, ha ha.

By the way, I've started deleting the Coach handbag e-mails announcing new arrivals along with the beauty e-mails.  I think this will help stop my unnecessary spending on handbags (hopefully).

Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

Are you just getting the Coach emails and not the mailers they send to your house?  If so, that is SO NOT FAIR.  Coach is sending me $100 off a $300 or more purchase in a Coach retail store coupons in my actual mailbox!  It's kind of annoying at this point, actually.  It was ONE purse at their store, and I'm getting all these mailers????


I love to see the emails and go to Nordstrom and look at all the pretty handbags though...even though I have about 8.  Especially all the ones on reduced price!

Re: No-buy

@ waterbaby1981:  LOL!!!  I actually do get the direct mailers at home, too, which is an even greater temptation, ha ha!  Coach comes at me from all directions so deleting the e-mails doesn't completely do the trick, ha ha.  I got so tickled when I read your note about the direct-to-home mailer because it reminded me about how I tore into it as soon as I got it out of the mailbox when it arrived!  LOL!  I am still SO addicted to Coach purses, but I'm really trying to behave.  It helps that I live in a small town and even the department stores around here don't sell Coach brand so the closest Coach store or even department store that sells Coach is about a 2-hour drive.  Of course there is still out there just calling for my mouse to click on it, ha ha! Smiley Happy



@sephoramusthave:  Really pretty purses!!!  You're so lucky that you aren't that into purses.  I wish I wasn't because I have to worry about spending too much money on makeup and handbags both, ha ha.  Seriously, I love your handbags!  I am the same way with purses that I am with makeup...the brighter the better!  I'm hopeless!  LOL!  Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

Thank you tenngal! I really love them and wouldnt give any of them up for any other, fancier one. Before these 2 I only bought bags one at a time and lugged them around everyday until they got too worn out ( to the point where it was shameful to be seen in public with it). I remember in high school I had this black over the shoulder hobo bag that I loved so much but it was sooo worn out that my mom tried to throw it out at least a dozen times because it embarassed her in public but EVERY SINGLE TIME I took it out the trash can and wore it again. ( It was in the office trash can where it just had paper in it---what can I say? Dont touch my stuff.). I'm picky when it comes to bags, I wont get it or ask for it unless I really really LOVE it. The hobo bag was also made of this black material that tended to collect dust.Smiley Tongue I dont think it had a brand name, I cant find an exact picture of it but it was very similar to this one.



Tenngal you remind me a lot of my mom. My mom would never openly call herself a shopping addict but the woman has so much beauty items/clothes/shoes/bags that she could give even Sephora a run for their money. Her master bedroom closet is overflowing, there's so many extra cabinets and whatnot to try to keep it organized and its organized, but there's so much stuff that a lot of it ends up folded on top of one another. My dad has maybe 10% of that closet space. Her master bathroom has so many closets and drawers but even thats not enough to hold all her c*rap, she has baskets all around her bathtub, by the window, in the shower, around sink area....when I'm in there I dont see a need to go shopping, just playing around with her stuff gives me my shopping fix. Smiley Happy She has a purse in every color clothing she owns because she likes to match, and she has waaayyy to much winter clothes for someone that lives in the south. There's a giant box in the garage where she keeps her shoes ( there's hundreds in there...some really old and worn out, some that she will never wear again but refuses to throw out...oy.)

Re: No-buy

@sephoramusthave:  LOL!  I'll bet your mom and I would have a blast shopping together, ha ha!  Right now I am on a scarf kick and have accumulated so many that I am going to have to buy some kind of organizer to keep them on or in because I can't tell what's what and they're getting wrinkled, etc.  So, yeah, I am having a scarf-buying problem as well as a Coach purse buying problem on top of my makeup buying problem, ha ha!  I guess I am just realizing that I am a shop-a-holic...there I just admitted it.  I think because I switch up my buying frenzies is why I'm still doing good with the No-Buy on makeup.  Eventually I'll go back on the makeup craze again.  I'm hopeless...LOL! Smiley Very Happy

By the way, I envy you getting to go spend the day going to your mom's and going through all her stuff! Smiley Tongue

Re: No-buy

@sephoramusthave:  I forgot to mention in my previous post that my favorite style of bag is a hobo.  I can understand why you loved your hobo bag and didn't want to get rid of it.  I love the way hobo's feel on my shoulder and you can get so much stuff in them.  Here's a picture of one of the most recent Coach Poppy bags that I bought which is a hobo style:

The picture is kind of fuzzy and it distorts when I try to blow it up, but I think you can get the idea of the shape of it, which is a hobo.  Plus it's bright, which is what I like, too, ha ha! Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

tenngal--That is such a pretty bag! Love the metallic finish Smiley Very Happy I love shoulder bags, hobo bags and messenger bags and I absolutely cant stand hand bags. If I cant put it over my shoulder its not for me. I'm really bad about putting things down and forgetting about them. One time I was grocery shopping and I put down my hand bag to look at something and I left it at that isle! AND I didnt even notice my bag was missing until I came back to that same isle an hour later! I was lucky no one took it! But for some reason when I have something on my shoulder I hold on to it and I feel naked without it so I never forget it anywhere.


I went to ULTA today just to look around and I didnt buy anything. I havent been there in awhile and I was hoping to be able to sniff Taylor Swifts perfume but they didnt have it. I saw the UD Book of Shadows Vol 4 palette and I really dont like the color selection at all. There were maybe 2 that I liked out of the whole palette. I also checked out the Stila Smudgepot in Kitten but it was dried out. >_< I also looked at the Tarte True Blood palette and the Stila neutral shadow palette ( dont like any of them). I barely touched the Stila shadow and it crumbled into a million peaces and all over my clothes. Tsk Tsk.

Re: No-buy

@sephoramusthave:  You're a better woman than I went into Ulta and resisted buying anything, ha ha! Smiley Wink  Actually, I try to buy all of my expensive makeup from Sephora, but I like to go to Ulta (since I have one close) to test products before ordering from Sephora.  I also buy my Redken hair products there because they are always putting out good coupons and they put Redken on sale quite often, too.  They also sell Pureology brand which I like, as well.  I saw the UD Book of Shadows IV and I thought the same thing as you did.  There was a beautiful bright blue color I loved and one or two other colors I thought were pretty, but basically every other color looks pretty much like colors I already have either in other palettes or in individual containers.  So I'm not tempted to buy it, thank goodness.  By the way, thanks for the compliment on my hobo bag.  I am picky about purses just like I am about makeup.  A bag has certain criteria it has to meet or I won't buy it.  Number one is that it has to be a shoulder bag because (like you said) I will sit down a purse with no strap and walk off and forget it.  I also prefer single straps to double strap bags, but I will get a double handled bag if it stays on my shoulder without one handle flopping down.  A purse also has to have a wide opening, etc., etc.  So, yeah, I'm pretty OCD about purses amongst other things, ha ha.  Oh well, at least it keeps me from buying every purse that comes along! Smiley Very Happy

Re: No-buy

tenngal---I also dont like open or semi open bags. ( Like those that just snap shut in the middle but are open everywhere else because when it rains everything inside gets wet and when I drop it everything comes out of the bag). I *prefer* bags to have a strong zipper and zip up but any other way that keeps the bag completely closed is fine too.

Re: No-buy

@sephoramusthave:  When it comes to drugstore brand makeup I think NYX is the only brand that I'd recommend to anyone when it comes to eyeshadow and eyeliner.  I don't use much drugstore makeup either, but Ulta had a great sale on some NYX eyeshadows one time and the colors were beautiful so I decided to try it and it turned out to be very pigmented and good.  I don't know about NYX lipsticks, etc., because I've only tried their eyeshadows and jumbo shadow/liners.  Personally, when it comes to lippies I usually buy UD, Bite or MAC brands. Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

tenngal---Thanks for the info! NYX is cheap compared to other drugstore makeup so I always *assumed* that it sucked but now I'll absolutely have to give this brand a chance. I like that their lipsticks arent vacuum sealed like almost everyone else, you can take the top off and actually LOOK at the shade because most of the time the shade on the sticker on the outside doesnt match the actual color in the tube. I really love Burts Bees Lip Shimmers. They are BEAUTIFUL lipsticks that are very pigmented, have excellent staying power and they are very affordable. I have gone through a handful of those. I have yet to try their new tinted lip balms. I also really like the Milani Glitz and Glamour Gloss, or the Milani 3D gloss. The colors are true to the color in the tube, they smell/taste awesome, they are not sheer or sticky AT ALL, very moisturizing and have good staying power. I dont own one yet but I steal it from my mom whenever I can! Smiley Very Happy My favorite lipstick is Dior Addict though. I love the formula and the array of colors this brand comes in, its really amazing. I am on my 3rd tube of the Parisian Chic #454 shade but there are at least 10 more shades that I love and that look amazing on me. Usually when it comes to lipsticks, I find one...MAYBE two shades that I really like but the Dior Addict I would be completely broke if I bought every shade I liked.

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