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I went way overboard with purchases this month (2 orders with Sephora last week alone).  So I decided to put myself on a "no-buy" for the entire month of July.  Has anyone successfully done this before?  I know I won't be able to read fashion and beauty blogs or open emails from my favorite stores, but any other suggestions?


Re: No-buy

@sephoramusthave blushes seem like the hardest to go through (along with eye shadows for  me)! especially since i only apply a light touch of it everyday! but they're also fun to switch up!

Re: No-buy

i definitely don't need anymore blush either! they were sold out by the time i checked online friday night, and the store i stopped by on saturday didnt have it. based on the swatches i was able to find online, i don't think i really need them! 


i'm glad we both ended up not getting something we don't need! 

Re: No-buy

i was reading reviews on those two blushes on makeupalley but they weren't very good! you two dodge a bullet!

Re: No-buy

Anyone planning on doing a December No-Buy? I'm determined to complete a No-Buy for a whole month, since I didn't complete it during October and November. In October, I broke it by purchasing BE and MAC products at an outlet. In November, I broke it by purchasing sets at Sephora and one set at Ulta during Black Friday.


I will be doing a December Make-up No Buy, simply because I have some skin care, hair and brush cleaner products that I need to buy. I absolutely do not need any more makeup, especially since I ordered a ton of mascaras during Sephora's Blk Friday and the BE blush+lip set. I'm focusing on finishing up makeup products so I can shop at the end of June without feeling bad!


Since today is December 1st (finally!), I'm going to Lush to pick up a new large bottle of Tea Tree Water Toner! With the new Sephora Holiday gift card deal (whenever I receive it...) I will be purchasing the Murad Acne Body Spray. Finally, once I completely run out of my MAC brush cleanser, I will be purchasing a new bottle from Parian Spirit. Those are the only necessities that I can think of at the moment!


Wish me luck, because I will need it! Smiley Tongue

Re: No-buy

Hi katie723!


That's a GREAT idea.. I should be spending my money on gifts for others rather than myself. Does a no buy count if I did an order last month, or am doing a back to mac? lol Smiley Happy


It can be hard to keep myself from buying items. And being a part of Sephora's team and seeing all the cute sets and items coming out is SUCH temptation!  Good luck to you and I think I will try the same! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: No-buy



i can imagine how difficult it would be to restrain yourself from making purchases if you're part of Sephora's team!! last months order and a b2m wouldn't count in my book Smiley Happy


here's a tricky question... I bought my friend a mini BADgal lash mascara for xmas for $9. now they have the benefit tan about town set for $10 (mini BADgal lash AND mini hoola and mini some kinda gorgeous for just a dollar more?!)


so i just ordered the tan about town set so i could give my friend the mascara and i'm going to return the one i purchased originally... and maybe keep the other two products for myself?!?!?! hahah. thats totally cheating right?! ughhhh. im guna keep them in my drawer until december is over, i guess =X

Re: No-buy

Hi Katie!


Haha, its not cheating! You are doing a switch and not really spending. I'll consider it a spend if you spent more than $5 for the new set! 


The Tan About Town set is SO cute, and a great deal! Maybe the sizes are a bit smaller but if you are just trying the items out I think it's a great set to start with. No buys are a great way to ensure you actually USE the items you already have.. which I need to do! Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: No-buy

Do it! It's a cute set (I got it two days ago when I went to make a return) & I liked some kinda gorgeous - I think it may work well even as a concealer for me!

Re: No-buy

Katie723 , Thanks for the suggestion to join the no buy. I'm currently attempting a project 10% I suspect it will be impossible, Im doing it by category however. So the ones where i own the most will take the longest.  I've actually successfully not purchase anything since November 28, 2011 when i went bonkers and bought 21 milani items and 6 body shop items!! **bleep** Turkey sales. Wish me luck gals.

Re: No-buy

@sephoramusthave If you do a no buy anytime soon i will cry! Lol. 


@eelias i'm trying to do that too but it's not really working. there's this thread for it Smiley Happy



Re: No-buy

Aww why? We are all here for kindness and support.


I'm going crazy with the shopping this month ( I've bought 31 items this month and its just the beginning of December!) because of the holidays and because I've run out of some things that I need but I think that after December I probably should stay away from beauty products for awhile and get back to only getting items that I've run out of. My mom's birthday is Jan.8 though, and she loves her Sephora so I will have to make an exception for that as well.


I think tomorrow I will go to my free standing Sephora and finally use that $15 giftcard that was mailed to me. Hopefully I wont see a bunch more items that interest me though because I have a 3 page wishlist that just keeps getting longer.

Re: No-buy

"No-buy"   Never heard of it! lol

Re: No-buy

Only because you've done no-buy SO well for so many months even when you legitimately needed something, do you deserve a few months of shopping if you want it Smiley Happy so that's why I'll cry if you start another really soon lol. Although I will fully support your efforts if you do!

Re: No-buy

I think its because of the fact that I dont "collect" makeup. I get what I know I would use up and completely love and thats all. I would be in a lot of financial trouble if I was a collector lol. Nontheless, even though I dont have hundreds of lipsticks, I still seem to spend a ton of money at Sephora anyway. ( Skincare, gifts, fragrance, makeup...there's always something you end up needing)


The no buys do make my wish list a lot longer though...there's always something new on the website and pretty much everything looks good online. I think I said this in another thread but I have a wishlist thats filled up 3 pages on word, AND its small print! Okay I'm looking at it now and it has 111 items on it! How crazy is that? I used to be able to fit everything I wanted for me and everyone else on my Sephora wish list but this year it doesnt. Smiley Sad

Re: No-buy

Yeah, I'll be on a no-buy for quite a long time (I'm going to try for at least until April) unless I run out of tinted moisturizer or face serum or moisturizer itself (or sunscreen...Supergoop seriously makes a kickass one).  Dan just paid $600 for the privilege of taking an actuarial exam that he won't know for two months if he passed.  Then he gets to pay $1200 for the second one and wait two months to find out if he passed THAT, so he probably won't get his 32% rate increase until about April/May at the earliest?  Plus bills still need to be paid. 


So, yeah.  No-buy for me!  Come to think of it, I should probably go through my makeup cases and toss what is expired and what I know I won't use again.  Organizing time in the bathroom!  (You realize this means EVERYTHING in my bathroom though, right? Smiley Wink


I did have a good idea though.  For anything I want to buy, I will probably end up putting the cost of that makeup into a separate account.  A "fun" account, if you will.  Maybe that would work?  It would also make it so I'll think if I really need something beforehand too.

Re: No-buy

Hello All. So i have not bought anything beauty related in 21 days. I found a way to keep me motivated...on the front screen on my phone i put an application called "Sobriety Counter" ...sad I know. Anyways, It tells you the Years,Months, Days, Hours and Minutes you have been "clean and sober" lol.  But the tracker actually keeps me motivated...i dont want to see it go back to 1 minute! 

Re: No-buy

Hi eelias! That sounds a bit extreme but if it works, I may need to try it! I attempted to not buy a single makeup or cosmetic item during December but gift cards apparently burn holes in my pocket. Smiley Happy 


I know the products I buy I will use but it would probably be more beneficial that I don't buy more! Smiley Wink How do you all keep from going crazy with makeup? I am crazy about nail polish, I just can't give it up! 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: No-buy

Hellllllllllll no to the December No Buy. I've been on back to back no buys for months, and the holidays are coming up AND I'm starting to run out of things.


But good for you!!! *standing ovation*

Re: No-buy

I'm with sephoramusthave on the no to December no buy! This month I already got NAKED 2, a Tarte blush/bronzer duo kit, and have to spend my $20 gift card yet. The no-buy from the middle of September to the end of October nearly killed me, I ended up spending way more when I was done than if I had just been able to shop all along. I think the deprivation set me into starvation mode and I wasn't able to go into a Sephora or Ulta without dropping a bunch of money. I did end up returning a bunch of stuff (Sephora Eye pencil that made my eyes itch, but only the purple one, the green one is fine), 2 eyelash curlers (UD one kept falling apart and the Tarte one pulled out my lashesSmiley Mad), a Buxom Lip pencil that was defective and a MUFE lipstick that the makeup artist talked me into and since I was in a hurry, didn't check out thoroughly, it was a strange color in natural light). 


Plus I tend to shop for gifts for other people and end up with stuff that was too cute to pass up for myself, so I'll just not even try. Maybe next year....

Re: No-buy

Dont get me wrong, I love the no buys sometimes because lord knows that I have too much stuff that I dont actually need right now BUT the point of me doing the no buys the last few months was so that I could save up for December and now thats its here y'all best get outta my way. I've already bought over 30 beauty items (posted them all in the hauls thread) for gifts and for myself AND I have that $15 Sephora giftcard thats about to expire in less than a week and I am NOT letting that thing go to waste.


But I'm supporting the people that choose to do a no buy this month, y'all rock!


Re: No-buy

@sephoramusthave- Go big shopping or go home!  LOL  I'm with you there!

Re: No-buy

I'd go through your history and look at the purchases you've made and look at your points history if possible. Are you using everything? Did you send back the items you didn't end up liking? People often underestimate how much they spend and it's been proven in numerous studies regarding health, diet, finances etc. that tracking is one of the best ways to counteract this.


I'd add up the $ spent on makeup and if you can't track that w/Sephora's history, try counting w/points and adding up the # of point perks you have. It will give you a realistic idea of your expenses. You can try to imagine other things you could have spent the money on or how many hours of work it required to accumulate that much money.


Before I make a purchase and get caught up in how much I want it, I try to ask myself:


  • Do I really need it (almost always, the answer is no)
  • Will I actually use it? (Good question for clothes - esp if I don't have good things to match it with or I start having to imagine buying more things just to wear the initial article of clothing. Another good question for expensive clothes: Is this piece quality/can I see myself wearing this in 2 years? 5 years? 7 years?)
  • Is it worth the $?

Often when I reason through the decision, I'll realize that I'm just fine w/o buying anything and walk away easily Smiley Happy

Re: No-buy

I'm so with you on the no-buy thing!! I've spend way too much money in June... I can't afford anything before at least august!!!


@ charlotte: what a good idea!! I used that "technique"a few times during the past year and it can really work!!


@ pocketvenus: I think I don't even want to know how much I've spend this last year on make-up and skincare!! I've already know it's way over my original budget, hehehehe!!!

Re: No-buy

Its DEF possible but be prepared for sudden withdraws Smiley Very Happy Haha, just kidding. I've done it before and it isn't TOO bad. Just look at your make up collection and really think about if there is anything that will run out by the end of the month that you really can't function with out. Such as your eye primer or daily foundation. But not your 'sorta my favorite bronzer that lives in the back of my drawer that i would love to restock even though I only use it every once and awhile' type of thing. 

Re: No-buy

@kalex. No-buy is definitely hard for me as well, but it can also be fun if you challenge yourself. There was this thread I found where you Shop your own Stash that really helped me stick to my No-Buy rule. If you look through blogs and magazines and really want something, see if you're able to shop through your own stash and find something comparable. I find that this really helps and also keeps you busy.


Good Luck! I'm 100% sure you can keep to your No-Buy rule. Smiley Wink

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